Christmas with a Pilot

Since the moment we found that Devon wouldn’t be around this year on Christmas we’ve been tossing different ideas around to what we’ll actually be doing. Our main one was that we’d just go to where he’d be BUT we seen his schedule and it would be a waste of a trip for the kids and I so that idea was killed. After careful consideration we have decided to have Santa leave a card for the kids! Santa is going to leave the card and explain why there are no gifts from him under the tree but he’ll of hid the kids stockings and Gryphen will have to find hers 🙂

It took some time but I found the PERFECT card at Chapters for this! I probably should have bought a couple for future Christmas’ LOL. I love that the card is labels ‘Property of Santa, Made in the North Pole’ to me the small details like that really help make this adventure more believable.
Seriously do you not just love that card? Now the important part! Wtf are we writing in it? Well….

“Dear Miss Gryphen & Mr Hunter

Thank you both very much for the snacks for myself and the reindeer. When my Elves were inspecting your beds to ensure you were asleep they noticed that your Daddy was not home.

It took the Elves sometime but they were able to locate him flying his plane. Unfortunately we weren’t able to leave your Christmas gifts today. Once your Daddy has arrived back home the Elves and I will make a special trip to deliver your families Christmas gifts. Make sure when Daddy arrives you must climb into bed.

HO HO HO Santa

PS. Gryphen the Elves know you love Scavenger hunts so they’ve hidden your stocking some where cold.



I feel that for a moment Gryphen may be sad but I think overall she’s going to be very excited and she’s going to absolutely love the experience of Santa coming back to leave the gifts. The things we do as Pilot Wives for our families.

Please share with us what you’ve done for Christmas when your pilot wasn’t able to be there for that special moment.

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