Mother’s Day? Mother’s Weekend!

I can’t believe my babies are in bed and Mother’s Day has come to an end. If someone hasn’t said it to you yet… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! This year we took Mother’s Day and turned it into an entire weekend. Friday was beyond amazing! Gryphen’s class had a Mother’s Day Tea and invited all the mums into their class for 45 minutes. We enjoyed cookies and tea! Gryphen was beyond excited to have mummy in class and show me all around to her friends. So adorable! We sat at a table with her best friend Jack, these two are so darn adorable together.
Once Gryphen came home from school we took the kids out for sushi at Wind on Lundy’s Lane. This is such a great place, we always end up in the back room where most other kids seated. If felt so nice dressing up and heading out with the family. I feel like we don’t do this enough. The kids were so well-behaved and enjoyed a lot of sushi!
By the time Sunday came around and the Official Mother’s Day I was feeling like the most special Mumma in the world! The kids surprised me with the watch I wanted and we headed off for a nature hike through Woodend. I can’t get enough of this place, the trails are so nice and at the end is this amazing natural playground. When we arrived the kids had their Mabel’s Label wristbands put on. These bands are great for when you’re going to be outside all day, I love the piece of mind if we get separated the kids are able to go to an adult and ask them to call the numbers on the band to help us locate them. This was our first time using them and I was sadly disappointed they’re mainly 1 time use. HU pulled his off that night with no issues.
This Mother’s Day has been utterly amazing. I had no expectations this year and just wanted to enjoy time with my family. Devon asked if I wanted to sleep in and do a spa day or anything like that and I said no. I wanted to spend mother’s day with my family. They’re the reason I am a mother, so what better way to spend it than with them! In the past I’ve always felt like Mother’s Day was a day I should be pampering myself and relaxing but all those times never go as planned. After this weekend I think this special day needs to be spent with your family. Devon emphasized to Gryphen that this weekend was about mummy and she made sure I felt special. We still had normal kid behaviour, let’s be honest they’re kids! We ended our weekend with a delicious supper at the Keg where HU & Gryphen pigged out on warm bread and burgers while Devon & I enjoyed a much-needed steak!

How did you spend your mother’s day? Did your kids treat you like a Queen? I can’t wait until Father’s Day to celebrate the special weekend with Devon. I guess the kids and I better start thinking of gift ideas! haha

Christmas as an Aviation Family

Well I have to admit I was a bit terrified how Christmas was going to go this year. It was the first year Devon wouldn’t be around for it and Gryphen is at an age where she fully understands what’s going on. Close to Christmas we all decorated the tree (HU loved it!), Gryphen made an angel at school so we had to put that on the top this year! On Christmas eve I gave the kids their matching pjs that Gryphen had requested! She was so excited for this pyjamas. She had been asking for so long for pjs that matched HU so they could be sleeping twins haha.  Well Christmas eve didn’t go as expected! Gryphen had a pretty high fever but she was so excited knowing that Santa would be coming the next day! Both kids were in by before 7 so Santa and his Elves stopped by very early! Ate his cookie and drank his milk, oh and his elves added some fun decorations for the kids who love balloons!  I mainly took videos on Christmas morning that way Devon could see them after he landed. I knew he’d be pretty sad he missed out on the actual morning. I wanted to capture as much as possible for him! Well the note Santa left (click here to see that post) for the kids was a HUGE hit! Gryphen was so excited that Santa had actually came and his Elves hid her stocking!! She spent all day playing with the contents of her stocking. We made sure to include everything she asked Santa for in there. haha including treats (which still have not been eaten!) Her stocking wasn’t massive by any means but she also only asked for Shopkins and other random objects that were tiny. HU loved his new water bottle from his stocking and a few weeks later still loves it! So glad I purchased two. On top of their stockings the kids opened a few gifts that were requested to be opened, all of the gifts were loved. The kids spent the afternoon playing with their toys and cuddling watching Christmas movies together!  Christmas day ended on a very sad note for Gryphen. It was an utterly heartbreaking night and has really effected me. Because of this I’ve really stepped back from using my phone and just focusing on the kids and not so much social connections (no the issue was not I was on my phone Christmas day).

Boxing day morning! Omg the excitement to pick up Devon from the airport. I don’t think the kids have ever been so excited to go get him. Santa had written in his note that he’d be returning once Devon was home she was beyond excited to open the rest of her gifts. My good friend Vicky from the neighbourhood came over to assist with moving ALL of the gifts from the basement to under the tree while we were gone picking up Devon. And her lovely boyfriend even setup HU’s race track, which was a huge hit when we came home (thanks Grandma for that gift).
There was one special gift that Gryphen knew about but knew she couldn’t open until her Daddy was home, so once we came back she insisted she needed to open it right away! And it was just what she asked for.. a gun. Well just a BB gun but to her she could kill something so she needs to follow the gun rules while using it. She’s still slightly too small but its a great starter to teach her about gun safety. After a few more gifts the kids started to lose interest and went on playing with gifts they opened Christmas day and a few they had just opened. As time has progressed they’ve played with more of the toys and items but we still have plenty of items still in their boxes. After it was all said and done I sat down with Gryphen and asked her how everything went if she was happy with so many gifts. She said she was happy her daddy was home but didn’t want so much stuff next year, just a few nice gifts and her stocking from Santa. It was so nice to hear her say that herself and have an understanding that sometimes its better to have less. For us I’m going to keep an eye out on items they can share for next year as she’ll be 5 and HU 2. They both love to climb so possible some sort of climbing unit for the basement or outside. Who knows! I have 11 months to figure that out.

