HUNTSVILLE // Breakfast & Fun!

 After we had a fairly decent night sleep we decided to head over to Huntsville for breakfast at the Family Place Restaurant!
Family Place Restaurant is one of our favorite places to eat in Huntsville. The food is reasonable priced and well made. I love that you can see what’s happening in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your food. Two of my favourite dishes would be breakfast & pizza! They’ve never let me down 🙂
If you’re in the mood for a milk shake, order one! They’re very thick & delicious. Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you’re heading there on the weekend. It’s always a bit busy.
After our delicious brunch at Family Place Restaurant we headed over to Sandhill Nursery to explore their Fall Festival. Every year Sandhill has something amazing happening there. They go above and beyond what you’d expect from any landscape company. I was pretty happy when I did a quick check on their website to see that Zoo To You Reptiles was going to be there until 3pm. Parry Sound Early Years program had them previously and Gryphen LOVED the alligator.
After our up close and personal visit with the animals we took to the very giant maze! Gryphen loved exploring and finding our way to the maze, passing the goats eating and relaxing! Once arriving Gryphen started to find her way through and before we knew it we were coming out of the exit and on our way to the tent!
Thanksgiving weekend was the last weekend for the Fall Festival at Sandhill Nursery but we’re looking forward to what’s coming up next! We love free fun places for the family.

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