New Structube Furniture

 I’m pretty sure Gryphen was more excited about the boxes that our furniture came in then with our new sofa and chair from Structube. After spending a couple months deciding on what I wanted to order I finally went with the KOMPACT 3 seater sofa and the CASTELLO recliner. It was really tough finding anything that fit the apartment, everything that was three seaters was either too large, too expensive or just not my style. I had fallen in love with one from GUS* but the size was a little too large (the same width as the apartment!).
We have a Structube location just a few blocks down the street which made it VERY easy for me to take a look at what I had seen online, making it tougher to make the final decision! I find the prices with Structube very reasonable and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable on the products the store carries. The Kompact is from their new collection that was released at the start of summer, I loved the light grey color and lets be honest the size was perfect! It was a lot tougher for me to go with the Castello, I wanted something that wasn’t too small but still needed it to be small to work with  our space! The day I went in and finally ordered everything, the Castello was my second choice! I really liked the Kennedy red chair, but sadly it wasn’t in stock for another month; that sealed my decision and I went with the Castello grey chair.
Once everything arrived, we took the chair out first and I was pretty worried it was too big but now having it there and using it I love it! The material on it is so smooth and soft. Very comfy! Gryphen LOVES the chair! It’s her go to place during the #WorldCup matches! And oh no if you sit there! She strolls over and pulls you screaming “OUT”. Such a diva! haha
The sofa is actually pretty tough to get started, it comes with a stand that you need to screw in. If you don’t have a power drill I suggest renting or buying one! It takes a little more then elbow grease to get those screws in let me tell you! The Kompact comes with a matching pillow that works great if you’re leaving on the arm! The sofa it’s self is very comfy and easy to get off of BUT I’ve noticed with this summer heat you really get stuck to it! If you plan any x-rated events on it, don’t! You’ll be feeling the pain every time you try to move! haha
I’ve been really happy with the decisions I’ve made for the apartment, I’m still working on improving the space and making it more functional so stay turned for more posts about the lovely TO apartment!

Light Grey Sofa – Kompact from Structube $599;(here).
Dark Grey Recliner – Castello from Structube $299;(here).
Turquoise Shelving Unit – Kallax from Ikea $99;(here).
Turquoise Rug – Malin Blad from Ikea $39;(here).