Yesterday we were driving back to Toronto from the cottage and we stopped in Barrie to drop off a broken golf club, which gave me some time to shop around a bit. I ended up finding a very cute side satchel black bag (that I bought) but after I purchased it and I was showing it to Devon in our car it started to bring back some old memories.

In April 2013, Devon, Gryphen & I went to Rainbow Haven Beach in Cole Harbour for a picnic; Devon had shut the front passenger door and I forgot all about my favourite Tory Burch side satchel being on the floor. Well while we were enjoying our picnic Oceanside some loser decided that he wanted my purse and destroyed the drivers side lock and when that didn’t work he just smashed out the passenger side window (talk about a real winner). Our car wasn’t even a year old and a few days later we were supposed to be leaving for Ontario for the summer. Well when we got home, I pulled out my awesome iPad and realized this loser deleted the email that had his photo in it! I rarely locked my phone at that time (now it’s always locked), well I went into the trash bin, recovered the photo, changed my password and emailed the RCMP Officer the photo! I was pretty optimistic that they’d be able to track the guy; they did have a photo of him!

The thing that gets me still is the fact that because of this loser my daughter ended up in the hospital (Yes I also blame myself for this). We did everything our insurance tells us to do, we called the police (RCMP for the case out east) took photos, called our insurance company, notified EVERYONE of what had been stolen and brought the car into be fixed. When it first happened, I removed Gryphen’s infant car seat and shuck it out to make sure there was no glass on it and put it back in. When we switched her car seat over to the rental I did the same thing, I couldn’t feel any glass nor see any. I thought we were good! I was wrong. When we got home, like most parents we brought the bucket infant car seat inside and left it where we normally do. Later that night Gryphen & Devon crawling around on the floor when Devon noticed something in Gryphen’s hand. It was glass. My heart sunk. We called 811, spoke to a nurse, rushed Gryphen to the hospital. We honestly walked in the door, they sent us for x-rays to see if there was any glass from the passenger door window in her system. There was.

The surgeon on duty said he’d like to see if Gryphen could pass the glass and sent us home. VERY early in the morning we received a phone call that Gryphen’s X-rays were being reviewed by another surgeon and to prepare to come in for emergency surgery. At this point I was livid at myself, how I didn’t see the glass, why didn’t I notice her ingesting it, how the surgery could interfere with her life. Well we woke her up, explained to our baby that we had to go back to the hospital because there was glass inside her. As we were getting her backed up she made a BM and sure enough, there was some window glass. I called the hospital right away and told them about Gryphen’s poop! They asked a lot of questions and said that she’ll be fine but asked us to follow up. We spent the next month monitoring her BM’s making sure there was no blood, or more glass. There wasn’t anymore; thankfully.

Over a year later, Gryphen is perfectly healthy and nothing never came of the guy who broke in to our car. Today I decided to send an email to the Officer who originally was taking care of our case, I’m really hoping to hear back from him. Possible something on the positive side but i’m not holding my breath! Take a moment, review this photo, really think about and take it in. Do you know this man? Have you seen him before? Think about our happy daughter, and what she went through because of his lack of judgement.

If you’d like to see my original post it can be found (here).

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