My Top 8 Favourite Baby Items

Now that Mr. HU is officially a year I’ve had some time to look back at what we loved and didn’t love during that year! Yes I can not believe how quickly time has slipped past, it’s a never-ending cycle.

I have to say my number 1 is.. Como Tomo Silicone Baby Bottle.
From the moment I seen a friend using the Como Tomo at the park I was in LOVE with this bottle. I knew I wanted to breastfeed HU and the fact alone that the bottle was “squishy” like a breast made it that much more appealing. I took the plunge and bought a couple and never looked back! Since we breastfeed and bottle feed we purchased 4 of the 150ml and 4 slow flow nipples. Even at 13 months we are still using the slow flow nipples. For anyone interested in the formula we used; it is the Baby’s Only Organic Formula, purchased from Lucky Vitamin. (We purchased ours from if you’re a new customer use code “HLPWife”)

2. hmm next.. what could be just as amazing? Oh yes.. Euphoric Herbals.
The herbal super-food blends to increase your milk supply! Have you noticed everything that made the first year amazing had to do with feeding my son? haha After trying several different companies and types I will always recommend Euphoric Herbals blends. After speaking to the owner Cindy numerous times and taking the quiz on their site I decided to go with Lush Leche. For me it was perfect! For anyone who doesn’t know back in 2010 I had a breast reduction which meant I had a much lower chance to actually breastfeed. I had an amazing surgeon (thankfully) and was able to experience the rewards of breastfeeding my son. Let’s talk about Euphoric Herbals for a moment… it started as a small business YAY, the owner has nursing mother’s interest at heart YAY, she runs monthly programs where you can actually get a gift card to her store for promoting her on social media (seriously who does that? Cindy does, that’s who!), I fell in love with this company for the quality of her products (also vegan friendly) and was blown away by her positive attitude, amazing staff and ability to make you feel like the most important women at that moment.

3. Probiotics… I feel like my life wouldn’t have been the same without them for myself and my children. Have you ever stressed over their shit? Or lack of it? haha Well give that little one some probiotics (for their age) and you’ll see a huge difference! I learned this trick with my daughter and kept it going with my son!

4. Video Baby Monitor.
I’m going to be honest here, everyone has their own opinions on what they like. Our first video monitor was shit but Motorola replaced it with an amazing monitor with two cameras and I’m beyond in love with it! I have one camera setup on HU’s sleeping area and the other one moves between Gryphen’s bedroom, the play area & the backyard. Our’s can be found at or I love with ours you can tilt and swivel the camera around the room, on the screen you can either have 1 camera or both in a split screen.

5. Bibdanas.
Who wants just regular old bibs these days? (I actually have a handful of amazing ones a family friend made for the kids that I absolutely love). Once you see your little one in a bibdana you’ll be hooked. I made a few for our niece and loved how they looked so I made several for HU. How could I not? You can purchase them from several stores, finding them isn’t a challenge. But finding the design on them might be! If you can sew you can save a lot money and make your own! One things for sure, these little drool catchers are a must have.

6. Baby Carrier.
Ring Sling, Ergobaby, Tula, Sakura Bloom, who cares who makes it just as long as you and your little love it. I feel like this is one major item I couldn’t live without from newborn onward. I wouldn’t have survived a few days without my ring sling. It was such an essential when HU was tiny. Now with Gryphen taking a bus every morning it’s so easy just to put HU in the Ergo on the chilly mornings and walk her to the stop.

7. Lil’Kingz handmade booties.
I’m a firm believer that it’s better for children to feel what’s beneath their feet and with the Lil’Kingz soft sole booties they can do just that. When searching for a Canadian brand I came across Lil’Kingz on Etsy and instantly loved Kim’s design. They don’t just cut off at the ankle they protect it giving a little extra coverage. After a few messages I was very excited to be expecting a custom pair for HU. I’m sure you can imagine the design.. Planes! I followed her ordering guide and purchased them slightly bigger then his foot to allow for growing and they’ve fit him perfectly throughout the summer and into the fall. Every time HU wears them he receives a compliment on how adorable and original they are. Damn right!

8. Oball Sink ‘n’ Spill Whale.
You fill it full of water, put your finger on and off of the hole on the top and make it rain!! HU adores it in the bath, I would say one of his top toys to play with in the tub. And apparently to him nothing is off-limits in there! We purchased our whale from Marshall’s, but I also found it at Toys’r’us for the same price.

