Standby to Kona Hawaii!

When people find out  my husband is a pilot they think I get these amazing free flights around the world. I just stroll up to any gate and say “put me on this flight” and we’re off laughing in the sun. But in truth we spend a lot of time watching flights, finding different connections and sitting around airports. When we found out Joanne & Kana were going to Kona for three weeks we wanted to go! I opened up the employee travel site to see how the flights were looking for us. Not good at all! We kept checking every couple days but nothing seemed to improve. Then while Gryphen & I were driving Joanne, Kana & Sandy to the airport Kana & I decided to check again for flights and Sunday Rouge has a direct flight to Honolulu! All we’d have to do is take Hawaiian Airline in the morning over to Kona. It was settled.. we are going! Time to pack 🙂

We do not check out luggage. It’s a hassle and some places charge. After several trips I’ve devised a fool proof system of packing.

Step 1:
Take all the clothes you want to bring out and put it on the bed. Fold them.

Step 2:
Make two piles; one you NEED & one you’d like to bring.

Step 3:
Go through each pile and justify needing that item.

Step 4:
By this time you should have a lot less stuff and you’re hanging some back up!

Step 5:
Divide which things you’d like in which bag. We have 3 carry-on’s & 3 backpacks.

Step 6: (see photo below)
At this point do your first attempt at packing everything into your bags. If some stuff doesn’t work decide if you need that item or if you want to swap it for something else.

Step 7: (see photo below)
You’re all packed!

Below in the first photo is everything for Devon, Gryphen & I, you’ll see I can actually pack my fin’s in to my carry-on. Devon on the other hand straps his to his backpack. I ask Gryphen what she’d like to bring and within moderation she’s permitted but she’s the one carrying her bag so I try to make sure it’s not too heavy. If you’d like to see everything that we’ve packed click {here} for the full list!

Packing for HawaiiGryphen hasn’t been on a flight since we moved back to Ontario from Nova Scotia last year and once we got our seats and we were relaxing in the lounge she started to get VERY excited for the flight! Everyone in the lounge could hear and see her enthusiasm for her trip to Hawaii.
Amex Lounge

Finally in the air and ready for our 10 hour flight to Honolulu. One thing we do with Gryphen during flights is find an empty window seat (if we aren’t in one) and let Gryphen watch the scenery. This gobbles up about an hour of the flight each time, she hates leaving the window.
Air Canada Rouge Flight

Hawaii here we come! Since Gryphen hates eating we bring meal replacers for her during the flight and just toss them into her bottle. Keep in mind these are adult size and depending on your TSA agent they may not allow it but to this point we’ve never had any issues. Gryphen loves to sit on the trays which isn’t actually allowed so we try to keep it on the down low. We had a little girl the same age who took two 3 hour naps during the flight, we weren’t that lucky with Gryphen! She slept for the last couple hours but only when Devon was laying with her. Once he moved she was very angry and not impressed.
Air Canada Rouge Flight

After a 2.5 hour drive from Parry Sound to Pearson, 2 hours in Pearson, 10 hours on a Air Canada Rouge flight, a night in an airport hotel, and finished with a 45 minute to Kona on Hawaiian Airlines. We have finally arrived in Kona!

Welcome to Kona

Arrived in KonaStay tuned for more photos and adventures of our last minute trip to Hawaii!

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