Where has the time gone! I feel like blogging for me has become something of the past 🙁 Since having Hunter finding time to do my hobbies has currently disappeared and I’m left prioritize which ones are truly most important. I’ve been spending my new time sewing these days and really loving it. Both kids have been getting some cute new outfits. HU is now 5 months old and still seems to need me 24/7, its been such an adjustment since having Gryphen. We were at a fun stage with G and now we’ve stepped back to start all over while trying to keep her entertained.

Some fun things are G these days is she’s loving learning to spell her name and writing her alphabet. She’s learning to read and can read a couple of her books, we think she might have memorized the story from what’s on the pages but she can read some of the actual words which is decent. Who knew having two children would truly capture all of your time!

Until next time lovelies ❤️

Don’t mind me as I scream!

I love my son I really do! He’s beyond amazing but something has changed. This darling little gem has taking to being “colic” and now screams all day and night.

I would actually be going crazy if it wasn’t for my ring sling. The only way to stop Hunter from crying is by holding him upright and moving around! If I sit he screams, if I lay him down he screams, if I put him in the ring sling and clean and do housework he’s happy and sleeps!

What did you do to settle your LO when they hit that “colic” stage? We’d love to hear what worked for you.


DIY Pattern for Kids Pants

I’ve noticed that at least once a week I’m making Gryphen some pants! I either use an old shirt that I’ve come across or some very adorable fabric I’ve purchased but she’s always getting new pants! Unless you’re shopping just sales or lower priced stores kids clothes can really add up. I want to share with you today my very quick way of coming up with a pattern for kids pants! I adore making different types of pants this way and slightly changing them to fit perfectly to my skinny long-legged Blondie!

Paper of any kind that’s durable
Scissors to cut paper
Marker or pen
Pants in the size you want to remake.

Step 1
I roll out some paper and tape it to the table to ensure the paper doesn’t move while I’m tracing. Once it’s taped I trace around the folded pants creating one leg.
0078 DIY Pants

Step 2
I like to write all the info on the paper so I can quickly identify the pattern later.
0080 DIY PantsStep 3
Measure the waist band. Then on the paper measure out and cut the proper size. I find if you try to measure the waist band it’s self you will get one that’s too small. 0079 DIY PantsStep 4
Once the pattern is completed I pin all the sheets together for safe keeping (and organization).
0081 DIY Pants

I love these little pants that I’ve created for the baby & can’t wait to try them on. I’ve made them to fit around 3-6 months and used an old pair of roots jogging pants. 0082 DIY Pants0083 DIY Pants

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make an easy pattern for kids pants! If you want to see any other patterns please leave a comment below 🙂

What happened to June!

Well I have to admit I have no idea where the month of June disappeared to! We’ve been so busy keeping busy that I ran out of time to actually sit down and update my blog 🙁 If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we’ve been pretty busy enjoying the sun, celebrating birthdays and visiting friends and family before we move off to Niagara Falls.

0061 June Update Gryphen did a lot of sleeping this month and as a result she grew a couple of inches. I feel so lucky that no matter where we are she sleeps with no major issues. As all four photos are in different places! 0062 June Update Sewing! I did a lot of sewing this month, I still have a ton left to do ideally before we move into our house. I really want to get Gryphen’s teepee completed before we move so that her room is all together and some what organized for her. (Above are some bandana bibs, an infant dress for Devon’s niece, and Gryphen’s Princess dress she’s been requesting).0064 June Update Gryphen has been going through a lot of emotions toward her Father lately thinking that he’s “leaving” her for work. Which has been utter hell for me. I’ve had to wash her car seat about 5 times this month from her vomiting on it and we made one fun trip over to the Woodbine Centre Fantasy Fair! She’s also taken to dressing like her daddy! haha so she’s been sporting her DIY Pilot shirt A LOT! 0065 June UpdateDevon having a few days off we took some family time to get Gryphen back centred. She loved EVERY moment she had with her Daddy, pretty much all 1 on 1 reassuring that he’s always there for her even when he’s flying. We also took Gryphen for her first ever tube right behind the boat! haha it was a love/hate trip! But she LOVES to drive the boat.. shh she doesn’t have her boat smart card yet 😉 .
0063 June UpdateWho doesn’t love cotton candy from the Taste of Italy! My good friend Saskia returned from France to a VERY VERY happy little girl! Gryphen couldn’t stop smiling when she seen Saskia haha 0066 June Update After a lot of fun in the sun and refusing to listen to Mummy, Gryphen received her first sun burn. She decided it would be more fun to keep pulling off her rash guard at the beach. Sadly she learned the hard way why she needed to keep it on. She was such a trooper about it and has promised to always keep her top on next time! 0067 June Update Devon is officially 32! Or as Devon likes to remind everyone it’s now only 6 months until Christmas presents! haha Gryphen loved helping Devon unwrap his gifts in prepping for her birthday! 0068 June Update What better way to celebrate a special little girl turning 3 then at Santa’s Village! We told Gryphen all of options and after some careful decision-making she choose Santa’s Village. 0069 June Update Who doesn’t want to spend a perfect day enjoying rides and climbing on things! The weather was honestly amazing, perfect for a tee & shorts; sun with some cloud coverage. Seriously perfect weather for the park.. oh and apparently everyone believed the weather channel because the park was dead! Gryphen loved going on every ride pretty much as many times as she wanted! haha She still isn’t too keen on meeting Santa though! Avoided him at all costs. 0070 June UpdateOur big 3-year-old went on an adventure to help her Auntie Kana get the stuck ROV!(Devon was also helping). Gryphen slept for 13 hours and woke up in the best mood and couldn’t wait to see her Auntie so a trip to Aqua Cage was in order for this Miss. They rescued the ROV and celebrated by opening Gryphen’s birthday present, now we’re taking a full Hello Kitty makeup set every where 🙂