Our evening wrapped up with a traditional Christmas dinner with our neighbours Vicky & Mark who our kids just adore! I laughed the next day when I was scrolling through all the photos and noticed not one single photo was taken of me! I’m sure all you other mums can relate! 

Well that was our Christmas as an Aviation family! Let’s hope next year is more fun and in a warmer climate <3

Christmas with a Pilot

Since the moment we found that Devon wouldn’t be around this year on Christmas we’ve been tossing different ideas around to what we’ll actually be doing. Our main one was that we’d just go to where he’d be BUT we seen his schedule and it would be a waste of a trip for the kids and I so that idea was killed. After careful consideration we have decided to have Santa leave a card for the kids! Santa is going to leave the card and explain why there are no gifts from him under the tree but he’ll of hid the kids stockings and Gryphen will have to find hers 🙂

It took some time but I found the PERFECT card at Chapters for this! I probably should have bought a couple for future Christmas’ LOL. I love that the card is labels ‘Property of Santa, Made in the North Pole’ to me the small details like that really help make this adventure more believable.
Seriously do you not just love that card? Now the important part! Wtf are we writing in it? Well….

“Dear Miss Gryphen & Mr Hunter

Thank you both very much for the snacks for myself and the reindeer. When my Elves were inspecting your beds to ensure you were asleep they noticed that your Daddy was not home.

It took the Elves sometime but they were able to locate him flying his plane. Unfortunately we weren’t able to leave your Christmas gifts today. Once your Daddy has arrived back home the Elves and I will make a special trip to deliver your families Christmas gifts. Make sure when Daddy arrives you must climb into bed.

HO HO HO Santa

PS. Gryphen the Elves know you love Scavenger hunts so they’ve hidden your stocking some where cold.



I feel that for a moment Gryphen may be sad but I think overall she’s going to be very excited and she’s going to absolutely love the experience of Santa coming back to leave the gifts. The things we do as Pilot Wives for our families.

Please share with us what you’ve done for Christmas when your pilot wasn’t able to be there for that special moment.

Valentine’s Day Fun

We had such a fun Valentine’s Day this weekend! Gryphen has been asking if she could have a party so I invited a couple of her friends over so they could decorate some crowns and do other kids activities! The night before Gryphen & I baked the cutest red velvet cupcakes. Yum!
Even though weren’t using these she was very obsessed with holding them for photos! Haha oh

Kids ?After Captain Gryphen was done working hard on her crown she decided that the kids should take to drawing our dry erase board we use for learning. I really love how her crown turned out!  On Sunday I decided it would be a great idea to take some family photos; I called in my good friend which turned into a very funny 15 minutes and some tears. I was very happy with the results and glad that we got a couple good shots of the four of us! Still hard to believe there’s 4 of us now. Yikes! 0096 Family Photo 0097 Family Photo 0098 Family PhotoI hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day & Family Day long weekend xo

HUNTSVILLE // Breakfast & Fun!

 After we had a fairly decent night sleep we decided to head over to Huntsville for breakfast at the Family Place Restaurant!
Family Place Restaurant is one of our favorite places to eat in Huntsville. The food is reasonable priced and well made. I love that you can see what’s happening in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your food. Two of my favourite dishes would be breakfast & pizza! They’ve never let me down 🙂
If you’re in the mood for a milk shake, order one! They’re very thick & delicious. Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you’re heading there on the weekend. It’s always a bit busy.
After our delicious brunch at Family Place Restaurant we headed over to Sandhill Nursery to explore their Fall Festival. Every year Sandhill has something amazing happening there. They go above and beyond what you’d expect from any landscape company. I was pretty happy when I did a quick check on their website to see that Zoo To You Reptiles was going to be there until 3pm. Parry Sound Early Years program had them previously and Gryphen LOVED the alligator.
After our up close and personal visit with the animals we took to the very giant maze! Gryphen loved exploring and finding our way to the maze, passing the goats eating and relaxing! Once arriving Gryphen started to find her way through and before we knew it we were coming out of the exit and on our way to the tent!
Thanksgiving weekend was the last weekend for the Fall Festival at Sandhill Nursery but we’re looking forward to what’s coming up next! We love free fun places for the family.

