NEW HOME BLISS // Interiors

WOW I can’t believe it’s been a couple months since Devon and I decided to buy our first house! Yesterday was pretty awesome I must say! After not seeing Devon for four days we picked him up from Pearson and meet with Susan from Great Gulf to pick our interiors! Devon & I had previously visited the interior centre to get an idea of what we liked and what we wanted in our home. Now it was time to finalize! Gryphen was pretty excited to be there as well, Susan’s office has huge windows where she could watch ALL the planes flying into Pearson. 
The kitchen or the hub of the home is connected to the eating area as well as open-concept to the great room. I love the look of dark cupboards BUT since there won’t be a ton of light in our kitchen we decided to have white cabinets with a dark counter. Take a look at the photos below to see what we picked 🙂 
Next up was the master bathroom. Dark cupboards anyone? After staying at my good friend Corrine’s parents home during BlissDom, I have to admit I’m VERY happy Devon pushed to have a master bathroom. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal to walk a couple feet to the main but wow it’s nice just having it RIGHT there! I really love everything that we picked for our bathroom, it’s going to look perfect.
Gryphen is one lucky girl that’s for sure! We went with similar cabinetry for Gryphen’s bathroom but a much lighter tile on the floor to brighten up the room a bit. Hopefully she doesn’t think she can color it 😉 I’m hoping to have that bad little habit over by the time we move. 
What do you think of some of our new home interiors? Has anyone else went through their toddler colouring the walls? How did you get them to stop? 

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