Hornblower Cruises Niagara

If you haven’t already done it, do it! The Hornblower Cruise in Niagara Falls way AMAZING! The Staff were happy, outgoing, helpful and very passionate about their jobs. We took Gryphen who LOVES boats on the cruise and she was in love from the second we started walking down the docks. She kept screaming “BOAT BOAT BOAT” we missed the first two cruises so Gryphen was able to watch the boats. She ran around screaming and watching the foam!
We had a private tour with one of the engineers; Morgan. Morgan was teaching our almost two year old all about the boat and boating safety. We decided to stay in the enclosed area with Gryphen. She was getting very excited once we got closer to the falls and she could see all the water coming down.  This was Gryphen’s first time every visiting her Uncle Morgan at work and from her response I believe it’s going to be a regular trip this summer!
Hornblower Cruises have very reasonable prices; for the 15 minute cruise to the falls it’s $19.95 for an adult, youth 5-12 are $12.25 & children under 5 are FREE! You get a very fashionable red poncho for your cruise (which i’d recommend wearing if you plan on standing on the outer decks).
If you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer this is must see attraction! For more information on Hornblower Cruise’s check out their website (here).

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