Little Italy: “Red Pegasus”

I was pretty excited to stroll in to Red Pegasus today with Gryphen; she was passed out in her ring sling! We had made a quick trip in last night but she was too energetic for me to look around but I had spotted a few things I wanted to check out today! After about 45 minutes of looking through this small boutique I decided to purchase two products by Pacifica and one from Pre de Provence. I love Pacifica products! They’re all natural and lets me honest smell utterly amazing!

I smelled pretty much every product on the shelf finally deciding on the Indian Coconut Nectar scented Reed Diffuser for $17.95 and the Hawaiian Ruby Guava Natural Soap for $8. Once I got in the door I was opening the box for the diffuser, it’s been sitting on my coffee table all afternoon and the apartment smells so good! I don’t want to leave 😉 **My secret trick to have the scent move quicker through the house is to place a fan behind the diffuser, it’ll have your house flooded with the most amazing scent in no time**

Needless to say I’m really looking forward to taking a shower later today, I would have already had one if Gryphen would have kept sleeping when we returned but she decided otherwise. The Hawaiian Ruby Guava is to die for! You can really smell the guava, we made a quick stop by Standard Pizza Bar on our way home and the girls LOVED the new soap 😉
The second soap we decided to try is by Pré de Provence which is owned by European Soaps. It’s a very silky feeling soap. Gryphen really loved that it foamed up a lot while she was washing her hands and smelled great after. It has a very light fragrance and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturizer.  
If you’re looking for some yummy all natural summer soaps check out Pacifica & Pré de Provence. If you’re a deal hunter you can check out their website if you have an US postal box. I’ll be sending a package to Devon’s hotel this month 🙂 
Check out Red Pegasus’ website (here) for their store hours. They sell a variety of products including bath & body, children & infant toys and accessories, jewelry from local artist and Canadian artist, stationary & cards. Red Pegasus is the perfect place to get a birthday gift for those special people in your life 🙂 

Happy 2nd Birthday Gryphen!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing Gryphen! It’s hard to believe that we’re entering her third year of life! I still remember sitting around in the hot heat while I was pregnant with her.. WAITING! Her last womb meal: Pizza and chocolate ice cream! Perhaps that explains why they’re her favorite food 😉
 After being in labour for around 10 hours we welcomed the most precious little girl! She had so much blonde hair and VERY pale pink skin 😉 Looked just like her daddy.
 In her first few months we spent a lot of time driving to the airport to visit Devon on his breaks! He hated being away for any length of time. After getting our new Jetta we took a little road trip over to PEI with her! We decided to stay in a Bed & Breakfast, worst mistake we could have made! Who thought it would have been so tough with a newborn. haha
 No camera-shy at all, she always loves the chance to pose for a photo.. Unless you’re interrupting her play time then she’ll tell you “no photo”.
 At two she loves playing hockey, golfing, baseball, soccer. pretty much any sport that involves a ball!
 If she’s sad all you need to do is blow some bubbles and it’ll be back to screams of joy!
 Gryphen is defiantly a cuddle bug! She rarely gives up the chance for hugs & cuddles.
 Her favorite things at this moment are Toopy and Binoo, Hello Kitty, Mummy, Pizza & bacon, her cousin Zoe, chocolate ice cream, any soccer ball, Oh and we can’t forget her Daddy!


Tracey’s Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I feel like it was just a few days ago I was getting ready to fly to Ontario for my good friend Tracey’s baby shower. Tracey LOVES Dr. Seuss, loves him! So when she became pregnant I asked her what she wanted for a baby shower theme and no surprise to me it was Dr. Seuss! hahah Off to work I went, looking all over for different decoration ideas, fun games, different things to do at the shower. I can’t believe how much variety there is out there.
I’ve put together some of the photos for that day! Before everyone started arriving I tried to get a few different photos.
Tracey's Baby Shower
Infront of the door I have the little onesie colouring station, we moved all the onesies to the coffee table while everyone was watching Tracey open her gifts. I made little packages for all the guests to fill out attached with a clothespin for the “baby” game. The little mason jars are for a “Guess how many candies” game and “due date raffle”.
Everyone slowly arriving, mmm and eating the yummy food Gramma Sarah prepared. I asked all the guests to do a “Wishes for the Baby” they’re so fun to read and look back on what people hope for your baby. 🙂
How big is her belly?
Oh boy did we have fun with this game! All the ladies took turns guessing the size of Tracey’s belly. The big winner was her Auntie Tracey! She guessed right down to the square! Way to go Auntie Tracey 🙂
Wild chld
These two wild children had a great time running around, jumping, falling, and playing throughout the shower! M is such a loving young man, while Gryphen isn’t too sure!
Gifts for a Princess
It was so much fun watching Tracey open all her gifts, you could tell how overjoyed Tracey was, she loved everything. Connor was such a great helper keeping track of al the gifts.
Time to relax?
Tracey taking time to put her feet up and have a little snack in-between games. Such a happy beautiful mummy-to-be 🙂
0029 Tracey's Baby Shower0030 Tracey's Baby Shower
This day wouldn’t of been possible if it wasn’t for all these lovely ladies here! Thank you so much for showing your support for our dear Tracey.