Gryphen’s Heartbreaking Discovery of the Brazil/Germany Match

Gryphen just woke up from her nap and I asked her if she wanted to watch the second half of the Brazil vs. Germany football match and she was VERY excited! I hadn’t told her the score yet because I wanted to get a photo of her expressions as she found out! When she woke up the score was 5-0 Germany. I got her setup on the chair, grabbed my camera and turned on the game! haha You can see in the photos below she’s very excited in the first one, the second she is processing the game.
 Gryphen has now realized the score is 5-0 🙁 Very upset.. BUT WAIT what’s the Germany just scored another goal!! I now have a very upset little. Her response to the 6th goal by Germany “OFF”.
We’re now watching Bubble Guppies with the #BrazilvsGermany match playing PIP. Sorry you woke up to see this #CaptainGryphen 🙁

Hornblower Cruises Niagara

If you haven’t already done it, do it! The Hornblower Cruise in Niagara Falls way AMAZING! The Staff were happy, outgoing, helpful and very passionate about their jobs. We took Gryphen who LOVES boats on the cruise and she was in love from the second we started walking down the docks. She kept screaming “BOAT BOAT BOAT” we missed the first two cruises so Gryphen was able to watch the boats. She ran around screaming and watching the foam!
We had a private tour with one of the engineers; Morgan. Morgan was teaching our almost two year old all about the boat and boating safety. We decided to stay in the enclosed area with Gryphen. She was getting very excited once we got closer to the falls and she could see all the water coming down.  This was Gryphen’s first time every visiting her Uncle Morgan at work and from her response I believe it’s going to be a regular trip this summer!
Hornblower Cruises have very reasonable prices; for the 15 minute cruise to the falls it’s $19.95 for an adult, youth 5-12 are $12.25 & children under 5 are FREE! You get a very fashionable red poncho for your cruise (which i’d recommend wearing if you plan on standing on the outer decks).
If you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer this is must see attraction! For more information on Hornblower Cruise’s check out their website (here).

Couper Baby Ring Sling

Have you ever seen someone using a ring sling and wondered where they got it, if your child was too old for one and how much they cost! I became interested in having a ring sling when my future SIL was visiting with her youngin’. She had her in a friends ring sling carrying her all over the place! The thing was amazing, super small, fit in the diaper bag and looked cute!

I knew then I needed one! I started my search, I found so many different kinds, sizes, fabrics, prices! I decided it wasn’t something that I should just rush into buying. A good friend of the family; Lynn, made a sling for us one night after I was telling her all about it! It’s been amazing, we’ve been using it for almost a year. A few months ago I found Sakura Bloom, and fell in love with their slings! I was beyond impressed with the fabrics they had, how much social media they used and their overall outlook of the company. The only thing I couldn’t handle was their prices for their slings!
Now I have the fabric that I want, Indian Dupioni Silk. I looked all over for the silk, our fabric store in Cole Harbour has it for a nice $36.99 a meter, and I’m pretty sure Devon would have lost it on me if I bought it! When I was in Toronto I was telling my bestie, Jegan all about it, next thing I know I’m picking up a package from the post with the silks! I was so excited to get home; you have no idea! haha I had already ordered medium rings from They’re the most recommend and used company I could find for rings! (I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE RINGS FROM A FABRIC STORE).
I went to work! I had looked up a few different styles but wanted to try something myself to see what worked for me! So far I’ve only had time to create these two slings! There are a few more styles I’d like to try. I made the white sling a little smaller because Devon hates the “tail” so I just wrapped it around the rings. I’ve noticed it would be better for a smaller child and she’ll probably be too big after December for the white one. The blue I made longer with the idea she’d be able to use it as she’s growing and it’s a perfect fit for Devon. We were out shopping a few days ago and he was carrying her around the outdoor mall! Such cuties 🙂

Keep posted for more slings! If you like this sling and would like to purchase one or would like to know what I used please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂

