New Home Update

Well yesterday we spent a couple of hours walking through our new home and looking for any mistakes. To my surprise there was a lot! After we were done I was shocked at how many little orange dots covered the walls, floors, ceiling and cabinetry. We ended up listing 27 items that need to be fixed before our move in date. A couple of the items were: Our living room ceiling is stained, when I looked up I was like WTF is that? A stain! Some dickhead walked through our entire house with muddy shoes on, ruining our off white carpets! Speaking of carpets, they used two different colours in our living room! haha You can’t see it as clear in the photo below as you can when standing on it, but it’s defiantly different colours. Now that I have your attention with the unmatched carpet take a look at the sliding door above. Do you see how they have a vent right in front of the sliding door; yeah that’s not supposed to be there! Ops

Below is Gryphen’s bedroom, she loved running between the rooms and looking our her window. We’re excited to get her a window seat. It’s going to be so much fun decorating her room with little things that she loves. Devon and I have discussed having the children share a room but for now she’ll have the place all to herself. Above is the second bedroom for guests and Devon’s massive computer! This will be the only bedroom with a television in it, the reasoning for that is Devon’s computer monitor will be mounted. I hate having televisions in the bedroom. If I’m going to watch it, it’s not going to be in there!

Our master bedroom! If you’re wondering yes this carpet has muddy feet marks all over it too! Surprisingly I haven’t spent much time thinking about what I’d like to do for our bedroom, Devon and I have been having heated discussions on the headboard we’d like so I think we need to decide that before anything else! haha
This is our bathroom and now that I’m looking at it I’m wondering if we should have went with the additional standup shower, too bad. I was really disappointed with the countertop, there’s a lot of red all through it and seeing how Devon dislikes the colour red I’m sure it’ll be brought up a bunch.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, can’t wait to share more with you after we move in and begin decorating!


14 Weeks of Realization

There’s always that moment of realization when you realize that next summer you’re going to have two kids (a 4-year-old HOLY SHIT & a 6 month old). Yesterday was amazing with Gryphen; we spent a few hours in the morning at the park followed by a yummy lunch and gelato (from Dolce on College & Montrose) then more hours of park play before supper! I hadn’t noticed how tired Gryphen really was until she was completely passed out on top of me while we were looking at double strollers! haha

Last summer I start researching double strollers and really fell in love with the Phil and Ted’s Navigator. Then my good friend came for a visit and I was able to check out her Baby Jogger City Select double and it completely changed my mind! I started reading thousands of reviews and when the time came to purchasing (my Maxi Cosi stroller broke) I decided to get the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. At this point I didn’t think we’d be having a second child so I figured there was no point in buying a double! BIG MISTAKE. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll need a double or if Gryphen would be content riding on the Glider Board I had purchased for her City Mini GT.
0059 Baby Jogger City Mini GT I had run into some friends at the park yesterday and we got into talking about having that second child. The decision to have one or not to and for these women it had already taken place. They started sharing all their stories of how life had changed and how amazing it’s been. I immediately ask how their first was handling the second; Response: welcoming and loving to the new child. Okay so perhaps I’m over reacting a bit in being worried about Gryphen wanting to leave this child in a field 😉 Then the conversation turned to me! I’m finally entering my second trimester, leaving behind the tiredness and welcoming more energy and an increased appetite (I hope). I didn’t really experience the same amount of morning sickness I had with Gryphen, I feel like I didn’t have any. Just some food sensitivities toward the smells of foods, which I’m hoping has past! We joked about how I decided to get braces while I was pregnant to stop me from eating too much. Jo asked if I had anything special planned this summer since it’s going to be mine and Gryphen’s last just the two of us and it really got me thinking what type of special things I should be planning for us.

I decided to create a list of 30 different activities Gryphen and I will be executing all summer! I picked 30 only because I turn 30 this September. How time zooms by 🙂 What are some of the things you did with your LO’s before you welcomed your #2?? We’re up for any fun suggestions 🙂 Stay tuned for the list of our “30 Summer Must Do’s with your Tot”.

REVIEW // Shampoo Bar from West Lake Cosmetics

I love shampoo bars and up to this point we’ve been ordering them from the States and shipping them to Devon’s hotel rooms. Well this past week my sister-in-law came home with an all natural shampoo bar from one of our local shops here in Parry Sound; West Lake Cosmetics. For the past few days all I’ve been hearing about is how wonderful this shampoo bar is and how the Rosemary and Lavender blend smells amazing in her hair! Finally having enough a bit of free time on Wednesday afternoon I decided to stop in at West Lake to purchase one for myself!
0055 West Lake Cosmetics While I was there I also grabbed a handful of the soap samples for $2. We’re having a Welcoming Party for Devon’s new niece and thought they’d make great “thank you’s” for everyone who comes.
0056 West Lake Cosmetics After a few days of using the Shampoo Bar I can really feel a difference in my hair. My hair feels much fuller and doesn’t go flat by evening. If you’re concerned that it won’t lather up like liquid shampoo, don’t be! With the bar a small bit goes a long way. If you’re finding that your hair feels a bit tangled and want to use conditioner; spray some Apple Cider Vinegar during your shower and let it rinse out. You’ll notice your hair will no longer tangle and will be very soft. If I blow dry my hair I love using a small amount of  Argan Oil in my hair to give it some extra shine and softens it up as well.

