Christmas as an Aviation Family

Well I have to admit I was a bit terrified how Christmas was going to go this year. It was the first year Devon wouldn’t be around for it and Gryphen is at an age where she fully understands what’s going on. Close to Christmas we all decorated the tree (HU loved it!), Gryphen made an angel at school so we had to put that on the top this year! On Christmas eve I gave the kids their matching pjs that Gryphen had requested! She was so excited for this pyjamas. She had been asking for so long for pjs that matched HU so they could be sleeping twins haha.  Well Christmas eve didn’t go as expected! Gryphen had a pretty high fever but she was so excited knowing that Santa would be coming the next day! Both kids were in by before 7 so Santa and his Elves stopped by very early! Ate his cookie and drank his milk, oh and his elves added some fun decorations for the kids who love balloons!  I mainly took videos on Christmas morning that way Devon could see them after he landed. I knew he’d be pretty sad he missed out on the actual morning. I wanted to capture as much as possible for him! Well the note Santa left (click here to see that post) for the kids was a HUGE hit! Gryphen was so excited that Santa had actually came and his Elves hid her stocking!! She spent all day playing with the contents of her stocking. We made sure to include everything she asked Santa for in there. haha including treats (which still have not been eaten!) Her stocking wasn’t massive by any means but she also only asked for Shopkins and other random objects that were tiny. HU loved his new water bottle from his stocking and a few weeks later still loves it! So glad I purchased two. On top of their stockings the kids opened a few gifts that were requested to be opened, all of the gifts were loved. The kids spent the afternoon playing with their toys and cuddling watching Christmas movies together!  Christmas day ended on a very sad note for Gryphen. It was an utterly heartbreaking night and has really effected me. Because of this I’ve really stepped back from using my phone and just focusing on the kids and not so much social connections (no the issue was not I was on my phone Christmas day).

Boxing day morning! Omg the excitement to pick up Devon from the airport. I don’t think the kids have ever been so excited to go get him. Santa had written in his note that he’d be returning once Devon was home she was beyond excited to open the rest of her gifts. My good friend Vicky from the neighbourhood came over to assist with moving ALL of the gifts from the basement to under the tree while we were gone picking up Devon. And her lovely boyfriend even setup HU’s race track, which was a huge hit when we came home (thanks Grandma for that gift).
There was one special gift that Gryphen knew about but knew she couldn’t open until her Daddy was home, so once we came back she insisted she needed to open it right away! And it was just what she asked for.. a gun. Well just a BB gun but to her she could kill something so she needs to follow the gun rules while using it. She’s still slightly too small but its a great starter to teach her about gun safety. After a few more gifts the kids started to lose interest and went on playing with gifts they opened Christmas day and a few they had just opened. As time has progressed they’ve played with more of the toys and items but we still have plenty of items still in their boxes. After it was all said and done I sat down with Gryphen and asked her how everything went if she was happy with so many gifts. She said she was happy her daddy was home but didn’t want so much stuff next year, just a few nice gifts and her stocking from Santa. It was so nice to hear her say that herself and have an understanding that sometimes its better to have less. For us I’m going to keep an eye out on items they can share for next year as she’ll be 5 and HU 2. They both love to climb so possible some sort of climbing unit for the basement or outside. Who knows! I have 11 months to figure that out.

Our evening wrapped up with a traditional Christmas dinner with our neighbours Vicky & Mark who our kids just adore! I laughed the next day when I was scrolling through all the photos and noticed not one single photo was taken of me! I’m sure all you other mums can relate! 

Well that was our Christmas as an Aviation family! Let’s hope next year is more fun and in a warmer climate <3

3 thoughts on “Christmas as an Aviation Family

  1. Love the pictures Couper!
    We were sad knowing Devon was not there Christmas Day but he would be there with all of you on Boxing day.
    Glad I got to be there too with face time!
    Love the card from Santa too. Great idea.
    Maybe, if he works again on Christmas, you and the kids can travel with him to some hot location,ha,ha.
    Will be easier when the kids are a little older.
    I miss the hugs from Gryphen and Hunter…will have to make a trip soon.

  2. Thanks! Yes I think we’ll be revising what Christmas is in our house that’s for sure! It really was interesting watching it play out this year. Hopefully he isn’t dual next year so it’ll make things much easier. <3

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