Ocean view from her Ergobaby Performance Carrier

A week or so ago I decided to make a “large” purchase & bought the #Ergobaby Performance Baby Carrier. I’ve seen them advertised a lot and really loved the idea behind them. I mainly see them at the airport when visiting Devon or going on a flight and I was mildly jealous of those women! Getting on the plane I’m normally holding a purse, a baby, a diaper bag & a carry-on suitcase (sometimes two); it’s not easy!
Our last trip to Ontario was a very fast and busy trip ( I will make a post about this soon 🙂 ). I planned our flights for her nap times hoping she would rest during the flights; that did NOT happen! Instead she fused, cried, squirmed around, tried escaping and ended up being carried off the plane by the Captain at the end of our flight in Halifax. She decided she was going to make a run for it when I was getting our bags down from the over head bin! Once I had our stroller, one handedly opened & connected the car seat; I strapped her in! My plan was to get the car keys from Devon’s crew room then head down to the car where she’d have some silence finally! All was going to plan, I got to the room punched in the code, punched it in again.. DEVON! Devon gave me the wrong code 🙁 I tried calling him but of course he was in the air! haha yay so my half asleep baby and I decided to go for a walk around the airport (hoping to run into an AG pilot; didn’t happen until 20 min before Devon was due back!) Finally getting a hold of Devon I got in the room dropped our bags and let the baby loose in the airport! She ran around screaming, setting off alarms, and playing with the kiddo toys. I was beyond exhausted by this point let me tell you! About 15 minutes later Devon comes up the stairs and I fill him in on my fun day. Driving from Parry Sound to Pearson, returning the car, spending a few short minutes with good friend Jegan and boarding the late plane while Gryphen threw teddy bear crackers at the pilot!
Well let me tell you NEVER AGAIN! That was my worst experience ever with flying. I was so upset after that trip that we decided there would be NO traveling for the month of October! After I calmed down I went to work in researching different things that could have made the flight more enjoyable for both of us. It was decided I was getting a baby carrier but which one! They have to many different materials and styles! But of course we finally decided on the Ergobaby Performance Carrier! We loved the color of blue they used and how could I say no to my all time favorite color!
It was beyond anything today! October third and its 23 degrees out.. Is summer just hanging on for a little longer? I hope so 😉 We took Gryphen to the beach today for a little ocean air and fun in the sun! She loved going to the beach and enjoyed spending a few hours in the carrier with me playing around in the sand & water. Who wouldn’t 😉 I’m very happy with this purchase, the carrier is comfortable, light weight, cool, has a sun protector & can be used in three different positions! If you’re looking for a new multi carrier I suggest an ergobaby.

Visiting Aqua Cage Fisheries

Another sunny day on Georgian Bay, we decided we’d take Gryphen to visit her Auntie Kana at work. Kana is the fish biologist at Aqua Cage Fisheries in Depot Harbour.

On route!
Gryphen getting to know DumDum
Playing on the net’s with Auntie Kana
Not too sure what’s going on here!
Don’t get too close to the middle or you’ll get wet!
Devon catching a couple fish!
Caught 1.. or 5!
Taking in the scenery
Running after the birds
Anyone home?
Auntie Kana, why is the bag moving??
This is why… FISSSSSSH!
Happy Family!
Giving Gryphen some cuddles!
Can never get too many cuddles from Auntie Kana!

That pretty much sums up our tripped over to Aqua Cage! It’s a good find on things to do in Parry Sound if you have children or are interested in Rainbow Trout farms!


Monday April 28, 2013 at 12:15pm Rainbow Haven Beach, Cole Harbour our second child Blue Raptor was physical & emotional abused by this man:

Dirty Ugly Finger Thief

We went for a family picnic to have some family time before we set off for Ontario on May 2nd to visit with our family and Devon to have some training for work. To do our normal thing, stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some food then headed out to Rainbow Haven Beach. It’s a really nice beach similar to Lawrencetown but with more sand and less rocks! Arriving at the beach I was at the trunk arranging our picnic lunch and our blanket for sitting while we ate. I had left the passenger door open since I hadn’t grabbed the water bottle or my purse yet. After preparing everything and helping Devon with Gryphen I had completely forgot my purse was tucked under the front seat.

