New Home Bliss Take 2

We’ve officially lived in our house for 2 months! Yay We moved in the morning of Hunter’s 2nd Birthday then continued to have his party here that night! haha it was fine though! Secretly I thought we would have been done all the renovations before Christmas but that wasn’t the case at all. It’s been 3 months and we JUST finished the master bedroom (haven’t touched the bathroom yet FML).

I will say that buying a used house is like buying a used car. It could cost you a lot of money if it wasn’t well maintained or little. I believe we used a totally of 8 large pails of mud but I could be wrong it might have been 9, if that gives you an idea of what our renovations have been like! We were lucky to have my Dad come and help us drywall, patch & paint (plus several other random jobs).

If I could do it all over again I would have bought a condo or tiny house haha But we’re here now and I love the flooring in my master. Let me tell you a bit about this house! When the previous owner purchased it the house was split in to two apartments. One side had two bedrooms and was a pretty decent size, the other was smaller with one large bedroom and a second TINY bedroom. After the tenant (my friend) moved out they converted the second apartment into their work space for sewing. They removed the kitchen and the floating walls around the tiny bedroom.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this place looks like, I’ve gathered a couple of images from our renovation! I can’t wait to show you the finished house once we get everything on the walls and all organized.

The first set of photos is the view from walking in the main front door, we’ve moved the inside exterior doors at this point. You can see what our master looked like, and if you look at the bottom left photo you’ll see the floating walls I was mentioning before.After removing everything the mudding began! Where are closets are located use to be the kitchen. The living room! To me this isn’t anywhere near being done. We still need to put in the wall unit where the tv will be located. I refuse to put the tv up unless there are doors to cover it. I dislike seeing the tv unless being used. This room was painted, walls, ceiling & trim. The front windows were so stained from cigarette smoke they were yellow.  I want to gut this kids bathroom in hopes to remove the smell. That’s probably the #1 reason I want to sell already.
The last set for today’s post is the kids playroom. We had Coon’s Electric come in to go over and cleanup our panel then I put some fresh drywall in that area since there was none! The room feels so much brighter now, it’s still not fully organized but damn it looks better! Since this is their playroom we won’t be putting curtains up. Our next project in their space will be the art work for the walls and down sizing their toys! haha wish me luck.As you can probably tell we aren’t finished just only getting started! I can’t wait to finish putting our touches on this place. My big project right now is the “command centre” that will be located in the kitchen. It’s important to always be on the same page and this will be a great location for our family to check in.

Is it time yet?

I sit here reading every word of the guidebook for Hawai’i mentally preparing for our trip this year. The last time we went I only decided while driving Devon’s mum and sister to the airport that we were going. So had I planned anything? fuck no! Should I have? Hell yes! This time I’ve made spreadsheets, I’ve spent hours sending numerous emails all for a few weeks in warmth filled with fun, learning and the most important our family. Will we do everything I’ve carved in stone? No. If it rains will be stuck inside? Fuck no, we’ll be out exploring what The Big Island has to offer. I can’t wait to go back to the old airport beach with Gryphen and see her and HU playing together in the sand and surf. It makes me sad I lost the women’s number we meet a few years ago there. It would be great to catch up and see how the kids have grown and become their own people.

I can see HU and Captain Gryphen dancing at the Luau now, I doubt either will eat but I’m sure loads of red drink will be drank and their bodies filled with sheer joy as they see the performers and dancers. We’re planning on taking the kids to two Luau’s this time around. We didn’t attend it last time until closer to the end of our trip. I feel Gryphen will truly love and benefit from attending the Luau right after we arrive.

I’ve included a few links to my old posts from our last visit. I can’t wait to share photos and our experience this time around. I’m here looking at my old list of items we brought and I’m so happy we’re flying confirmed and we’re able to just check a bag! Damn I never realized how much work I put into our luggage. So carefully planned out.


I best get back .. Can’t wait to share everything with y’all xo

Why no Social Media?

Sometimes you just have to say Bye Bitch. A few weeks ago maybe a month, I honestly don’t remember; I deleted most of my social media accounts. It wasn’t as a result of an individual posting anything personal or just flat-out annoying. It was just time I said BYE. As summer approaches I find myself longing to spend more time doing things I’m actually passionate about and nothing about Facebook screams passion to me. It more screams “hey my life sucks” or “hey look at all this depression shit” OR nothing I got nothing! I just find it a waste of my time haha So I hit the deactivate button. It has been a pain in the ass at times, I use to look back at photos to figure out when we did things. Well can’t do that now! Just have to scroll through my hard drive. Then messaging people or keeping up with groups that I’m part of, well that’s on hold. And let’s be honest the content of the groups never actually change only the person writing the comment and the date do!

