March Preschooler Book Club 

   I’m excited to kick off the first Preschooler Book Club with One More Rabbit. This is a great book for our little preschoolers, the writer and illustrater made it easy for kids to follow along. We picked up our copy at Chapters, check your local bookstore for a copy.
  I put Gryphen’s out the night before so it would be the first thing she saw when she came downstairs. We have a home school section set up where we can go over words, draw and store toys!  

Well I was right! Gryphen spotted the book the moment she came downstairs and opened it right up! After her initial flip through she asked if we could read it (a few times).   

Let us know what you think of this fun book! Meet us over on Instagram March 15th for an interactive chat about our thoughts. I’ll be doing a full review at the end of the month with our families thoughts. 

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