Are we moving yet

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we left Halifax for Ontario and we still AREN’T settled in our “own” place! Before we moved we spent a lot of time looking at houses and condos but never settled on anything. I felt horrible for our Broker, Kelly from Island Heritage Realty, but he was amazing I can say that! Picking me up at the airport to look at places then taking me back after we drove all over the city. Last summer we went for Niagara for a weekend and found our future house! Sadly it had to be built! haha And that feels like it’s taken a lifetime! Our house is scheduled to be ready at some point in June but we’ve set our move in date for the end of July. Which doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough let me tell you!!

Well tomorrow we’re heading over to Niagara and getting a first look at our house since they started construction on it! I really can not wait to see how it looks and put into perspective the actual size of it. I’ll defiantly have a camera with me (once I remember where i’ve put it).
My lovely husband likes to take photos of our subdivision so we can watch it grow and develop since we’ve made our purchase. I’ve jokingly told him we should put something in our backyard so he can see our house from the sky! 
This is the last photo we’ve gotten of our house and wildly enough it looks just like the brochure from when we purchased!! So excited!! 

Can’t wait to show you pictures of our house after our visit tomorrow!!! 🙂

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