All gums!

“She’s pooped a lot in two days, like 5 times” this is how I woke up this morning! I never pictured any of my mornings going like this, if you told me 5 years ago I’d have a daughter and be living in Halifax I would have laughed at you as I was sipping my late morning wine! But reality is 3 years ago I fell in love with Devon and the rest was history from that point on!

With that being said today I noticed that my online shopping has changed a considerable amount since June 2012 when I was expecting Gryphen and today was evident of that. All of my friends & family know how much I love Steal Network; they have the most amazing things cheap that I actually need! I have become pretty good at knowing what will sell out right away and what I’ll wait to purchase so I don’t need to waste money on shipping. Sad I know but I’m a stay at home mummy!

The door bell rang, who could it be, we were all home and weren’t expecting anyone. No one was there, just a package lying between the doors waiting to be picked up. haha we’ve been going through a strange time with Gryphen’s teething and she has decided that everything is meant to go in her mouth! With that being said I’ve discovered this amazing necklaces Teethease that Gryphen loves! It’s been great for traveling and being out shopping. I just put it on myself before we head out so when I’m carrying her she can play with the necklace and I’m not worried about her cutting her gums on my other jewelry. When we’re at home I normally hand Gryphen the Teethease and let her chew on it but that normally results in my finding the cord in one spot and the teether in another!

I bought Gryphen the orange Teethease first to see how she liked it and since I’ve received such great reviews from her I’ve purchased a few others by Jellystone Designs. Unfortunately after searching the Hidden Archive I wasn’t able to find them again so hopefully they’ll be selling more again soon!
From Jellystone Designs I decided to go with two pieces, the Owl Pendant & the Organic Bangle.

I really love the Owl Pendant, the colour is very vibrant and catches the babies eye quickly. I’ve noticed that it feels a bit heavier then the Teethease necklaces, the texture I’ve found is a lot greater. The actual feel is smooth & you’re able to feel all the details of the owl. Which is great for little learning fingers. On their website they do note not to give a child the owl necklace under the age of 3 unless it is being worn by an adult.
Now on to our Organic Bangle! I’m not overly sure why it’s actually organic so I haven’t been able to find anything on their website telling me why! But Gryphen LOVES it! I only ordered one & looking back I should have purchased 2 or 3.

From the moment I showed Gryphen the bangle she’s had it in her hands (& mouth). All of Jellystone Design’s products are made up of Hospital Grade Silicone approved by the FDA. The silicone is odourless, tasteless and most importantly silicone will not support the growth of mould or bacteria and don’t forget BPA, Phthalates and PVC FREE! 
If your little one is teething these are some great products to have a long with a lot others! 

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