Couper Baby Ring Sling

Have you ever seen someone using a ring sling and wondered where they got it, if your child was too old for one and how much they cost! I became interested in having a ring sling when my future SIL was visiting with her youngin’. She had her in a friends ring sling carrying her all over the place! The thing was amazing, super small, fit in the diaper bag and looked cute!

I knew then I needed one! I started my search, I found so many different kinds, sizes, fabrics, prices! I decided it wasn’t something that I should just rush into buying. A good friend of the family; Lynn, made a sling for us one night after I was telling her all about it! It’s been amazing, we’ve been using it for almost a year. A few months ago I found Sakura Bloom, and fell in love with their slings! I was beyond impressed with the fabrics they had, how much social media they used and their overall outlook of the company. The only thing I couldn’t handle was their prices for their slings!
Now I have the fabric that I want, Indian Dupioni Silk. I looked all over for the silk, our fabric store in Cole Harbour has it for a nice $36.99 a meter, and I’m pretty sure Devon would have lost it on me if I bought it! When I was in Toronto I was telling my bestie, Jegan all about it, next thing I know I’m picking up a package from the post with the silks! I was so excited to get home; you have no idea! haha I had already ordered medium rings from They’re the most recommend and used company I could find for rings! (I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE RINGS FROM A FABRIC STORE).
I went to work! I had looked up a few different styles but wanted to try something myself to see what worked for me! So far I’ve only had time to create these two slings! There are a few more styles I’d like to try. I made the white sling a little smaller because Devon hates the “tail” so I just wrapped it around the rings. I’ve noticed it would be better for a smaller child and she’ll probably be too big after December for the white one. The blue I made longer with the idea she’d be able to use it as she’s growing and it’s a perfect fit for Devon. We were out shopping a few days ago and he was carrying her around the outdoor mall! Such cuties 🙂

Keep posted for more slings! If you like this sling and would like to purchase one or would like to know what I used please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂

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