We set off on the wooden path to the beach, having an odd feeling I mentioned to Devon to make sure he locked the car; beep beep. I put the blankets down and got our lunches read to eat! It was such a beautiful day on Monday, the weather was perfect!

Gryphen laying on Daddy as she eats his sandwich

We finished up our yummy food and headed down to the beach to play with Gryphen by the water, she loves getting super close then running away. We played for maybe only 7 minutes because with the wind it was a bit chilly! It was time to head back to the car and get home so we could start to prepare for our long drive to Ontario!

Running from the waves!
ME “My window looks funny, could it be the way the lights hitting it?”, Devon “umm i’m not sure”. We got closer & closer & closer but it wasn’t the sun hitting my window at all. It was a smashed window. Someone had noticed my purse tucked up under my seat and decided that HAD to have it. Blue Raptor was attacked!
Oh look my window is on the ground!
It didn’t just stop with my window, as we walked around the car we determined that the window was his second attempt to get access to the car the first being the drivers door lock.
First failed attempt on getting in my car
Sadly this guy got away with my Tory Burch purse, iPhone 4 & Samsung Galaxy SIIX, my Mat & Nat wallet (and all its contents) & Gryphen’s pink pacifier. I ask some random girl about to walk her dog if we could use her phone to call 911, she handed me her massive phone with a large crack on the screen.  RCMP arrived immediately to do a report then remove the glass for us.
After preparing a full list of everything that was taken from Blue Raptor we head home to see if we can track our phones via iCould & Lookout. Well iCloud was a complete bust! My phone was gone 🙁 BUT when I grabbed the iPad to I noticed there was an email from Lookout but when I checked Devon’s email there wasn’t one WTF. I grab my MacBook and open Safari, quickly open Gmail and change ALL the passwords on our email accounts then race to the TRASH bin to see if that’s where ALL of my emails have gone LOL Yes he deleted ALL my emails! After I stop laughing at his completely stupidity I come across the email from Lookout saying that someone tried to unlock Devon’s mobile phone but FAILED. I open the email and what do I see..
This ugly fucks face and thumb! Devon immediately pulls our the RCMP Officer’s business card out of his wallet to email the photo of the criminal. It’s not very often you get a photo of the guy who’s screwed your drivers door lock and smashed out your passenger window sending little shards of glass throughout your car where you & your 10 month old baby sits.
Do you know this man? Have you seen him before? If you do know him, tell the police. If you do see him; run drop kick him and when he’s down give a nice kick to the balls and then nicely call the police.
For those of you expecting us in Ontario this week, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance we are unsure of when Gryphen & I will be arriving since Blue Raptor is in the shop having some work done!

Happy Nine Months!!

The last nine months have been a whirlwind of firsts for us & our amazing daughter! It’s almost surreal to think in another 3 months from today we’ll be having her first birthday party ever! As of today our little Gryphen is 20lbs & 30inches long; A bit difference from our little 7lb, 21.5in baby we brought home with us July First.
Gryphen loves to giggle, play with her toys, put everything and anything in her mouth! And recently has decided her new goal is to walk around the house. She’s mastered walking with her walker thingy from Auntie Chrystal, Uncle Mark & cousin Zoe and making her way around the furniture! She is very interested in the different textures of food but once it’s in her mouth her face will let you know if she’s going to spit it out or fill her little tummy.

Gryphen is still our little night hawk! Sleeping most of the day just to be up later at night Devon refers to her as a vampire! We’ve been truly blessed by Gryphen, she’s a very happy addition to our family, always crawling around squealing and giggling.


All gums!

