Gryphen’s Heartbreaking Discovery of the Brazil/Germany Match

Gryphen just woke up from her nap and I asked her if she wanted to watch the second half of the Brazil vs. Germany football match and she was VERY excited! I hadn’t told her the score yet because I wanted to get a photo of her expressions as she found out! When she woke up the score was 5-0 Germany. I got her setup on the chair, grabbed my camera and turned on the game! haha You can see in the photos below she’s very excited in the first one, the second she is processing the game.
 Gryphen has now realized the score is 5-0 🙁 Very upset.. BUT WAIT what’s the Germany just scored another goal!! I now have a very upset little. Her response to the 6th goal by Germany “OFF”.
We’re now watching Bubble Guppies with the #BrazilvsGermany match playing PIP. Sorry you woke up to see this #CaptainGryphen 🙁

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