Stillwater Spa Hyatt

I can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I got married! My good friend Tracey gave me a gift card to my favorite spa Stillwater Spa in Toronto as a wedding present and finally nine months later i’m able to take a break and enjoy being pampered. I made my appointment for the Bora Bora Body Restore in the early morning so i’d be able to get out of the house and there before the baby woke (I hate being late). When I arrived the attendant gave me a short tour along with my change room key. I was the only one there so I was able to snap a few photos to show you how lovely the place really is!  
I was VERY tired and just woke up, no makeup, hair not done .. ready for a relaxing pampered morning is what i’m saying! 
I love the layout of the change rooms, you have the washrooms on the far end in a private section then the showers are right near the hot tub and saunas. Don’t stress if you forget anything they have a nice layout of morning must haves! (toothbrushes with paste, combs, razors, moisturizers and if you don’t see it they’ll find it!). One of my favorite early morning parts is the lounge chairs. They have an amazingly comfy cushion along with a tv (and headphones) so if you’d like to lay back and watch something you can. I took a nap! 
On either side of the hot tub you’ll find sauna’s. Honestly if I could spend every morning like this, i’d be one very happy women! 
After I had spent a small amount of time enjoying the change room I decided that I should put on my robe and head out to the treatment waiting area. They have a great selection of waters and small treats to enjoy while you wait for your treatment to begin. Two hours later I returned from my treatment. OMG I was so tired! All I could do was nothing haha so I went and took a nap in the lounger! Followed by a soak in the tub then a nice child free shower! 
When it was all said any done I spent my entire morning enjoying myself, I could of spent the day there but I had plans with my family to play at the park! If you’re looking for a great place to spend some time and money check out Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt Toronto. 
Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I did 🙂 

NIAGARA FALLS // Surprise Lunch Visit

We spent our last weekend looking at house after house after house in the Niagara Falls area. Sadly out of all the houses we were shown we really loved one but it sold before we were even able to make an offer 🙁 Depressing! Well after spending our Saturday morning looking at more we decided to surprised Uncle Morgan with lunch at work! Gryphen just adores Morgy! 
After we enjoyed our delicious lunch we picked up from Commisso’s Fresh Foods we strolled down and snapped a couple photos with the falls. The weather was beyond perfect! We had a very big surprise planned for after lunch so sadly we weren’t able to jump on one of the Hornblower Cruises boats to get a closer look at the falls. Gryphen was sad but she was pretty excited about our next destination! Stay tuned to find out about our little secret 😉


Yesterday we were driving back to Toronto from the cottage and we stopped in Barrie to drop off a broken golf club, which gave me some time to shop around a bit. I ended up finding a very cute side satchel black bag (that I bought) but after I purchased it and I was showing it to Devon in our car it started to bring back some old memories.

In April 2013, Devon, Gryphen & I went to Rainbow Haven Beach in Cole Harbour for a picnic; Devon had shut the front passenger door and I forgot all about my favourite Tory Burch side satchel being on the floor. Well while we were enjoying our picnic Oceanside some loser decided that he wanted my purse and destroyed the drivers side lock and when that didn’t work he just smashed out the passenger side window (talk about a real winner). Our car wasn’t even a year old and a few days later we were supposed to be leaving for Ontario for the summer. Well when we got home, I pulled out my awesome iPad and realized this loser deleted the email that had his photo in it! I rarely locked my phone at that time (now it’s always locked), well I went into the trash bin, recovered the photo, changed my password and emailed the RCMP Officer the photo! I was pretty optimistic that they’d be able to track the guy; they did have a photo of him!

The thing that gets me still is the fact that because of this loser my daughter ended up in the hospital (Yes I also blame myself for this). We did everything our insurance tells us to do, we called the police (RCMP for the case out east) took photos, called our insurance company, notified EVERYONE of what had been stolen and brought the car into be fixed. When it first happened, I removed Gryphen’s infant car seat and shuck it out to make sure there was no glass on it and put it back in. When we switched her car seat over to the rental I did the same thing, I couldn’t feel any glass nor see any. I thought we were good! I was wrong. When we got home, like most parents we brought the bucket infant car seat inside and left it where we normally do. Later that night Gryphen & Devon crawling around on the floor when Devon noticed something in Gryphen’s hand. It was glass. My heart sunk. We called 811, spoke to a nurse, rushed Gryphen to the hospital. We honestly walked in the door, they sent us for x-rays to see if there was any glass from the passenger door window in her system. There was.

