Melted Crayon Art Fun!

After I read Crafts with Samantha‘s post about crayon art I just knew I had to do something with Gryphen! So we went to the store and bought a couple of boxes of Crayons! Unsure of how much we’d actually need for our huge canvas that I grabbed from JYSK a few months back.
We went to work! I taped and Gryphen colored the canvas giving it a full effect. She attempted to use every color, and the ones she didn’t like she returned to me to discard back in the box. Such a funny girl she is 😉
Well after all the taping was done and Gryphen was satisfied with her art work we cleared off the island and laid out some newspaper (we didn’t have old so I used the paper from that day; no one really needed to read it anyways). We had decided that we wanted to try a rainbow effect and laid out the colors accordingly.
At this time Gryphen decided that she was ready for a nap so I put her in her crib and went back to the kitchen. She never actually napped! Her Aunt Kana found her playing when she got home from work the stinker! I stopped for a few minutes to look at our creation so far noticing that my hands had become COVERED in melted crayon. So prepared for that to happen. It peeled off very easily right into the trash bin.
After what felt like hours of spraying (30 minutes) I believe I was done! I felt it had a kind of rainbow blending effect and would look perfect in Gryphen’s new bedroom!
Waiting to be hung it relaxes on the keyboard!
What do you think? We love it & can’t wait to do more 🙂

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