Bye Bye Daddy

Well today was incredibly heartbreaking in our house. Gryphen had to say goodbye to Devon after only spending 3 days with him. I’m not sure how other parents handle their pilot leaving but we try to let Gryphen know that Daddy will be leaving on a specific day so there’s no surprises but when that day comes it’s the end of the world in our house. Until he gets in the car and drives down the road she’s very moody having highs and lows then a full “breakdown” when he’s gone. These breakdowns can last anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour but sometimes continue all day with small blowouts.

Well today is one of those days with small outbursts once she remembers Daddy is gone. She’ll be playing perfectly with her toys, looks at me and questions “Where’s Daddy?” “he’s gone to fly his plane” “WHAT HE LEFT ME!!” and that’s a cue for a screaming fit and questioning if he actually brought his special item and I have to break out the photos Devon sends non-stop to reassure her that he really is at work and that he didn’t forget that special item.


I have to say this is more of a recent event and it was never “this tough” but as she’s been getting older and noticing that he’s gone flying it triggers something with her and I’m left trying to put her pieces back together. Did your little one have a tough time adjusting to you or your partner’s flying schedule? How did you handle it? We’re really hoping that we can find a method to help Gryphen cope with Devon’s departures as they won’t be stopping until she’s an adult.

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