The surgeon on duty said he’d like to see if Gryphen could pass the glass and sent us home. VERY early in the morning we received a phone call that Gryphen’s X-rays were being reviewed by another surgeon and to prepare to come in for emergency surgery. At this point I was livid at myself, how I didn’t see the glass, why didn’t I notice her ingesting it, how the surgery could interfere with her life. Well we woke her up, explained to our baby that we had to go back to the hospital because there was glass inside her. As we were getting her backed up she made a BM and sure enough, there was some window glass. I called the hospital right away and told them about Gryphen’s poop! They asked a lot of questions and said that she’ll be fine but asked us to follow up. We spent the next month monitoring her BM’s making sure there was no blood, or more glass. There wasn’t anymore; thankfully.

Over a year later, Gryphen is perfectly healthy and nothing never came of the guy who broke in to our car. Today I decided to send an email to the Officer who originally was taking care of our case, I’m really hoping to hear back from him. Possible something on the positive side but i’m not holding my breath! Take a moment, review this photo, really think about and take it in. Do you know this man? Have you seen him before? Think about our happy daughter, and what she went through because of his lack of judgement.

If you’d like to see my original post it can be found (here).

Trinity Bellwoods Park

I can’t say enough about Trinity Bellwoods Park, we love it there! It’s only a 5 minute walk for us and their is always something going on there. But for #CaptainGryphen it’s all about this play structure! haha Check out some of photos below of the place Gryphen loves to play!

 This area is for children who are a bit older, we don’t go over there much. Gryphen loves walking and jumping on the surface currently! 

Nothing better then a yummy fruit lunch after playing at the park all morning! 
If you’re interested in exploring Trinity Bellwoods Park check out their website (here). Don’t miss their Tuesday afternoon Farmer’s Markets 😉 

New Structube Furniture

 I’m pretty sure Gryphen was more excited about the boxes that our furniture came in then with our new sofa and chair from Structube. After spending a couple months deciding on what I wanted to order I finally went with the KOMPACT 3 seater sofa and the CASTELLO recliner. It was really tough finding anything that fit the apartment, everything that was three seaters was either too large, too expensive or just not my style. I had fallen in love with one from GUS* but the size was a little too large (the same width as the apartment!).
We have a Structube location just a few blocks down the street which made it VERY easy for me to take a look at what I had seen online, making it tougher to make the final decision! I find the prices with Structube very reasonable and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable on the products the store carries. The Kompact is from their new collection that was released at the start of summer, I loved the light grey color and lets be honest the size was perfect! It was a lot tougher for me to go with the Castello, I wanted something that wasn’t too small but still needed it to be small to work with  our space! The day I went in and finally ordered everything, the Castello was my second choice! I really liked the Kennedy red chair, but sadly it wasn’t in stock for another month; that sealed my decision and I went with the Castello grey chair.
Once everything arrived, we took the chair out first and I was pretty worried it was too big but now having it there and using it I love it! The material on it is so smooth and soft. Very comfy! Gryphen LOVES the chair! It’s her go to place during the #WorldCup matches! And oh no if you sit there! She strolls over and pulls you screaming “OUT”. Such a diva! haha
The sofa is actually pretty tough to get started, it comes with a stand that you need to screw in. If you don’t have a power drill I suggest renting or buying one! It takes a little more then elbow grease to get those screws in let me tell you! The Kompact comes with a matching pillow that works great if you’re leaving on the arm! The sofa it’s self is very comfy and easy to get off of BUT I’ve noticed with this summer heat you really get stuck to it! If you plan any x-rated events on it, don’t! You’ll be feeling the pain every time you try to move! haha
I’ve been really happy with the decisions I’ve made for the apartment, I’m still working on improving the space and making it more functional so stay turned for more posts about the lovely TO apartment!

Light Grey Sofa – Kompact from Structube $599;(here).
Dark Grey Recliner – Castello from Structube $299;(here).
Turquoise Shelving Unit – Kallax from Ikea $99;(here).
Turquoise Rug – Malin Blad from Ikea $39;(here).

Gryphen’s Heartbreaking Discovery of the Brazil/Germany Match

Gryphen just woke up from her nap and I asked her if she wanted to watch the second half of the Brazil vs. Germany football match and she was VERY excited! I hadn’t told her the score yet because I wanted to get a photo of her expressions as she found out! When she woke up the score was 5-0 Germany. I got her setup on the chair, grabbed my camera and turned on the game! haha You can see in the photos below she’s very excited in the first one, the second she is processing the game.
 Gryphen has now realized the score is 5-0 🙁 Very upset.. BUT WAIT what’s the Germany just scored another goal!! I now have a very upset little. Her response to the 6th goal by Germany “OFF”.
We’re now watching Bubble Guppies with the #BrazilvsGermany match playing PIP. Sorry you woke up to see this #CaptainGryphen 🙁

Little Italy: “Red Pegasus”

I was pretty excited to stroll in to Red Pegasus today with Gryphen; she was passed out in her ring sling! We had made a quick trip in last night but she was too energetic for me to look around but I had spotted a few things I wanted to check out today! After about 45 minutes of looking through this small boutique I decided to purchase two products by Pacifica and one from Pre de Provence. I love Pacifica products! They’re all natural and lets me honest smell utterly amazing!

