Exploring Hawaii

Our first day was an amazing day of fun! After spending so much time flying it was time to be in some water. At 8am we took a dip in the pool. Poor Gryphen wasn’t overly impressed with the water since she hasn’t been swimming for a few months but by the time we went to leave the pool she didn’t want to get out of the water!
First day in Hawaii After a slightly sketchy breakfast we were ready to go snorkelling and headed over to the Ironman beach. Gryphen on the other hand decided it was time to take a nap and passed right out in the car. We seen a lot of fish, the water was a bit odd! Cold on the top and warm on the bottom 😉
First day in Hawaii First day in Hawaii Our day ended with surprising Morgan at the Kona airport! He almost walked right past Gryphen when she ran to meet him.
First day in Hawaii

Up next: Bogey boarding and playing on lava rocks! 

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