Toddler’s and Golf

Well it finally happened! Gryphen talked Devon into taking her golfing. He figured after an hour of putting that she’d be done with it but guess what.. she was not! After a quick bite at the restaurant she was ready to start golfing. Parry Sound Golf and Country Club is pretty relaxed about etiquette for children especially when they’re only 3!
Gryphen wore her khaki shorts from Gap, a very light Under Armour tee (bright orange to stand out) and her green shoes (that she’s completely obsessed with right now), she did wear a hat but decided half way through she no longer wanted it!
What better way to play her first game then with her Daddy, Auntie Kana, Uncle Mark, Mummy and her Gramma!! Gryphen LOVED riding in the cart and did so well at paying attention and listening to the rules of golf. Other golfers were so impressed how well-behaved she was during the game. We’ve spent some time taking her out to the Club all summer to get her comfortable with being there. Which really paid off.
  We’ve purchased Gryphen’s clubs from Golf Town starting last summer with a putter and this summer we got her a wedge, a 7 iron and a driver. So far the total cost of her clubs have been $45, really not that much to get her loving a sport that her Daddy does! Our next purchase for her is a golf bag, I want something that she’ll be able to pull behind her or that her Dad can strap on to his and carry. We’ve been really working with Gryphen holding the club correctly and getting her to keep an eye on the ball. This really great women we meet while ordering our food just loved Gryphen and before she left for her tee time gave Gryphen a little gift. A bright & shiny silver golf ball! Gryphen was excited to hit her ball and play golf with her family.

If you’re wondering if you should take your kid out golfing, just do it! Kids won’t truly learn unless you’re allowing them to learn and experience the game. We can’t wait to take her out again very soon!