The one thing with saying bye to Facebook has brought me, is random messages from people I rarely hear from asking if I’ve deleted it because they couldn’t find me and nor could one of their friends. I feel they were just wondering if I actually blocked them. I had felt for a moment I should reply yes I blocked you, btw who is this? But I didn’t. I will say the most challenging of all this was Instagram. Instagram’s amazing! I love being able to scroll through people’s images and get inspiration or just pure laughter. There’s no reason to actually read their captions just scroll through. I have to admit I only deleted my HappyLifePilotWife account and not my fitness one BUT I haven’t been using my fitness one, not one single post. I get random emails reminding me that my friends have a life going on around me and I’m here just enjoying mine without posting about it. How dare I!

With all this being said I find that I miss some aspects of social media, and have contemplated bringing it back (mainly just instagram) but haven’t got to that point in my experiment yet. I’ve noticed a lot more that people don’t tend to make effort when they can just scroll through your photos and be instantly caught up. Now people have to call/text/email or actually visit to see what’s happening with us. Who has time for that?!

Will I bring it back? Yes. Will my children be the main focus? No. After removing myself I noticed a HUGE urge to showcase our children’s achievements and photos of moments that perhaps should be left within our family. Who needs to see my son is starting to potty train? No one. But perhaps sharing how he can now flick the hockey puck onto his stick is a different story or is it? Sometimes we forget that children might not want their photos plastered all over the internet for them to find when they grow up; how embarrassing right.

When I do reactivate my accounts you’ll have to keep an eye out for our creative ways to use the kids photos, while still allowing them privacy. Now off to pack!

Mother’s Day? Mother’s Weekend!

I can’t believe my babies are in bed and Mother’s Day has come to an end. If someone hasn’t said it to you yet… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! This year we took Mother’s Day and turned it into an entire weekend. Friday was beyond amazing! Gryphen’s class had a Mother’s Day Tea and invited all the mums into their class for 45 minutes. We enjoyed cookies and tea! Gryphen was beyond excited to have mummy in class and show me all around to her friends. So adorable! We sat at a table with her best friend Jack, these two are so darn adorable together.
Once Gryphen came home from school we took the kids out for sushi at Wind on Lundy’s Lane. This is such a great place, we always end up in the back room where most other kids seated. If felt so nice dressing up and heading out with the family. I feel like we don’t do this enough. The kids were so well-behaved and enjoyed a lot of sushi!
By the time Sunday came around and the Official Mother’s Day I was feeling like the most special Mumma in the world! The kids surprised me with the watch I wanted and we headed off for a nature hike through Woodend. I can’t get enough of this place, the trails are so nice and at the end is this amazing natural playground. When we arrived the kids had their Mabel’s Label wristbands put on. These bands are great for when you’re going to be outside all day, I love the piece of mind if we get separated the kids are able to go to an adult and ask them to call the numbers on the band to help us locate them. This was our first time using them and I was sadly disappointed they’re mainly 1 time use. HU pulled his off that night with no issues.
This Mother’s Day has been utterly amazing. I had no expectations this year and just wanted to enjoy time with my family. Devon asked if I wanted to sleep in and do a spa day or anything like that and I said no. I wanted to spend mother’s day with my family. They’re the reason I am a mother, so what better way to spend it than with them! In the past I’ve always felt like Mother’s Day was a day I should be pampering myself and relaxing but all those times never go as planned. After this weekend I think this special day needs to be spent with your family. Devon emphasized to Gryphen that this weekend was about mummy and she made sure I felt special. We still had normal kid behaviour, let’s be honest they’re kids! We ended our weekend with a delicious supper at the Keg where HU & Gryphen pigged out on warm bread and burgers while Devon & I enjoyed a much-needed steak!

How did you spend your mother’s day? Did your kids treat you like a Queen? I can’t wait until Father’s Day to celebrate the special weekend with Devon. I guess the kids and I better start thinking of gift ideas! haha

For Sale

After 20 amazing months in our “first home” we’ve decided to put it up for sale. We shared a lot of firsts with this house and moving out of it will be heartbreaking. I always thought we’d be in this house until the kids were grown but life changes, plans change, people change and with that our location is changing. This house has seen many sides of our family, from Gryphen toilet training, going on her first day of school, welcoming Hunter (home water birth), ALL of Hunter’s life to this point haha many friendships have grown here, dinners ate, drinks shared and love has always been the centre of it. A home isn’t a home without love.

