Happy Nine Months!!

The last nine months have been a whirlwind of firsts for us & our amazing daughter! It’s almost surreal to think in another 3 months from today we’ll be having her first birthday party ever! As of today our little Gryphen is 20lbs & 30inches long; A bit difference from our little 7lb, 21.5in baby we brought home with us July First.
Gryphen loves to giggle, play with her toys, put everything and anything in her mouth! And recently has decided her new goal is to walk around the house. She’s mastered walking with her walker thingy from Auntie Chrystal, Uncle Mark & cousin Zoe and making her way around the furniture! She is very interested in the different textures of food but once it’s in her mouth her face will let you know if she’s going to spit it out or fill her little tummy.

Gryphen is still our little night hawk! Sleeping most of the day just to be up later at night Devon refers to her as a vampire! We’ve been truly blessed by Gryphen, she’s a very happy addition to our family, always crawling around squealing and giggling.


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