That more or less sums up the items that we couldn’t live without! What are some things that you loved??

Hunter’s New Kicks!

I have to admit I’m a sucker for an East Coast brand! Many people know that Gryphen was born and spent her first two years living the East Coast lifestyle before being whisked off by Air Canada to Ontario. When I began my search for Hunter’s new shoes I turned to Etsy to see if I could locate someone local who handmade some badass shoes. Well turns out I found an amazing company, Lil Kingz; in the lovely Prince Edward Island! After a few messages we settled on an amazing aviation print and HU’s booties would be here in a few weeks! Everyday I’d check the mail to see if they might be early (you just never know with Canada Post) and sure enough they arrived 3 days early! I was beyond excited to open the package to get the first look at these little bad boys!

All I can say is I was NOT disappointed!! They turned out perfect. HU of course was super excited to no longer be wearing Gryphen’s pink Robeez and instantly was grabbing at the tongue.

With all the excitement over I decided to take a very close look at the quality of the booties to make sure they were up to my standards. I flipped the bootie inside out; all of the stitching is perfect! You can really tell that attention was given when the booties were created.

Looking over the entire boot I didn’t notice any flaws with the stitching and everything looks superb. I will defiantly be ordering another pair of booties for HU (and maybe Gryphen) from Lil’Kingz. Now where should we go to test these booties out??

If you’re interested in getting your own check out Lil Kingz on Etsy and get the behind the scenes look on Instagram!

Preschooler Book Club

School is fast approaching for my soon to be four-year old and it has me thinking… What books does Gryphen love. Every month I’m going to pick a new book to read and review with Gryphen and we’d love for you to join in and let us know what your preschooler thought about the book as well.
0099 Preschooler Book Club
A new book will be announced on the first of every month, followed by an interactive discussion on Instagram on the 15th. Don’t forget to tag us while you’re reading with your little ones 🙂 #HLPWBookClub
0100 Preschooler Book Club

At the end of every month Gryphen & I will give a you full review of the book and let you know how many planes we rank it! 

Aroma Espresso Bar – College Street

Near the start of my pregnancy Devon’s cousin Annie took me to the Aroma Espresso Bar in Markville Mall and I was hooked! My sandwich was delicious and oh so fresh. I’ve been craving avocado during my entire pregnancy so I was very happy to find Aroma.

I decided to give the location on College Street a try (since it’s a 7 minute walk away). Well that was a huge mistake! I ended up VERY VERY sick moments after my first couple bites. For those of us who have children and a spouse in aviation you have zero chance of taking time to yourself while you’re sick, you can just hope your child is feeling in a compassionate mood that day. Mine was not!

After I was starting to feel slightly better I sent an email off to Aroma Espresso Bar. I received a very apologetic response and was assured they’d be investigating the location further. Oh and sent a gift card to use at any of their locations.

0060 Aroma Espresso BarI can say after my experience I’m much more hesitant about eating at any of their locations. Gryphen and I have went back to the Queen Street location to enjoy one of their great sandwiches and smoothies on them! I personally don’t see myself ever using the location closest to us on College Street.

Have you eaten at Aroma? What did you think of your meal? I’d love to hear from you!


Crochet Patterns // From Way Up North & Full of Warmth!

With all this snow we’ve been getting lately I’ve been noticing Gryphen has been misplacing her hats frequently and we just LOVE the crocheting pattern’s by From Way Up North. They’re very easy to read and with a kid like Gryphen it’s perfect that you’re able to complete the pattern in a night or two.
In this photo Gryphen is wearing the Zoey Warmer, it was perfect for her, I loved that it slims down at the back and the added details make it very unique.
Here we’ve just pulled it down to make a cute neck warmer. This was perfect for when she was snowboarding with her daddy and needed something around her neck to keep the cold off her bare skin.
The Lamb Hooded Cowl is the perfect going out hat, it’s cute, they’re fully covered & warm! I loved that we were able to tighten around the neck to make it more fitted for her while leaving the fitting loose. It’s such a fun cowl, she absolutely loved wearing it.
If you love these handcrafted delights as much as we do stop over at From Way Up North‘s Etsy shop to purchase the patterns.
First Photo:
Headband: Zoey Warmer – From Way Up North
Jacket: Zara Kids
Mitts: Suede Mitts – Parry Sound Hospital Gift Shop
Third Photo:
Hat: Lamb Hooded Cowl – From Way Up North
Jacket: Zara Kids
Mitts: Custom Bow Mitts – From Way Up North