Gryphen really loves the shampoo bar as well, it’s much easier for her to rub the bar in her hair then losing the liquid shampoo in the water! Although I think she does it on purpose. Not all hotels provide good shampoo and soap for their guests and for that reason I cut a bar in half and put one half in Devon’s toiletries bag for while he’s at work. There’s nothing better than using a great product while on the road.

Our family loves the shampoo bar from West Lake Cosmetics and can’t wait until they have more scents for us to fall in love with! Also check out their wide variety of soaps, they have a little something for everybody.
If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift I recommend stopping by their store front on James Street in Parry Sound.

**This is not a paid review, I’m only sharing my personal opinion.**

DIY EOS Lip Balm

I have to admit our family LOVES EOS lip balm! Gryphen perhaps more than anyone as she’s eaten a couple. I’ve been collecting our empty containers unsure of what to do with them, they’re pretty expensive just to toss in the trash! Well finally I came across a great combination of All Natural products to create our own!!

Step 1:
With a thin knife pop the middle of the container out. I had previously attempt to make a lip balm with this container but most of the balm stayed in the bottom. Step 2: Ingredients
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil
You can also use but I didn’t this time:
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Castor Oil
Fruit Extract
Lip stick for colouring

I find you need a total of 1.5 tablespoons of everything together to fill one EOS container. Depending on how many ingredients you use divide them up accordingly.

Step 3:
After you’ve collected your ingredients put it in a heat proof bowl and put it over a pot of bowling water. Let contents melt and blend together. You can also melt everything in the microwave.
Step 4:
While ingredients are melting screw the middle piece in the top and place on paper towel.

Step 5:
Once ingredients are melted pour evenly into EOS containers and place in the over. Mine is a little full!
Step 6:
After 30 minutes remove the containers and click the bottom on to the middle piece, make sure to line up the sides!
Step 7:
Now this is the test if it’s all set! Turn the lid and hope that it’s set haha so far they’ve always set for me and we haven’t had any issues.   All done and ready to use! I absolute love making our own lip balms. One of the easiest things you can do and such a piece of mind knowing what’s going on your lips. Let me know how yours turn out! Tag us on Instagram with your photos 🙂


5 Great uses for Apple Cider Vinegar while Pregnant

I have to admit this pregnancy has been pretty amazing for morning sickness, like I mean I’ve barely had it! The only time I’m going on about feeling ill is when I smell something that my stomach does not agree with. This week it was Swiss Chalet sauce for chicken YUK. I decided today was the day I drink up some apple cider vinegar. There are so many amazing benefits of taking ACV:

  1. Morning sickness – say goodbye to your morning sickness with a little apple cider vinegar.
  2. Heartburn – this is ideal for those days when you have horrible heartburn.
  3. Sinus Congestion – spring is in the air and cold season hasn’t quite said goodbye yet, taking some ACV will help breakup and reduce mucus.
  4. Breakouts – this can be the worst! Dilate on a cotton ball makes for a great toner and cleanser to help prevent breakouts.
  5. All-Purpose Cleaning – can this stuff get any better? I hate cleaning while I’m pregnant, always worrying about what’s inside the spray I’m using. After having Gryphen we switched to using ACV and really noticed a great difference.


Baby Fever in the Air!

It looks like Devon & I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary with our second child! Or not depending if the baby decides to be early or on time. Either way we’re very excited to be expecting our second child.

As you can see I have an amazing talent for painting myself. I made these cute little cards for our siblings. We wanted to think of a fun cute way to let them know that we’re expecting and what better way then to share a little of our addiction! (EOS lip balm).

For the details I know my girls will be asking!

  1. We’re planning on having the baby in Niagara.
  2. Yes we’re going with a midwife! I’d really love to have a water birth since I wasn’t able to with Gryphen (hospital wouldn’t allow it).
  3. What’s the sex you ask? We’ll find out when the baby is born!
  4. Cravings? Not yet no. I’ll want something but never twice.
  5. Morning sickness hasn’t been much of an issue this round BUT keep your pizza out of my house! If I smell that shit i’m going to vomit on it (just so you understand how i’m feeling).
  6. The baby is due November 20th, as Gryphen was late i’m not holding my breath on this one being on time! haha
  7. What do you want more; a boy or girl? A boy but if we have a girl I guess i’ll love her too.
  8. Have you had any baby dreams? Yes! I had a dream that I gave birth to twins and one was a girl! I remember waking up and telling Devon he needed to go buy another car seat! haha

