DIY Nursing Cover

I’m very excited about this little project! After making an infinity nursing scarf earlier in the year for my sister-in-law it really had me thinking about what I’d like out of a nursing scarf. Since realizing that I’m in my third trimester now I’ve been starting to organize and prepare things for the baby (yes for this entire pregnancy I haven’t been focusing on any sort of time frame, just enjoying everything slowly happening to my body). Have you seen the Nuroo nursing covers? I fell in love once I watched the video and learned how versatile they actually are. Sadly though they don’t come in many colours so I went to work on deciding what fabric I’d love for my own.

Materials Needed
Fabric – 70in long x 29in wide (I purchased 2 meters)
Thread to match fabric
Cotton Twill Tape – 60 inches
Snaps – 30 total/ 15 per side (I used my Babyville Snap Pilers & snaps)

Step 1
Press and cut pre-washed fabric to length (70×29). The fabric I purchased was 58in wide, I was able to make two scarfs. Which was great!

0072 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 2
Measure 1 inch, fold & press fabric. I find ironing the fabric assures a nicer seam. Once you’ve done that pin on the twill tape. Make sure to cut the twill take slightly longer.
0073 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 3
Time to sew! I use two different colours of thread to ensure it blends nicer but you can do whatever works best! Sew the edges of the twill tape0074 DIY Nursing ScarfStep 4
Here’s the fun part; attaching the snaps! This I found took the longest, mainly because Gryphen decided she needed to help. I spaced then just over an inch apart. I used a block plaid which made spacing VERY easy.
0075 DIY Nursing Scarf Since we don’t have a baby yet I’ve been wearing this perfect scarf on the colder days (which seem to be a lot). I can’t wait until the baby arrives so I can put this nursing scarf to work! With the left over material I made a fabulous infinity scarf for Gryphen & some bibdana’s for the baby. Once Gryphen seen my scarf she was asking where her’s was and so excited when I told her she had one as well, Nothing cooler then matching your parents when you’re 3 years old!! 0076 DIY Nursing Scarf 0077 DIY Nursing Scarf

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Nuroo inspired infinity nursing scarf project, we’d love to hear and see how yours turns out.

14 Weeks of Realization

There’s always that moment of realization when you realize that next summer you’re going to have two kids (a 4-year-old HOLY SHIT & a 6 month old). Yesterday was amazing with Gryphen; we spent a few hours in the morning at the park followed by a yummy lunch and gelato (from Dolce on College & Montrose) then more hours of park play before supper! I hadn’t noticed how tired Gryphen really was until she was completely passed out on top of me while we were looking at double strollers! haha

Last summer I start researching double strollers and really fell in love with the Phil and Ted’s Navigator. Then my good friend came for a visit and I was able to check out her Baby Jogger City Select double and it completely changed my mind! I started reading thousands of reviews and when the time came to purchasing (my Maxi Cosi stroller broke) I decided to get the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. At this point I didn’t think we’d be having a second child so I figured there was no point in buying a double! BIG MISTAKE. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll need a double or if Gryphen would be content riding on the Glider Board I had purchased for her City Mini GT.
0059 Baby Jogger City Mini GT I had run into some friends at the park yesterday and we got into talking about having that second child. The decision to have one or not to and for these women it had already taken place. They started sharing all their stories of how life had changed and how amazing it’s been. I immediately ask how their first was handling the second; Response: welcoming and loving to the new child. Okay so perhaps I’m over reacting a bit in being worried about Gryphen wanting to leave this child in a field 😉 Then the conversation turned to me! I’m finally entering my second trimester, leaving behind the tiredness and welcoming more energy and an increased appetite (I hope). I didn’t really experience the same amount of morning sickness I had with Gryphen, I feel like I didn’t have any. Just some food sensitivities toward the smells of foods, which I’m hoping has past! We joked about how I decided to get braces while I was pregnant to stop me from eating too much. Jo asked if I had anything special planned this summer since it’s going to be mine and Gryphen’s last just the two of us and it really got me thinking what type of special things I should be planning for us.

I decided to create a list of 30 different activities Gryphen and I will be executing all summer! I picked 30 only because I turn 30 this September. How time zooms by 🙂 What are some of the things you did with your LO’s before you welcomed your #2?? We’re up for any fun suggestions 🙂 Stay tuned for the list of our “30 Summer Must Do’s with your Tot”.

REVIEW // Shampoo Bar from West Lake Cosmetics

I love shampoo bars and up to this point we’ve been ordering them from the States and shipping them to Devon’s hotel rooms. Well this past week my sister-in-law came home with an all natural shampoo bar from one of our local shops here in Parry Sound; West Lake Cosmetics. For the past few days all I’ve been hearing about is how wonderful this shampoo bar is and how the Rosemary and Lavender blend smells amazing in her hair! Finally having enough a bit of free time on Wednesday afternoon I decided to stop in at West Lake to purchase one for myself!
0055 West Lake Cosmetics While I was there I also grabbed a handful of the soap samples for $2. We’re having a Welcoming Party for Devon’s new niece and thought they’d make great “thank you’s” for everyone who comes.
0056 West Lake Cosmetics After a few days of using the Shampoo Bar I can really feel a difference in my hair. My hair feels much fuller and doesn’t go flat by evening. If you’re concerned that it won’t lather up like liquid shampoo, don’t be! With the bar a small bit goes a long way. If you’re finding that your hair feels a bit tangled and want to use conditioner; spray some Apple Cider Vinegar during your shower and let it rinse out. You’ll notice your hair will no longer tangle and will be very soft. If I blow dry my hair I love using a small amount of  Argan Oil in my hair to give it some extra shine and softens it up as well.

