Is it time yet?

I sit here reading every word of the guidebook for Hawai’i mentally preparing for our trip this year. The last time we went I only decided while driving Devon’s mum and sister to the airport that we were going. So had I planned anything? fuck no! Should I have? Hell yes! This time I’ve made spreadsheets, I’ve spent hours sending numerous emails all for a few weeks in warmth filled with fun, learning and the most important our family. Will we do everything I’ve carved in stone? No. If it rains will be stuck inside? Fuck no, we’ll be out exploring what The Big Island has to offer. I can’t wait to go back to the old airport beach with Gryphen and see her and HU playing together in the sand and surf. It makes me sad I lost the women’s number we meet a few years ago there. It would be great to catch up and see how the kids have grown and become their own people.

I can see HU and Captain Gryphen dancing at the Luau now, I doubt either will eat but I’m sure loads of red drink will be drank and their bodies filled with sheer joy as they see the performers and dancers. We’re planning on taking the kids to two Luau’s this time around. We didn’t attend it last time until closer to the end of our trip. I feel Gryphen will truly love and benefit from attending the Luau right after we arrive.

I’ve included a few links to my old posts from our last visit. I can’t wait to share photos and our experience this time around. I’m here looking at my old list of items we brought and I’m so happy we’re flying confirmed and we’re able to just check a bag! Damn I never realized how much work I put into our luggage. So carefully planned out.


I best get back .. Can’t wait to share everything with y’all xo

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