I’m Couper. 

I love my life, its wild, it’s crazy, it’s full of unknowns & what’s next moments. I’m a wife to an amazing man Devon; who just happens to be a Commercial Pilot, a mother to our daredevil daughter Captain Gryphen & our newly welcomed son Hunter. It’s rarely a dull moment in our lives and when it is we sit back and enjoy! 0096 Family PhotoBefore Devon and I decided to expand our lives with Gryphen & Hunter, I worked in aviation marketing and pursued my passion for photography. I found the two went hand in hand. If I wasn’t in my office I could be found in a plane taking photos for upcoming projects. After spending almost 2 years in Halifax and a year between Parry Sound & Toronto our family has finally “settled” in the Niagara Region. We absolute love this area, the summer was hot and winter mild; can’t get any better than this (in Canada).

If you’re interested in us working with you on a project we’d love to hear from you! Please use our contact page to get in touch.

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