Family time at the Old Airport Beach

It’s hard to believe that we’re back in Canada looking at our amazing photos from our trip to Hawai’i and thinking about all the great adventures we had there. On one of our days the three of us took off to the Old Airport Beach to spend the morning relaxing together and enjoying playing in the sand and splashing in the shallow water. Gryphen absolutely loved exploring the beach and making new friends with all the “BOYS” as she’d scream. Our little two-year old is slightly boy crazy right now!

0041 Old Airport Beach

Gryphen fell in love with the sand.. You can get covered in the stuff then just go into the water and BAM it’s all gone so you have to do it again! Oh our silly little girl πŸ˜‰ Gryphen spending all her time collecting shells, coral, and lava rock (she mainly wanted the rocks to throw).

0042 Old Airport Beach

After a few days of being in the water she gained so much confidence, we found her floating around blowing bubbles. So sad she won’t get this amazing weather for another few months πŸ™ While the tide was out we really loved the Old Airport Beach, we had the perfect amount of sand and water for Gryphen to play and we didn’t need to worry about her. We also strolled around the rocks looking at all the little fish and crabs.

0043 Old Airport Beach

0044 Old Airport Beach

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