Crochet Patterns // From Way Up North & Full of Warmth!

With all this snow we’ve been getting lately I’ve been noticing Gryphen has been misplacing her hats frequently and we just LOVE the crocheting pattern’s by From Way Up North. They’re very easy to read and with a kid like Gryphen it’s perfect that you’re able to complete the pattern in a night or two.
In this photo Gryphen is wearing the Zoey Warmer, it was perfect for her, I loved that it slims down at the back and the added details make it very unique.
Here we’ve just pulled it down to make a cute neck warmer. This was perfect for when she was snowboarding with her daddy and needed something around her neck to keep the cold off her bare skin.
The Lamb Hooded Cowl is the perfect going out hat, it’s cute, they’re fully covered & warm! I loved that we were able to tighten around the neck to make it more fitted for her while leaving the fitting loose. It’s such a fun cowl, she absolutely loved wearing it.
If you love these handcrafted delights as much as we do stop over at From Way Up North‘s Etsy shop to purchase the patterns.
First Photo:
Headband: Zoey Warmer – From Way Up North
Jacket: Zara Kids
Mitts: Suede Mitts – Parry Sound Hospital Gift Shop
Third Photo:
Hat: Lamb Hooded Cowl – From Way Up North
Jacket: Zara Kids
Mitts: Custom Bow Mitts – From Way Up North 

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