PARRY SOUND // Bearly Used Books

Who doesn’t love books! I feel like we’re always buying books for Gryphen, this month alone we’ve spent over $100 on used books from Bearly Used Books! The average cost of most books are $3.
 Whether you’re an adult or a child there’s a place for you to sit and decide on which books you want to purchase! I love that i’m able to bring Gryphen, we can sit down and read the books with her to see which ones she’d like. If you haven’t found something up stairs, go downstairs where you’ll spend HOURS ( I mean i’ve spent hours) looking not only children’s books but books that you’ll love too. 
 If you’re looking for something specific I suggest bringing the name of the author and book title, the amazing staff are always there and ready to help you search. Those women have spent on several occasions helping me search through the rows of books to find that “one” book that would be perfect for me to read. hahah I always seem to find more then one! 
If you’re in the Parry Sound area I highly suggest checking out Bearly Used Books! You’ll find some really great books for even better prices! If your child is anything like Gryphen and likes to tear pages, there’s nothing better then spending $.50 on a book instead of $10! 
Check out Bearly Used Books at 45 Seguin Street; Don’t forget to like them on Facebook & Instagram!