Gryphen really loves the shampoo bar as well, it’s much easier for her to rub the bar in her hair then losing the liquid shampoo in the water! Although I think she does it on purpose. Not all hotels provide good shampoo and soap for their guests and for that reason I cut a bar in half and put one half in Devon’s toiletries bag for while he’s at work. There’s nothing better than using a great product while on the road.

Our family loves the shampoo bar from West Lake Cosmetics and can’t wait until they have more scents for us to fall in love with! Also check out their wide variety of soaps, they have a little something for everybody.
If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift I recommend stopping by their store front on James Street in Parry Sound.

**This is not a paid review, I’m only sharing my personal opinion.**

5 Great uses for Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant

I have to admit this pregnancy has been pretty amazing for morning sickness, like I mean I’ve barely had it! The only time I’m going on about feeling ill is when I smell something that my stomach does not agree with. This week it was Swiss Chalet sauce for chicken YUK. I decided today was the day I drink up some apple cider vinegar. There are so many amazing benefits of taking ACV:

  1. Morning sickness – say goodbye to your morning sickness with a little apple cider vinegar.
  2. Heartburn – this is ideal for those days when you have horrible heartburn.
  3. Sinus Congestion – spring is in the air and cold season hasn’t quite said goodbye yet, taking some ACV will help breakup and reduce mucus.
  4. Breakouts – this can be the worst! Dilate on a cotton ball makes for a great toner and cleanser to help prevent breakouts.
  5. All-Purpose Cleaning – can this stuff get any better? I hate cleaning while I’m pregnant, always worrying about what’s inside the spray I’m using. After having Gryphen we switched to using ACV and really noticed a great difference.


Baby Fever in the Air!

It looks like Devon & I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary with our second child! Or not depending if the baby decides to be early or on time. Either way we’re very excited to be expecting our second child.

As you can see I have an amazing talent for painting myself. I made these cute little cards for our siblings. We wanted to think of a fun cute way to let them know that we’re expecting and what better way then to share a little of our addiction! (EOS lip balm).

For the details I know my girls will be asking!

  1. We’re planning on having the baby in Niagara.
  2. Yes we’re going with a midwife! I’d really love to have a water birth since I wasn’t able to with Gryphen (hospital wouldn’t allow it).
  3. What’s the sex you ask? We’ll find out when the baby is born!
  4. Cravings? Not yet no. I’ll want something but never twice.
  5. Morning sickness hasn’t been much of an issue this round BUT keep your pizza out of my house! If I smell that shit i’m going to vomit on it (just so you understand how i’m feeling).
  6. The baby is due November 20th, as Gryphen was late i’m not holding my breath on this one being on time! haha
  7. What do you want more; a boy or girl? A boy but if we have a girl I guess i’ll love her too.
  8. Have you had any baby dreams? Yes! I had a dream that I gave birth to twins and one was a girl! I remember waking up and telling Devon he needed to go buy another car seat! haha

Tracey’s Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I feel like it was just a few days ago I was getting ready to fly to Ontario for my good friend Tracey’s baby shower. Tracey LOVES Dr. Seuss, loves him! So when she became pregnant I asked her what she wanted for a baby shower theme and no surprise to me it was Dr. Seuss! hahah Off to work I went, looking all over for different decoration ideas, fun games, different things to do at the shower. I can’t believe how much variety there is out there.
I’ve put together some of the photos for that day! Before everyone started arriving I tried to get a few different photos.
Tracey's Baby Shower
Infront of the door I have the little onesie colouring station, we moved all the onesies to the coffee table while everyone was watching Tracey open her gifts. I made little packages for all the guests to fill out attached with a clothespin for the “baby” game. The little mason jars are for a “Guess how many candies” game and “due date raffle”.
Everyone slowly arriving, mmm and eating the yummy food Gramma Sarah prepared. I asked all the guests to do a “Wishes for the Baby” they’re so fun to read and look back on what people hope for your baby. 🙂
How big is her belly?
Oh boy did we have fun with this game! All the ladies took turns guessing the size of Tracey’s belly. The big winner was her Auntie Tracey! She guessed right down to the square! Way to go Auntie Tracey 🙂
Wild chld
These two wild children had a great time running around, jumping, falling, and playing throughout the shower! M is such a loving young man, while Gryphen isn’t too sure!
Gifts for a Princess
It was so much fun watching Tracey open all her gifts, you could tell how overjoyed Tracey was, she loved everything. Connor was such a great helper keeping track of al the gifts.
Time to relax?
Tracey taking time to put her feet up and have a little snack in-between games. Such a happy beautiful mummy-to-be 🙂
0029 Tracey's Baby Shower0030 Tracey's Baby Shower
This day wouldn’t of been possible if it wasn’t for all these lovely ladies here! Thank you so much for showing your support for our dear Tracey.