On that note we’ll be creating another home closer to Pearson. The change for us will allow for less commuting and more time together as a family. Focusing on a shorter commute has really helped me with the final decision to move and leave this amazing community we’ve created here in Niagara. On March 29th we welcomed Photographer Marty Pilato into our home to capture our home. It was a very quick visit but the results were perfect. That night Marty sent the images to our Realtor Ermie Taddeo and within a few minutes our house was officially for sale! In true Ermie fashion she went above and beyond! The next morning when our next paper arrived I’m flipping through looking at what grocery shops are offering and what do I see… OUR HOUSE! Yes, I’m not kidding! Ermie had our house in the paper the NEXT day.. seriously people the next day!

So needless to say we’ve had more than a few people come through to view our home. Less than a week of being on the market our house had an offer! “I am prepared to get to work for you” is her slogan and damn did she ever! I honestly can’t say enough good things about Ermie, she’s gone above and beyond to make this entire process smooth and zero stress (which I’m all about). She knew that going into selling Devon would 100% be away when we got an offer and sure enough he was! Not a problem for Ermie, sends him the offer digitally and BAM offer submitted! No printing, all digital. Love it!

I’m sure you’re wondering what our house has been looking like since you normally see it on Instagram this huge mess (aka lived in). Our kids were very understanding that people would be coming in and out to look and that toys were on the minimum. We didn’t put anything in a storage unit just cleaned up and made sure items were in their proper location. Hope you enjoy the tour!


It’s been one week and our house has SOLD for asking!! If you’re thinking about selling or buying I urge you to call Ermie Taddeo, she’s amazing!!!

Christmas as an Aviation Family

Well I have to admit I was a bit terrified how Christmas was going to go this year. It was the first year Devon wouldn’t be around for it and Gryphen is at an age where she fully understands what’s going on. Close to Christmas we all decorated the tree (HU loved it!), Gryphen made an angel at school so we had to put that on the top this year! On Christmas eve I gave the kids their matching pjs that Gryphen had requested! She was so excited for this pyjamas. She had been asking for so long for pjs that matched HU so they could be sleeping twins haha.  Well Christmas eve didn’t go as expected! Gryphen had a pretty high fever but she was so excited knowing that Santa would be coming the next day! Both kids were in by before 7 so Santa and his Elves stopped by very early! Ate his cookie and drank his milk, oh and his elves added some fun decorations for the kids who love balloons!  I mainly took videos on Christmas morning that way Devon could see them after he landed. I knew he’d be pretty sad he missed out on the actual morning. I wanted to capture as much as possible for him! Well the note Santa left (click here to see that post) for the kids was a HUGE hit! Gryphen was so excited that Santa had actually came and his Elves hid her stocking!! She spent all day playing with the contents of her stocking. We made sure to include everything she asked Santa for in there. haha including treats (which still have not been eaten!) Her stocking wasn’t massive by any means but she also only asked for Shopkins and other random objects that were tiny. HU loved his new water bottle from his stocking and a few weeks later still loves it! So glad I purchased two. On top of their stockings the kids opened a few gifts that were requested to be opened, all of the gifts were loved. The kids spent the afternoon playing with their toys and cuddling watching Christmas movies together!  Christmas day ended on a very sad note for Gryphen. It was an utterly heartbreaking night and has really effected me. Because of this I’ve really stepped back from using my phone and just focusing on the kids and not so much social connections (no the issue was not I was on my phone Christmas day).

Boxing day morning! Omg the excitement to pick up Devon from the airport. I don’t think the kids have ever been so excited to go get him. Santa had written in his note that he’d be returning once Devon was home she was beyond excited to open the rest of her gifts. My good friend Vicky from the neighbourhood came over to assist with moving ALL of the gifts from the basement to under the tree while we were gone picking up Devon. And her lovely boyfriend even setup HU’s race track, which was a huge hit when we came home (thanks Grandma for that gift).
There was one special gift that Gryphen knew about but knew she couldn’t open until her Daddy was home, so once we came back she insisted she needed to open it right away! And it was just what she asked for.. a gun. Well just a BB gun but to her she could kill something so she needs to follow the gun rules while using it. She’s still slightly too small but its a great starter to teach her about gun safety. After a few more gifts the kids started to lose interest and went on playing with gifts they opened Christmas day and a few they had just opened. As time has progressed they’ve played with more of the toys and items but we still have plenty of items still in their boxes. After it was all said and done I sat down with Gryphen and asked her how everything went if she was happy with so many gifts. She said she was happy her daddy was home but didn’t want so much stuff next year, just a few nice gifts and her stocking from Santa. It was so nice to hear her say that herself and have an understanding that sometimes its better to have less. For us I’m going to keep an eye out on items they can share for next year as she’ll be 5 and HU 2. They both love to climb so possible some sort of climbing unit for the basement or outside. Who knows! I have 11 months to figure that out.

