Little Italy: “Red Pegasus”

I was pretty excited to stroll in to Red Pegasus today with Gryphen; she was passed out in her ring sling! We had made a quick trip in last night but she was too energetic for me to look around but I had spotted a few things I wanted to check out today! After about 45 minutes of looking through this small boutique I decided to purchase two products by Pacifica and one from Pre de Provence. I love Pacifica products! They’re all natural and lets me honest smell utterly amazing!

I smelled pretty much every product on the shelf finally deciding on the Indian Coconut Nectar scented Reed Diffuser for $17.95 and the Hawaiian Ruby Guava Natural Soap for $8. Once I got in the door I was opening the box for the diffuser, it’s been sitting on my coffee table all afternoon and the apartment smells so good! I don’t want to leave 😉 **My secret trick to have the scent move quicker through the house is to place a fan behind the diffuser, it’ll have your house flooded with the most amazing scent in no time**

Needless to say I’m really looking forward to taking a shower later today, I would have already had one if Gryphen would have kept sleeping when we returned but she decided otherwise. The Hawaiian Ruby Guava is to die for! You can really smell the guava, we made a quick stop by Standard Pizza Bar on our way home and the girls LOVED the new soap 😉
The second soap we decided to try is by Pré de Provence which is owned by European Soaps. It’s a very silky feeling soap. Gryphen really loved that it foamed up a lot while she was washing her hands and smelled great after. It has a very light fragrance and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturizer.  
If you’re looking for some yummy all natural summer soaps check out Pacifica & Pré de Provence. If you’re a deal hunter you can check out their website if you have an US postal box. I’ll be sending a package to Devon’s hotel this month 🙂 
Check out Red Pegasus’ website (here) for their store hours. They sell a variety of products including bath & body, children & infant toys and accessories, jewelry from local artist and Canadian artist, stationary & cards. Red Pegasus is the perfect place to get a birthday gift for those special people in your life 🙂 

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