A Sneak Peak of our new home

Yesterday we ventured over to our new home and were able to for the first time go inside and check it out! When you read through all the paperwork when you purchase they tell you that you’re not permitted to do an insight visit until construction has been completed but what we found out is our neighbours have been “sneaking” in since the building began to take a look at everything! The front of place is almost done, just needs a bit more paint. Gryphen really loved being able to run through the house and explore her future room.
0052 New Home 0053 New HomeEven looking at the kitchen now i’m so happy we decided to spend a bit more to upgrade it and really maximize the space. There’s a lot of cupboard space and we love that we can have stools at the counter. I felt like the greatroom/ livingroom would be a bit larger but we’ll have to see how everything looks once our furniture is all setup! So much natural light comes in, love it!
0054 New Home Some quick pics of our second floor! Looks like we’re going to need a vacuum haha. Gryphen’s bedroom had some really amazing windows, it’s going to be so much fun find the perfect window seat for her. After what felt like we ran through the house Devon, Gryphen and I can’t wait until we move in this summer! We’re all looking forward to finally having a place we can call home.

Are we moving yet

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we left Halifax for Ontario and we still AREN’T settled in our “own” place! Before we moved we spent a lot of time looking at houses and condos but never settled on anything. I felt horrible for our Broker, Kelly from Island Heritage Realty, but he was amazing I can say that! Picking me up at the airport to look at places then taking me back after we drove all over the city. Last summer we went for Niagara for a weekend and found our future house! Sadly it had to be built! haha And that feels like it’s taken a lifetime! Our house is scheduled to be ready at some point in June but we’ve set our move in date for the end of July. Which doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough let me tell you!!

Well tomorrow we’re heading over to Niagara and getting a first look at our house since they started construction on it! I really can not wait to see how it looks and put into perspective the actual size of it. I’ll defiantly have a camera with me (once I remember where i’ve put it).
My lovely husband likes to take photos of our subdivision so we can watch it grow and develop since we’ve made our purchase. I’ve jokingly told him we should put something in our backyard so he can see our house from the sky! 
This is the last photo we’ve gotten of our house and wildly enough it looks just like the brochure from when we purchased!! So excited!! 

Can’t wait to show you pictures of our house after our visit tomorrow!!! 🙂

Perfect Teeth Underway!

Today has been a completely horrible day to say the least! After a lot of talk, I made the decision to get braces. One of the things I dislike about  myself is my smile and with a little money that can be fixed. But what I didn’t take into account was the PAIN of having them! haha  Yesterday; Joanne, Gryphen & I drove to Sudbury to have my braces put on! We went out for my last no braces lunch for the next two years! Typically, I ordered a 10oz steak to share with Gryphen! We were both very happy and full after and decided it was time to make our way to my appointment. I was in the office for about an hour getting them put on and chatting with staff about different things I should and shouldn’t do. Then we’re off back to Parry Sound! 

Now today! Last night I felt fine, ate a hamburger like normal it was just a pain in the ass to clean the braces after.. I woke up a few times throughout the night and could start to feel the pain but wow today! My mouth is KILLING me! I haven’t been able to eat all day which has been lovely! I can’t even touch my teeth without wanted to smack someone. 

How do you eat when your teeth are killing you to bite? Baby food pouches! You heard me right. I’ve decided the best thing to do is to eat the pouches of food I normally would buy for Gryphen. She didn’t seem to mind, she has decided she no longer likes them and has taken up eating solid foods.

Now let’s hope tomorrow is a better day 😉

Luau at the Royal Kona Resort

What better way to spend one of our last nights in Kona then at a Luau at the Royal Kona Resort. Gryphen absolutely LOVED everything about the Luau. When we first arrived we were greeted by some of the lovely staff placing a shell lei around our necks and directing us to have a group photo taken.
0045 Luau 0046 Luau After we collected our drinks we took a seat at our reserved seating and started to take a look around what there was for Gryphen our very bored child to do. We spotted a table where children were able to make bracelets and Gryphen and I headed over! Each person is given 5 flowers and some string. I assisted Gryphen were her flowers since the needle was a bit sharp for her. The dancer when we were completed tied the bracelet around Gryphen’s wrists and she was off dancing around the table. 0047 Luau 0048 Luau After two male dancers lit all the torches another group of men came out to start uncovering the pig that was covered in banana leaves, canvas being held down by rocks and all the soil. We were in the front row watching everything being removed, the smell wasn’t all that pleasant but very interesting to see.  0049 Luau We were very proud of Gryphen, she was extremely well-behaved during the entire night. Looks like we need to start taking her to move shows! 0050 LuauWe absolutely loved our trip to Hawai’i, it was unbelievable to see the whales traveling the coast and to hear them under the water. We watched Gryphen go from being nervous in the water to not wanting to get out of it! We’re looking forward to our next family vacation, where ever that might be to!