Well that more or less sums up our June (and few days of July). What’s next? We go for our 20 week ultrasound to make sure everything with the new baby is growing perfectly. Stay close for some photos of the newbie!


Luau at the Royal Kona Resort

What better way to spend one of our last nights in Kona then at a Luau at the Royal Kona Resort. Gryphen absolutely LOVED everything about the Luau. When we first arrived we were greeted by some of the lovely staff placing a shell lei around our necks and directing us to have a group photo taken.
0045 Luau 0046 Luau After we collected our drinks we took a seat at our reserved seating and started to take a look around what there was for Gryphen our very bored child to do. We spotted a table where children were able to make bracelets and Gryphen and I headed over! Each person is given 5 flowers and some string. I assisted Gryphen were her flowers since the needle was a bit sharp for her. The dancer when we were completed tied the bracelet around Gryphen’s wrists and she was off dancing around the table. 0047 Luau 0048 Luau After two male dancers lit all the torches another group of men came out to start uncovering the pig that was covered in banana leaves, canvas being held down by rocks and all the soil. We were in the front row watching everything being removed, the smell wasn’t all that pleasant but very interesting to see.  0049 Luau We were very proud of Gryphen, she was extremely well-behaved during the entire night. Looks like we need to start taking her to move shows! 0050 LuauWe absolutely loved our trip to Hawai’i, it was unbelievable to see the whales traveling the coast and to hear them under the water. We watched Gryphen go from being nervous in the water to not wanting to get out of it! We’re looking forward to our next family vacation, where ever that might be to!


Boogie Boarding in the Pacific

When the surf is perfect for boogie boarding you grab a board and run for it! We all had a blast catching the waves and riding them in. We did this until we spotted some whales close by and decided to see if we could hear them under the water. Yes, yes we did hear them! So much so I lost track of how close I was getting to the rocks and was slammed into them when the next set came! But not to worry I saved Morgan’s mask I was borrowing. haha And Devon saved me 😉 .

0012 Hawaii 0013 HawaiiKana decided to take a fun photo in the cavern until a wave came and flushed her out!
0014 Hawaii

After nearing drowning myself by some rocks I decided maybe it would be best to take a break for a bit and came out to play with Gryphen and snap some photos! We spent a lot of our time watching the whales. It was such an amazing experience to be able to hear the whales talking to each other under the water.
0015 Hawaii 0016 Hawaii 0017 Hawaii 0019 HawaiiUp next: Our trip to the active Volcano!!


NIAGARA FALLS // Surprise Lunch Visit

We spent our last weekend looking at house after house after house in the Niagara Falls area. Sadly out of all the houses we were shown we really loved one but it sold before we were even able to make an offer 🙁 Depressing! Well after spending our Saturday morning looking at more we decided to surprised Uncle Morgan with lunch at work! Gryphen just adores Morgy! 
After we enjoyed our delicious lunch we picked up from Commisso’s Fresh Foods we strolled down and snapped a couple photos with the falls. The weather was beyond perfect! We had a very big surprise planned for after lunch so sadly we weren’t able to jump on one of the Hornblower Cruises boats to get a closer look at the falls. Gryphen was sad but she was pretty excited about our next destination! Stay tuned to find out about our little secret 😉