Ocean view from her Ergobaby Performance Carrier

A week or so ago I decided to make a “large” purchase & bought the #Ergobaby Performance Baby Carrier. I’ve seen them advertised a lot and really loved the idea behind them. I mainly see them at the airport when visiting Devon or going on a flight and I was mildly jealous of those women! Getting on the plane I’m normally holding a purse, a baby, a diaper bag & a carry-on suitcase (sometimes two); it’s not easy!
Our last trip to Ontario was a very fast and busy trip ( I will make a post about this soon 🙂 ). I planned our flights for her nap times hoping she would rest during the flights; that did NOT happen! Instead she fused, cried, squirmed around, tried escaping and ended up being carried off the plane by the Captain at the end of our flight in Halifax. She decided she was going to make a run for it when I was getting our bags down from the over head bin! Once I had our stroller, one handedly opened & connected the car seat; I strapped her in! My plan was to get the car keys from Devon’s crew room then head down to the car where she’d have some silence finally! All was going to plan, I got to the room punched in the code, punched it in again.. DEVON! Devon gave me the wrong code 🙁 I tried calling him but of course he was in the air! haha yay so my half asleep baby and I decided to go for a walk around the airport (hoping to run into an AG pilot; didn’t happen until 20 min before Devon was due back!) Finally getting a hold of Devon I got in the room dropped our bags and let the baby loose in the airport! She ran around screaming, setting off alarms, and playing with the kiddo toys. I was beyond exhausted by this point let me tell you! About 15 minutes later Devon comes up the stairs and I fill him in on my fun day. Driving from Parry Sound to Pearson, returning the car, spending a few short minutes with good friend Jegan and boarding the late plane while Gryphen threw teddy bear crackers at the pilot!
Well let me tell you NEVER AGAIN! That was my worst experience ever with flying. I was so upset after that trip that we decided there would be NO traveling for the month of October! After I calmed down I went to work in researching different things that could have made the flight more enjoyable for both of us. It was decided I was getting a baby carrier but which one! They have to many different materials and styles! But of course we finally decided on the Ergobaby Performance Carrier! We loved the color of blue they used and how could I say no to my all time favorite color!
It was beyond anything today! October third and its 23 degrees out.. Is summer just hanging on for a little longer? I hope so 😉 We took Gryphen to the beach today for a little ocean air and fun in the sun! She loved going to the beach and enjoyed spending a few hours in the carrier with me playing around in the sand & water. Who wouldn’t 😉 I’m very happy with this purchase, the carrier is comfortable, light weight, cool, has a sun protector & can be used in three different positions! If you’re looking for a new multi carrier I suggest an ergobaby.

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