REVIEW // Shampoo Bar from West Lake Cosmetics

I love shampoo bars and up to this point we’ve been ordering them from the States and shipping them to Devon’s hotel rooms. Well this past week my sister-in-law came home with an all natural shampoo bar from one of our local shops here in Parry Sound; West Lake Cosmetics. For the past few days all I’ve been hearing about is how wonderful this shampoo bar is and how the Rosemary and Lavender blend smells amazing in her hair! Finally having enough a bit of free time on Wednesday afternoon I decided to stop in at West Lake to purchase one for myself!
0055 West Lake Cosmetics While I was there I also grabbed a handful of the soap samples for $2. We’re having a Welcoming Party for Devon’s new niece and thought they’d make great “thank you’s” for everyone who comes.
0056 West Lake Cosmetics After a few days of using the Shampoo Bar I can really feel a difference in my hair. My hair feels much fuller and doesn’t go flat by evening. If you’re concerned that it won’t lather up like liquid shampoo, don’t be! With the bar a small bit goes a long way. If you’re finding that your hair feels a bit tangled and want to use conditioner; spray some Apple Cider Vinegar during your shower and let it rinse out. You’ll notice your hair will no longer tangle and will be very soft. If I blow dry my hair I love using a small amount of  Argan Oil in my hair to give it some extra shine and softens it up as well.

Gryphen really loves the shampoo bar as well, it’s much easier for her to rub the bar in her hair then losing the liquid shampoo in the water! Although I think she does it on purpose. Not all hotels provide good shampoo and soap for their guests and for that reason I cut a bar in half and put one half in Devon’s toiletries bag for while he’s at work. There’s nothing better than using a great product while on the road.

Our family loves the shampoo bar from West Lake Cosmetics and can’t wait until they have more scents for us to fall in love with! Also check out their wide variety of soaps, they have a little something for everybody.
If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift I recommend stopping by their store front on James Street in Parry Sound.

**This is not a paid review, I’m only sharing my personal opinion.**

HUNTSVILLE // Breakfast & Fun!

 After we had a fairly decent night sleep we decided to head over to Huntsville for breakfast at the Family Place Restaurant!
Family Place Restaurant is one of our favorite places to eat in Huntsville. The food is reasonable priced and well made. I love that you can see what’s happening in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your food. Two of my favourite dishes would be breakfast & pizza! They’ve never let me down 🙂
If you’re in the mood for a milk shake, order one! They’re very thick & delicious. Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you’re heading there on the weekend. It’s always a bit busy.
After our delicious brunch at Family Place Restaurant we headed over to Sandhill Nursery to explore their Fall Festival. Every year Sandhill has something amazing happening there. They go above and beyond what you’d expect from any landscape company. I was pretty happy when I did a quick check on their website to see that Zoo To You Reptiles was going to be there until 3pm. Parry Sound Early Years program had them previously and Gryphen LOVED the alligator.
After our up close and personal visit with the animals we took to the very giant maze! Gryphen loved exploring and finding our way to the maze, passing the goats eating and relaxing! Once arriving Gryphen started to find her way through and before we knew it we were coming out of the exit and on our way to the tent!
Thanksgiving weekend was the last weekend for the Fall Festival at Sandhill Nursery but we’re looking forward to what’s coming up next! We love free fun places for the family.

Does My Face Look Fat?

I love long hair but sometimes we need an update, a new look. I decided it was time for a change and booked an appointment with Jess at Mary-Jo’s in Parry Sound to have my hair cut! 
This is the first time I’ve ever had my hair so short 🙂 at first I have to admit I HATED it! I wanted to cry, I had no idea how to style it correctly or what I was thinking haha 
It’s now been a few days and I’m starting to like it now! It’s incredibly easy to maintain. I have some flare in my hair & I still like it to be perfectly straight! That only takes about a minute to fix up now. Yay! 
I went from long to short in 20 minutes and I’m very happy with my decision! 
Has anyone else ever just cut your hair much shorter? Tell me why you decided to do it! 

PARRY SOUND // Bearly Used Books

Who doesn’t love books! I feel like we’re always buying books for Gryphen, this month alone we’ve spent over $100 on used books from Bearly Used Books! The average cost of most books are $3.
 Whether you’re an adult or a child there’s a place for you to sit and decide on which books you want to purchase! I love that i’m able to bring Gryphen, we can sit down and read the books with her to see which ones she’d like. If you haven’t found something up stairs, go downstairs where you’ll spend HOURS ( I mean i’ve spent hours) looking not only children’s books but books that you’ll love too. 
 If you’re looking for something specific I suggest bringing the name of the author and book title, the amazing staff are always there and ready to help you search. Those women have spent on several occasions helping me search through the rows of books to find that “one” book that would be perfect for me to read. hahah I always seem to find more then one! 
If you’re in the Parry Sound area I highly suggest checking out Bearly Used Books! You’ll find some really great books for even better prices! If your child is anything like Gryphen and likes to tear pages, there’s nothing better then spending $.50 on a book instead of $10! 
Check out Bearly Used Books at 45 Seguin Street; Don’t forget to like them on Facebook & Instagram!

Visiting Aqua Cage Fisheries

Another sunny day on Georgian Bay, we decided we’d take Gryphen to visit her Auntie Kana at work. Kana is the fish biologist at Aqua Cage Fisheries in Depot Harbour.

On route!
Gryphen getting to know DumDum
Playing on the net’s with Auntie Kana
Not too sure what’s going on here!
Don’t get too close to the middle or you’ll get wet!
Devon catching a couple fish!
Caught 1.. or 5!
Taking in the scenery
Running after the birds
Anyone home?
Auntie Kana, why is the bag moving??
This is why… FISSSSSSH!
Happy Family!
Giving Gryphen some cuddles!
Can never get too many cuddles from Auntie Kana!

That pretty much sums up our tripped over to Aqua Cage! It’s a good find on things to do in Parry Sound if you have children or are interested in Rainbow Trout farms!