Our evening wrapped up with a traditional Christmas dinner with our neighbours Vicky & Mark who our kids just adore! I laughed the next day when I was scrolling through all the photos and noticed not one single photo was taken of me! I’m sure all you other mums can relate! 

Well that was our Christmas as an Aviation family! Let’s hope next year is more fun and in a warmer climate <3

My Top 8 Favourite Baby Items

Now that Mr. HU is officially a year I’ve had some time to look back at what we loved and didn’t love during that year! Yes I can not believe how quickly time has slipped past, it’s a never-ending cycle.

I have to say my number 1 is.. Como Tomo Silicone Baby Bottle.
From the moment I seen a friend using the Como Tomo at the park I was in LOVE with this bottle. I knew I wanted to breastfeed HU and the fact alone that the bottle was “squishy” like a breast made it that much more appealing. I took the plunge and bought a couple and never looked back! Since we breastfeed and bottle feed we purchased 4 of the 150ml and 4 slow flow nipples. Even at 13 months we are still using the slow flow nipples. For anyone interested in the formula we used; it is the Baby’s Only Organic Formula, purchased from Lucky Vitamin. (We purchased ours from if you’re a new customer use code “HLPWife”)

2. hmm next.. what could be just as amazing? Oh yes.. Euphoric Herbals.
The herbal super-food blends to increase your milk supply! Have you noticed everything that made the first year amazing had to do with feeding my son? haha After trying several different companies and types I will always recommend Euphoric Herbals blends. After speaking to the owner Cindy numerous times and taking the quiz on their site I decided to go with Lush Leche. For me it was perfect! For anyone who doesn’t know back in 2010 I had a breast reduction which meant I had a much lower chance to actually breastfeed. I had an amazing surgeon (thankfully) and was able to experience the rewards of breastfeeding my son. Let’s talk about Euphoric Herbals for a moment… it started as a small business YAY, the owner has nursing mother’s interest at heart YAY, she runs monthly programs where you can actually get a gift card to her store for promoting her on social media (seriously who does that? Cindy does, that’s who!), I fell in love with this company for the quality of her products (also vegan friendly) and was blown away by her positive attitude, amazing staff and ability to make you feel like the most important women at that moment.

3. Probiotics… I feel like my life wouldn’t have been the same without them for myself and my children. Have you ever stressed over their shit? Or lack of it? haha Well give that little one some probiotics (for their age) and you’ll see a huge difference! I learned this trick with my daughter and kept it going with my son!

4. Video Baby Monitor.
I’m going to be honest here, everyone has their own opinions on what they like. Our first video monitor was shit but Motorola replaced it with an amazing monitor with two cameras and I’m beyond in love with it! I have one camera setup on HU’s sleeping area and the other one moves between Gryphen’s bedroom, the play area & the backyard. Our’s can be found at or I love with ours you can tilt and swivel the camera around the room, on the screen you can either have 1 camera or both in a split screen.

5. Bibdanas.
Who wants just regular old bibs these days? (I actually have a handful of amazing ones a family friend made for the kids that I absolutely love). Once you see your little one in a bibdana you’ll be hooked. I made a few for our niece and loved how they looked so I made several for HU. How could I not? You can purchase them from several stores, finding them isn’t a challenge. But finding the design on them might be! If you can sew you can save a lot money and make your own! One things for sure, these little drool catchers are a must have.

6. Baby Carrier.
Ring Sling, Ergobaby, Tula, Sakura Bloom, who cares who makes it just as long as you and your little love it. I feel like this is one major item I couldn’t live without from newborn onward. I wouldn’t have survived a few days without my ring sling. It was such an essential when HU was tiny. Now with Gryphen taking a bus every morning it’s so easy just to put HU in the Ergo on the chilly mornings and walk her to the stop.

