Mother’s Day? Mother’s Weekend!

I can’t believe my babies are in bed and Mother’s Day has come to an end. If someone hasn’t said it to you yet… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! This year we took Mother’s Day and turned it into an entire weekend. Friday was beyond amazing! Gryphen’s class had a Mother’s Day Tea and invited all the mums into their class for 45 minutes. We enjoyed cookies and tea! Gryphen was beyond excited to have mummy in class and show me all around to her friends. So adorable! We sat at a table with her best friend Jack, these two are so darn adorable together.
Once Gryphen came home from school we took the kids out for sushi at Wind on Lundy’s Lane. This is such a great place, we always end up in the back room where most other kids seated. If felt so nice dressing up and heading out with the family. I feel like we don’t do this enough. The kids were so well-behaved and enjoyed a lot of sushi!
By the time Sunday came around and the Official Mother’s Day I was feeling like the most special Mumma in the world! The kids surprised me with the watch I wanted and we headed off for a nature hike through Woodend. I can’t get enough of this place, the trails are so nice and at the end is this amazing natural playground. When we arrived the kids had their Mabel’s Label wristbands put on. These bands are great for when you’re going to be outside all day, I love the piece of mind if we get separated the kids are able to go to an adult and ask them to call the numbers on the band to help us locate them. This was our first time using them and I was sadly disappointed they’re mainly 1 time use. HU pulled his off that night with no issues.
This Mother’s Day has been utterly amazing. I had no expectations this year and just wanted to enjoy time with my family. Devon asked if I wanted to sleep in and do a spa day or anything like that and I said no. I wanted to spend mother’s day with my family. They’re the reason I am a mother, so what better way to spend it than with them! In the past I’ve always felt like Mother’s Day was a day I should be pampering myself and relaxing but all those times never go as planned. After this weekend I think this special day needs to be spent with your family. Devon emphasized to Gryphen that this weekend was about mummy and she made sure I felt special. We still had normal kid behaviour, let’s be honest they’re kids! We ended our weekend with a delicious supper at the Keg where HU & Gryphen pigged out on warm bread and burgers while Devon & I enjoyed a much-needed steak!

How did you spend your mother’s day? Did your kids treat you like a Queen? I can’t wait until Father’s Day to celebrate the special weekend with Devon. I guess the kids and I better start thinking of gift ideas! haha

For Sale

After 20 amazing months in our “first home” we’ve decided to put it up for sale. We shared a lot of firsts with this house and moving out of it will be heartbreaking. I always thought we’d be in this house until the kids were grown but life changes, plans change, people change and with that our location is changing. This house has seen many sides of our family, from Gryphen toilet training, going on her first day of school, welcoming Hunter (home water birth), ALL of Hunter’s life to this point haha many friendships have grown here, dinners ate, drinks shared and love has always been the centre of it. A home isn’t a home without love.

On that note we’ll be creating another home closer to Pearson. The change for us will allow for less commuting and more time together as a family. Focusing on a shorter commute has really helped me with the final decision to move and leave this amazing community we’ve created here in Niagara. On March 29th we welcomed Photographer Marty Pilato into our home to capture our home. It was a very quick visit but the results were perfect. That night Marty sent the images to our Realtor Ermie Taddeo and within a few minutes our house was officially for sale! In true Ermie fashion she went above and beyond! The next morning when our next paper arrived I’m flipping through looking at what grocery shops are offering and what do I see… OUR HOUSE! Yes, I’m not kidding! Ermie had our house in the paper the NEXT day.. seriously people the next day!

So needless to say we’ve had more than a few people come through to view our home. Less than a week of being on the market our house had an offer! “I am prepared to get to work for you” is her slogan and damn did she ever! I honestly can’t say enough good things about Ermie, she’s gone above and beyond to make this entire process smooth and zero stress (which I’m all about). She knew that going into selling Devon would 100% be away when we got an offer and sure enough he was! Not a problem for Ermie, sends him the offer digitally and BAM offer submitted! No printing, all digital. Love it!

I’m sure you’re wondering what our house has been looking like since you normally see it on Instagram this huge mess (aka lived in). Our kids were very understanding that people would be coming in and out to look and that toys were on the minimum. We didn’t put anything in a storage unit just cleaned up and made sure items were in their proper location. Hope you enjoy the tour!


It’s been one week and our house has SOLD for asking!! If you’re thinking about selling or buying I urge you to call Ermie Taddeo, she’s amazing!!!

NIAGARA FALLS // Surprise Lunch Visit

We spent our last weekend looking at house after house after house in the Niagara Falls area. Sadly out of all the houses we were shown we really loved one but it sold before we were even able to make an offer 🙁 Depressing! Well after spending our Saturday morning looking at more we decided to surprised Uncle Morgan with lunch at work! Gryphen just adores Morgy! 
After we enjoyed our delicious lunch we picked up from Commisso’s Fresh Foods we strolled down and snapped a couple photos with the falls. The weather was beyond perfect! We had a very big surprise planned for after lunch so sadly we weren’t able to jump on one of the Hornblower Cruises boats to get a closer look at the falls. Gryphen was sad but she was pretty excited about our next destination! Stay tuned to find out about our little secret 😉

Hornblower Cruises Niagara

If you haven’t already done it, do it! The Hornblower Cruise in Niagara Falls way AMAZING! The Staff were happy, outgoing, helpful and very passionate about their jobs. We took Gryphen who LOVES boats on the cruise and she was in love from the second we started walking down the docks. She kept screaming “BOAT BOAT BOAT” we missed the first two cruises so Gryphen was able to watch the boats. She ran around screaming and watching the foam!
We had a private tour with one of the engineers; Morgan. Morgan was teaching our almost two year old all about the boat and boating safety. We decided to stay in the enclosed area with Gryphen. She was getting very excited once we got closer to the falls and she could see all the water coming down.  This was Gryphen’s first time every visiting her Uncle Morgan at work and from her response I believe it’s going to be a regular trip this summer!
Hornblower Cruises have very reasonable prices; for the 15 minute cruise to the falls it’s $19.95 for an adult, youth 5-12 are $12.25 & children under 5 are FREE! You get a very fashionable red poncho for your cruise (which i’d recommend wearing if you plan on standing on the outer decks).
If you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer this is must see attraction! For more information on Hornblower Cruise’s check out their website (here).

Niagara Falls Day Trip

After several failed attempts to visit Niagara Falls we finally made it there! Oh boy did we have fun 😉 It was a warm sunny day and Gryphen was just getting over a cold so we were hoping she’d do “okay” and she surpassed and expectations we had for her.
We really wanted to take her on the sky wheel to get an idea of heights and she loved it. She spent most of the time looking out at everything around her (when we weren’t forcing her to take photos with us!)
Where we shall play mini putt later
The view of the falls from the Sky Wheel
Checking out the sights


My little cutie!
Always having a crazy hair day this girl
Gryphen doesn’t seem impressed

We decided to go into the wax museum, Gryphen loved it until one scene then she decided she had enough!

Gryphen’s breaking point.. Such a sad face 🙁

Devon decided he was starving and that we needed to get pizza stat! Gryphen then decided she needed to eat his pizza! Such a great Daddy sharing his pizza 🙂

She’s very interested in watching a little boy get yelled at for wandering around!
Pizza’s almost all gone!
Gryphen got a hole in ONE!!!
Now it wouldn’t be a perfect day without some Caffe Demtres at the end of it 😉



My yummy crepe… mmmm
Gryphen moving toward her Daddy’s waffle
We had such a great time in Niagara Falls, can’t wait until next summer to take her back. Hopefully we’ll be able to take her on the boat so she’ll get a better look!