The Details of Hunter’s Birth

If you aren’t interested in hearing the details of my labour I highly suggest you just stop reading now to save you the mental images! But if you came to this post to find out what went down.. well you’re in the right place!

Anyone who knows me knows that I need things to work out perfectly how I planned them out or it’s all hell for me (and all the other people around me). Since I gave birth to Gryphen back in 2012 Devon and I discussed what I’d like for our next child and I was very firm on a few things and I knew that I’d do anything to make sure those were achieved.

  1. A water birth – I spent most of my labour in the tub at the IWK and knew I wanted a birthing tub for round two.
  2. Midwife – I remember my SIL Samantha had a midwife and she had all these amazing things to say and after the birth the midwife comes to your house for the first couple visits.
  3. Paternity Leave – The day we arrived home from the hospital with Gryphen, Devon went to work and I was an emotional wreck with a newborn! This time I wanted him to take a month off to help me around the house and with Gryphen. But as our lives alway change so did Devon’s job! He took a job with Air Transat which meant he’d be doing training during my last month of pregnancy until the baby would be around 2 months old. This was great news to me! I knew he’d most likely be there for the birth as well for the first little while to help and make sure everything was going great.

So now you know some of the major details of what I wanted let me tell you about the actual birth and the events leading up to it. Well the last couple weeks of my pregnancy were pretty emotional for me, I was super worried that I was going to have postpartum depression again. Thursday night (41 weeks pregnant) Devon and I were laying in bed talking about how I was concerned that my depression was coming back and I was terrified how I’d handle it with him being gone so much when I started to get some contractions! Thinking I was probably just hungry I went downstairs to make something to eat (time check: midnight). I ate some food, went upstairs and decided to take a bath! Sent my bestie in Dubai a text saying I felt like my labour was starting! Who responded incredibly fast and thought perhaps I should wake up Devon and let him know what was going on.

Devon suggested I should call the midwife (time check 1:30am), after a fun convo during a fairly intense contraction she let me know they’d be here around 2am. At this point I was either on the exercise ball or lounging in my bathtub. Gryphen was fast asleep (or so I left her) and everything was going smoothly. Soon the midwives arrived and we did a check to see how far I was dilated (4cm) and they suggested to Devon that if I planned on using the birthing tub then he’d better fill it up; Devon went to work with a little help from Gryphen! Gryphen was woken up when Devon closed her bedroom door so she wouldn’t get woken up. Ops.

For the next hour or so Devon & Gryphen were downstairs watching tv and eating some cereal, while I breathed through my contractions. (time check: 3:30am) Devon added some warm water to the birthing tub so I could actually get in. During this time I was resting next to the bed and the student midwife decided to check my dilation (8cm). After she check I had a pretty intense contraction and I could feel my cervix dilate the remainder 2 cm’s. Devon helped me into the tub while Gryphen and the main midwife Anne sat on the exercise ball assisting with my breathing. The first contraction in the tub I felt my water break, such an odd sensation. The only way to describe it, its like a balloon popping. The next two contractions I pushed his very hair filled head out. All I remember from this moment was the student midwife telling Devon the baby would be here soon and my response was “yes because his head is in my hand”. The next contraction he was fully out (time check: 4:03am) and Gryphen was right beside me on the outside of the tub checking out her baby brother! The student midwife scooped him out of the water and handed him to me but told Gryphen her sister was here, and Devon’s reaction was priceless! For some reason the student midwife kept referring to the baby as a girl, I didn’t notice it much but I think at that moment for Devon it was pretty shocking. But he was definitely a boy!

The next couple hours were pretty routine and went by fairly quickly, Gryphen wouldn’t leave her brother’s side until I took her into her room and laid with her until she fell asleep. Friday was a complete blur and lacking in sleep. The next few days after the delivery I more or less spent it in bed while Devon took care of Gryphen and prepared all our meals. I was avoiding going to the main floor as I knew it would be a complete mess (which it was). I had my first contraction just after 11:30pm on Thursday and 4.5 hours later at 4:03am on Friday November 27th we welcomed our second child! I asked Devon later how he felt the labour went “It was really fast, I was expecting to be running and getting you things all night and most of the day but it was over so quickly I didn’t even have time to let it sink in”.

We had such an amazing experience and we’re very happy we decided to use a midwife instead of a general doctor or OBGYN again. I was lucky to have easy labours with both of our children and I’m happy to report that this time around I haven’t struggled with any depression! If you’re expecting or are a new mum I’d love to hear about your birth experience.

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