Happy 2nd Birthday Gryphen!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing Gryphen! It’s hard to believe that we’re entering her third year of life! I still remember sitting around in the hot heat while I was pregnant with her.. WAITING! Her last womb meal: Pizza and chocolate ice cream! Perhaps that explains why they’re her favorite food 😉
 After being in labour for around 10 hours we welcomed the most precious little girl! She had so much blonde hair and VERY pale pink skin 😉 Looked just like her daddy.
 In her first few months we spent a lot of time driving to the airport to visit Devon on his breaks! He hated being away for any length of time. After getting our new Jetta we took a little road trip over to PEI with her! We decided to stay in a Bed & Breakfast, worst mistake we could have made! Who thought it would have been so tough with a newborn. haha
 No camera-shy at all, she always loves the chance to pose for a photo.. Unless you’re interrupting her play time then she’ll tell you “no photo”.
 At two she loves playing hockey, golfing, baseball, soccer. pretty much any sport that involves a ball!
 If she’s sad all you need to do is blow some bubbles and it’ll be back to screams of joy!
 Gryphen is defiantly a cuddle bug! She rarely gives up the chance for hugs & cuddles.
 Her favorite things at this moment are Toopy and Binoo, Hello Kitty, Mummy, Pizza & bacon, her cousin Zoe, chocolate ice cream, any soccer ball, Oh and we can’t forget her Daddy!


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