“She’s pooped a lot in two days, like 5 times” this is how I woke up this morning! I never pictured any of my mornings going like this, if you told me 5 years ago I’d have a daughter and be living in Halifax I would have laughed at you as I was sipping my late morning wine! But reality is 3 years ago I fell in love with Devon and the rest was history from that point on!

With that being said today I noticed that my online shopping has changed a considerable amount since June 2012 when I was expecting Gryphen and today was evident of that. All of my friends & family know how much I love Steal Network; they have the most amazing things cheap that I actually need! I have become pretty good at knowing what will sell out right away and what I’ll wait to purchase so I don’t need to waste money on shipping. Sad I know but I’m a stay at home mummy!

The door bell rang, who could it be, we were all home and weren’t expecting anyone. No one was there, just a package lying between the doors waiting to be picked up. haha we’ve been going through a strange time with Gryphen’s teething and she has decided that everything is meant to go in her mouth! With that being said I’ve discovered this amazing necklaces Teethease that Gryphen loves! It’s been great for traveling and being out shopping. I just put it on myself before we head out so when I’m carrying her she can play with the necklace and I’m not worried about her cutting her gums on my other jewelry. When we’re at home I normally hand Gryphen the Teethease and let her chew on it but that normally results in my finding the cord in one spot and the teether in another!

I bought Gryphen the orange Teethease first to see how she liked it and since I’ve received such great reviews from her I’ve purchased a few others by Jellystone Designs. Unfortunately after searching the Hidden Archive I wasn’t able to find them again so hopefully they’ll be selling more again soon!
From Jellystone Designs I decided to go with two pieces, the Owl Pendant & the Organic Bangle.

I really love the Owl Pendant, the colour is very vibrant and catches the babies eye quickly. I’ve noticed that it feels a bit heavier then the Teethease necklaces, the texture I’ve found is a lot greater. The actual feel is smooth & you’re able to feel all the details of the owl. Which is great for little learning fingers. On their website they do note not to give a child the owl necklace under the age of 3 unless it is being worn by an adult.
Now on to our Organic Bangle! I’m not overly sure why it’s actually organic so I haven’t been able to find anything on their website telling me why! But Gryphen LOVES it! I only ordered one & looking back I should have purchased 2 or 3.

From the moment I showed Gryphen the bangle she’s had it in her hands (& mouth). All of Jellystone Design’s products are made up of Hospital Grade Silicone approved by the FDA. The silicone is odourless, tasteless and most importantly silicone will not support the growth of mould or bacteria and don’t forget BPA, Phthalates and PVC FREE! 
If your little one is teething these are some great products to have a long with a lot others! 

What’s too big?

Do you ever feel like your breast aren’t going to stop growing? I do! A few years ago (I think 2009) I had a breast reduction because I felt like I was getting too huge for one girl. I was very happy after I had it done, they were amazing!  Crazy size difference!
NYC a few weeks after
It was about a month after my reduction I started to look forward to getting new bras, new bras! I found the perfect bras at Jacob Lingerie. So perfect!! Until now… I was recommended to try this bra by Le Mystere No. 9 Lolita Strapless everyone told me it was a perfect bra, you’ll love it the second you get it on. I decided to go into Nordstrom’s to try it on and I’m sure glad I did! The beloved bra wasn’t all that I expected so after talking to a couple of the sales associates I decided to try on a couple other bras and finally came across a bra by Wacoal. I had never heard of them but was surprised how comfortable this bra was, oh my god and the support! The Wocoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra was beyond any bra I currently owned.


The comfort of the Wocoal is unbelievable I feel like I have nothing on, one amazing perk is you can’t see if through any top. It was decided I needed both black & nude for my collection! After speaking with a lot of women with a fully bust I’ve noticed a trend that they can’t find the right size or the bra that fits them. My recommendation to you – when shopping for a bra don’t be shy ask for help! Ask the manager to help fit you, this is her job (I bet she knows what she is doing!). It’s a great feeling when you’re wearing the correct bra for your body.