Monday April 28, 2013 at 12:15pm Rainbow Haven Beach, Cole Harbour our second child Blue Raptor was physical & emotional abused by this man:

Dirty Ugly Finger Thief

We went for a family picnic to have some family time before we set off for Ontario on May 2nd to visit with our family and Devon to have some training for work. To do our normal thing, stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some food then headed out to Rainbow Haven Beach. It’s a really nice beach similar to Lawrencetown but with more sand and less rocks! Arriving at the beach I was at the trunk arranging our picnic lunch and our blanket for sitting while we ate. I had left the passenger door open since I hadn’t grabbed the water bottle or my purse yet. After preparing everything and helping Devon with Gryphen I had completely forgot my purse was tucked under the front seat.

We set off on the wooden path to the beach, having an odd feeling I mentioned to Devon to make sure he locked the car; beep beep. I put the blankets down and got our lunches read to eat! It was such a beautiful day on Monday, the weather was perfect!

Gryphen laying on Daddy as she eats his sandwich

We finished up our yummy food and headed down to the beach to play with Gryphen by the water, she loves getting super close then running away. We played for maybe only 7 minutes because with the wind it was a bit chilly! It was time to head back to the car and get home so we could start to prepare for our long drive to Ontario!

Running from the waves!
ME “My window looks funny, could it be the way the lights hitting it?”, Devon “umm i’m not sure”. We got closer & closer & closer but it wasn’t the sun hitting my window at all. It was a smashed window. Someone had noticed my purse tucked up under my seat and decided that HAD to have it. Blue Raptor was attacked!
Oh look my window is on the ground!
It didn’t just stop with my window, as we walked around the car we determined that the window was his second attempt to get access to the car the first being the drivers door lock.
First failed attempt on getting in my car
Sadly this guy got away with my Tory Burch purse, iPhone 4 & Samsung Galaxy SIIX, my Mat & Nat wallet (and all its contents) & Gryphen’s pink pacifier. I ask some random girl about to walk her dog if we could use her phone to call 911, she handed me her massive phone with a large crack on the screen.  RCMP arrived immediately to do a report then remove the glass for us.
After preparing a full list of everything that was taken from Blue Raptor we head home to see if we can track our phones via iCould & Lookout. Well iCloud was a complete bust! My phone was gone 🙁 BUT when I grabbed the iPad to I noticed there was an email from Lookout but when I checked Devon’s email there wasn’t one WTF. I grab my MacBook and open Safari, quickly open Gmail and change ALL the passwords on our email accounts then race to the TRASH bin to see if that’s where ALL of my emails have gone LOL Yes he deleted ALL my emails! After I stop laughing at his completely stupidity I come across the email from Lookout saying that someone tried to unlock Devon’s mobile phone but FAILED. I open the email and what do I see..
This ugly fucks face and thumb! Devon immediately pulls our the RCMP Officer’s business card out of his wallet to email the photo of the criminal. It’s not very often you get a photo of the guy who’s screwed your drivers door lock and smashed out your passenger window sending little shards of glass throughout your car where you & your 10 month old baby sits.
Do you know this man? Have you seen him before? If you do know him, tell the police. If you do see him; run drop kick him and when he’s down give a nice kick to the balls and then nicely call the police.
For those of you expecting us in Ontario this week, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance we are unsure of when Gryphen & I will be arriving since Blue Raptor is in the shop having some work done!

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