DIY Pattern for Kids Pants

I’ve noticed that at least once a week I’m making Gryphen some pants! I either use an old shirt that I’ve come across or some very adorable fabric I’ve purchased but she’s always getting new pants! Unless you’re shopping just sales or lower priced stores kids clothes can really add up. I want to share with you today my very quick way of coming up with a pattern for kids pants! I adore making different types of pants this way and slightly changing them to fit perfectly to my skinny long-legged Blondie!

Paper of any kind that’s durable
Scissors to cut paper
Marker or pen
Pants in the size you want to remake.

Step 1
I roll out some paper and tape it to the table to ensure the paper doesn’t move while I’m tracing. Once it’s taped I trace around the folded pants creating one leg.
0078 DIY Pants

Step 2
I like to write all the info on the paper so I can quickly identify the pattern later.
0080 DIY PantsStep 3
Measure the waist band. Then on the paper measure out and cut the proper size. I find if you try to measure the waist band it’s self you will get one that’s too small. 0079 DIY PantsStep 4
Once the pattern is completed I pin all the sheets together for safe keeping (and organization).
0081 DIY Pants

I love these little pants that I’ve created for the baby & can’t wait to try them on. I’ve made them to fit around 3-6 months and used an old pair of roots jogging pants. 0082 DIY Pants0083 DIY Pants

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make an easy pattern for kids pants! If you want to see any other patterns please leave a comment below 🙂

DIY Nursing Cover

I’m very excited about this little project! After making an infinity nursing scarf earlier in the year for my sister-in-law it really had me thinking about what I’d like out of a nursing scarf. Since realizing that I’m in my third trimester now I’ve been starting to organize and prepare things for the baby (yes for this entire pregnancy I haven’t been focusing on any sort of time frame, just enjoying everything slowly happening to my body). Have you seen the Nuroo nursing covers? I fell in love once I watched the video and learned how versatile they actually are. Sadly though they don’t come in many colours so I went to work on deciding what fabric I’d love for my own.

Materials Needed
Fabric – 70in long x 29in wide (I purchased 2 meters)
Thread to match fabric
Cotton Twill Tape – 60 inches
Snaps – 30 total/ 15 per side (I used my Babyville Snap Pilers & snaps)

Step 1
Press and cut pre-washed fabric to length (70×29). The fabric I purchased was 58in wide, I was able to make two scarfs. Which was great!

0072 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 2
Measure 1 inch, fold & press fabric. I find ironing the fabric assures a nicer seam. Once you’ve done that pin on the twill tape. Make sure to cut the twill take slightly longer.
0073 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 3
Time to sew! I use two different colours of thread to ensure it blends nicer but you can do whatever works best! Sew the edges of the twill tape0074 DIY Nursing ScarfStep 4
Here’s the fun part; attaching the snaps! This I found took the longest, mainly because Gryphen decided she needed to help. I spaced then just over an inch apart. I used a block plaid which made spacing VERY easy.
0075 DIY Nursing Scarf Since we don’t have a baby yet I’ve been wearing this perfect scarf on the colder days (which seem to be a lot). I can’t wait until the baby arrives so I can put this nursing scarf to work! With the left over material I made a fabulous infinity scarf for Gryphen & some bibdana’s for the baby. Once Gryphen seen my scarf she was asking where her’s was and so excited when I told her she had one as well, Nothing cooler then matching your parents when you’re 3 years old!! 0076 DIY Nursing Scarf 0077 DIY Nursing Scarf

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Nuroo inspired infinity nursing scarf project, we’d love to hear and see how yours turns out.

DIY EOS Lip Balm

I have to admit our family LOVES EOS lip balm! Gryphen perhaps more than anyone as she’s eaten a couple. I’ve been collecting our empty containers unsure of what to do with them, they’re pretty expensive just to toss in the trash! Well finally I came across a great combination of All Natural products to create our own!!

Step 1:
With a thin knife pop the middle of the container out. I had previously attempt to make a lip balm with this container but most of the balm stayed in the bottom. Step 2: Ingredients
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil
You can also use but I didn’t this time:
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Castor Oil
Fruit Extract
Lip stick for colouring

I find you need a total of 1.5 tablespoons of everything together to fill one EOS container. Depending on how many ingredients you use divide them up accordingly.

Step 3:
After you’ve collected your ingredients put it in a heat proof bowl and put it over a pot of bowling water. Let contents melt and blend together. You can also melt everything in the microwave.
Step 4:
While ingredients are melting screw the middle piece in the top and place on paper towel.

Step 5:
Once ingredients are melted pour evenly into EOS containers and place in the over. Mine is a little full!
Step 6:
After 30 minutes remove the containers and click the bottom on to the middle piece, make sure to line up the sides!
Step 7:
Now this is the test if it’s all set! Turn the lid and hope that it’s set haha so far they’ve always set for me and we haven’t had any issues.   All done and ready to use! I absolute love making our own lip balms. One of the easiest things you can do and such a piece of mind knowing what’s going on your lips. Let me know how yours turn out! Tag us on Instagram with your photos 🙂