Duty Diaper Review

I received the most amazing diaper cover “US Special Forces – Multicam” in the mail while I was pregnant with Hunter from Duty Diaper. I’m so in love with this little cover & the incredibly story behind this company. Like many diaper companies Duty Diaper started on the kitchen table with many late nights and now all of their covers are assembled by a Disabled Veteran Company in Florida. They have a variety of covers made with very high quality materials.

0089 Duty Diaper

At first glance we just loved these covers. Jennifer has done a wonderful job with the unique packaging which has come in handy when we’re out & about and need a small bag for a dirty pre-fold. Instead of having the fasteners attached you can un-velcro move and adjust them to fit your infant’s body. The velcro on these Duty Diaper covers is so tough! When we were removing the nametape we really had to pull that baby off! haha Oh and how much do you love the custom nametape. Gryphen has taken to clipping things to Hunter’s diaper whenever he has this one on! It’ll come in hand once he gets moving.
0093 Duty Diaper The fabric is incredibly soft to touch, slim fitting and holds up very well to our heavy wetter. In the four weeks of having this cover in our circulation we’ve had 1 leak. One leak which was because someone (Devon) didn’t make sure the pre-fold was on correctly so I nicely got covered in pee! Thanks Devon 😉 The only con I have with this cover is that it doesn’t have a double wall on the legs. 0090 Duty Diaper This is a perfect diaper cover for babes but another thing I love is it makes a wonderful photo prop! Being active in photography we’re always looking for new items to add to our collection and this diaper cover was spot on for our new addition. If you’re a newborn photographer and shoot for service members, or anyone in the emergency services the Duty Diaper covers are perfect for your clients and a steal at $39.95.
0091 Duty Diaper

Hunter just loved having tummy time in front of the warm fire-place on his bear rug from From Way Up North while we snapped photos of him. This rug is perfect for all ages (Gryphen just loved it).

0092 Duty DiaperI was really looking forward to shooting Hunter in this cover and can’t wait to shoot again with it! If you’d like to purchase one for yourself please follow the links below. And for all you crochet lovers out there don’t forget to pick up the Bear rug pattern & the felted infant bootie pattern from From Way Up North on Etsy!

Duty DiaperUS Special Forces Multicam (don’t forget to take a look at their other amazing covers).

What’s in my Diaper Caddy?

As today marks my due date I thought maybe i’d post something regarding how i’ve been preparing for the arrival of the baby. The house is in full swing of welcome a new little person, including having these little diaper caddies around our house. They’re perfect to have on each level for quick changes.

0085 Diaper CaddyThis caddy mainly focuses on prefolds as we’ll be using them the most in the newborn stage. We have two American made diaper covers; a Blueberry Capri hook/loop in green & a Duty Diaper US Special Forces custom cover in Multicam. (Stay tuned for a full review on this amazing Duty Diaper cover, we’re so in love with these veteran made diapers). The prefolds we’re using are OsoCozy BetterFit & Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds. Can’t forget the adorable Snappi cloth diaper fasteners!
0086 Diaper Caddy Moving on from our lovely prefolds we have two AIO Charlie Banana cloth diapers, a few dozen cloth wipes, a spray bottle for water, some diaper liners and a flat mat to toss down to save our surfaces! We also have a couple disposable diapers in the basket. 0087 Diaper Caddy No diaper caddy would be complete without a change of clothes for those lovely mishaps that happen to babies! We have an adorable drool bibdana, socks, some incredible soft pants (I picked up the material when we were in Hawaii earlier this year) and a custom made onesie designed by Devon’s sister Kana. 0088 Diaper CaddyI hope this helps when deciding what you’ll need in your babies caddy! If you’re interested in purchasing your own custom diaper cover head over to Duty Diapers. If you’re looking at starting cloth diapering check out Lagoon Baby for more information and diapering accessories. Stay tuned for my full review on the Duty Diapers cloth cover after the baby arrives!