I smelled pretty much every product on the shelf finally deciding on the Indian Coconut Nectar scented Reed Diffuser for $17.95 and the Hawaiian Ruby Guava Natural Soap for $8. Once I got in the door I was opening the box for the diffuser, it’s been sitting on my coffee table all afternoon and the apartment smells so good! I don’t want to leave 😉 **My secret trick to have the scent move quicker through the house is to place a fan behind the diffuser, it’ll have your house flooded with the most amazing scent in no time**

Needless to say I’m really looking forward to taking a shower later today, I would have already had one if Gryphen would have kept sleeping when we returned but she decided otherwise. The Hawaiian Ruby Guava is to die for! You can really smell the guava, we made a quick stop by Standard Pizza Bar on our way home and the girls LOVED the new soap 😉
The second soap we decided to try is by Pré de Provence which is owned by European Soaps. It’s a very silky feeling soap. Gryphen really loved that it foamed up a lot while she was washing her hands and smelled great after. It has a very light fragrance and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturizer.  
If you’re looking for some yummy all natural summer soaps check out Pacifica & Pré de Provence. If you’re a deal hunter you can check out their website if you have an US postal box. I’ll be sending a package to Devon’s hotel this month 🙂 
Check out Red Pegasus’ website (here) for their store hours. They sell a variety of products including bath & body, children & infant toys and accessories, jewelry from local artist and Canadian artist, stationary & cards. Red Pegasus is the perfect place to get a birthday gift for those special people in your life 🙂 

Happy 2nd Birthday Gryphen!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing Gryphen! It’s hard to believe that we’re entering her third year of life! I still remember sitting around in the hot heat while I was pregnant with her.. WAITING! Her last womb meal: Pizza and chocolate ice cream! Perhaps that explains why they’re her favorite food 😉
 After being in labour for around 10 hours we welcomed the most precious little girl! She had so much blonde hair and VERY pale pink skin 😉 Looked just like her daddy.
 In her first few months we spent a lot of time driving to the airport to visit Devon on his breaks! He hated being away for any length of time. After getting our new Jetta we took a little road trip over to PEI with her! We decided to stay in a Bed & Breakfast, worst mistake we could have made! Who thought it would have been so tough with a newborn. haha
 No camera-shy at all, she always loves the chance to pose for a photo.. Unless you’re interrupting her play time then she’ll tell you “no photo”.
 At two she loves playing hockey, golfing, baseball, soccer. pretty much any sport that involves a ball!
 If she’s sad all you need to do is blow some bubbles and it’ll be back to screams of joy!
 Gryphen is defiantly a cuddle bug! She rarely gives up the chance for hugs & cuddles.
 Her favorite things at this moment are Toopy and Binoo, Hello Kitty, Mummy, Pizza & bacon, her cousin Zoe, chocolate ice cream, any soccer ball, Oh and we can’t forget her Daddy!


Hornblower Cruises Niagara

If you haven’t already done it, do it! The Hornblower Cruise in Niagara Falls way AMAZING! The Staff were happy, outgoing, helpful and very passionate about their jobs. We took Gryphen who LOVES boats on the cruise and she was in love from the second we started walking down the docks. She kept screaming “BOAT BOAT BOAT” we missed the first two cruises so Gryphen was able to watch the boats. She ran around screaming and watching the foam!
We had a private tour with one of the engineers; Morgan. Morgan was teaching our almost two year old all about the boat and boating safety. We decided to stay in the enclosed area with Gryphen. She was getting very excited once we got closer to the falls and she could see all the water coming down.  This was Gryphen’s first time every visiting her Uncle Morgan at work and from her response I believe it’s going to be a regular trip this summer!
Hornblower Cruises have very reasonable prices; for the 15 minute cruise to the falls it’s $19.95 for an adult, youth 5-12 are $12.25 & children under 5 are FREE! You get a very fashionable red poncho for your cruise (which i’d recommend wearing if you plan on standing on the outer decks).
If you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer this is must see attraction! For more information on Hornblower Cruise’s check out their website (here).