7. Lil’Kingz handmade booties.
I’m a firm believer that it’s better for children to feel what’s beneath their feet and with the Lil’Kingz soft sole booties they can do just that. When searching for a Canadian brand I came across Lil’Kingz on Etsy and instantly loved Kim’s design. They don’t just cut off at the ankle they protect it giving a little extra coverage. After a few messages I was very excited to be expecting a custom pair for HU. I’m sure you can imagine the design.. Planes! I followed her ordering guide and purchased them slightly bigger then his foot to allow for growing and they’ve fit him perfectly throughout the summer and into the fall. Every time HU wears them he receives a compliment on how adorable and original they are. Damn right!

8. Oball Sink ‘n’ Spill Whale.
You fill it full of water, put your finger on and off of the hole on the top and make it rain!! HU adores it in the bath, I would say one of his top toys to play with in the tub. And apparently to him nothing is off-limits in there! We purchased our whale from Marshall’s, but I also found it at Toys’r’us for the same price.

That more or less sums up the items that we couldn’t live without! What are some things that you loved??

Christmas with a Pilot

Since the moment we found that Devon wouldn’t be around this year on Christmas we’ve been tossing different ideas around to what we’ll actually be doing. Our main one was that we’d just go to where he’d be BUT we seen his schedule and it would be a waste of a trip for the kids and I so that idea was killed. After careful consideration we have decided to have Santa leave a card for the kids! Santa is going to leave the card and explain why there are no gifts from him under the tree but he’ll of hid the kids stockings and Gryphen will have to find hers 🙂

It took some time but I found the PERFECT card at Chapters for this! I probably should have bought a couple for future Christmas’ LOL. I love that the card is labels ‘Property of Santa, Made in the North Pole’ to me the small details like that really help make this adventure more believable.
Seriously do you not just love that card? Now the important part! Wtf are we writing in it? Well….

“Dear Miss Gryphen & Mr Hunter

Thank you both very much for the snacks for myself and the reindeer. When my Elves were inspecting your beds to ensure you were asleep they noticed that your Daddy was not home.

It took the Elves sometime but they were able to locate him flying his plane. Unfortunately we weren’t able to leave your Christmas gifts today. Once your Daddy has arrived back home the Elves and I will make a special trip to deliver your families Christmas gifts. Make sure when Daddy arrives you must climb into bed.

HO HO HO Santa

PS. Gryphen the Elves know you love Scavenger hunts so they’ve hidden your stocking some where cold.



I feel that for a moment Gryphen may be sad but I think overall she’s going to be very excited and she’s going to absolutely love the experience of Santa coming back to leave the gifts. The things we do as Pilot Wives for our families.

Please share with us what you’ve done for Christmas when your pilot wasn’t able to be there for that special moment.

Gryphen’s First Day of School

Gryphen has officially been in school for 3 weeks (and I’m just posting this now!). It’s probably been the happiest and saddest three weeks since she’s entered my life. So many moments have past that I wish she was around to share. Instead she’s been making memories and hopefully some life long friends at school! I wanted to put something together for her “baby book” that she’d be able to look back at and know what she was in to at that time of her life.


I have to admit it was fun quizzing Devon on some of her favourites (he got most of them wrong). I feel he thought her lazy go to items were her favs when in which they were definitely not! What were some of your childs favourite items when they were entering their first session in kinder??

**I have blanked out her school and teachers.

Hunter’s New Kicks!

I have to admit I’m a sucker for an East Coast brand! Many people know that Gryphen was born and spent her first two years living the East Coast lifestyle before being whisked off by Air Canada to Ontario. When I began my search for Hunter’s new shoes I turned to Etsy to see if I could locate someone local who handmade some badass shoes. Well turns out I found an amazing company, Lil Kingz; in the lovely Prince Edward Island! After a few messages we settled on an amazing aviation print and HU’s booties would be here in a few weeks! Everyday I’d check the mail to see if they might be early (you just never know with Canada Post) and sure enough they arrived 3 days early! I was beyond excited to open the package to get the first look at these little bad boys!

All I can say is I was NOT disappointed!! They turned out perfect. HU of course was super excited to no longer be wearing Gryphen’s pink Robeez and instantly was grabbing at the tongue.

With all the excitement over I decided to take a very close look at the quality of the booties to make sure they were up to my standards. I flipped the bootie inside out; all of the stitching is perfect! You can really tell that attention was given when the booties were created.

Looking over the entire boot I didn’t notice any flaws with the stitching and everything looks superb. I will defiantly be ordering another pair of booties for HU (and maybe Gryphen) from Lil’Kingz. Now where should we go to test these booties out??

If you’re interested in getting your own check out Lil Kingz on Etsy and get the behind the scenes look on Instagram!