New Home Update

Well yesterday we spent a couple of hours walking through our new home and looking for any mistakes. To my surprise there was a lot! After we were done I was shocked at how many little orange dots covered the walls, floors, ceiling and cabinetry. We ended up listing 27 items that need to be fixed before our move in date. A couple of the items were: Our living room ceiling is stained, when I looked up I was like WTF is that? A stain! Some dickhead walked through our entire house with muddy shoes on, ruining our off white carpets! Speaking of carpets, they used two different colours in our living room! haha You can’t see it as clear in the photo below as you can when standing on it, but it’s defiantly different colours. Now that I have your attention with the unmatched carpet take a look at the sliding door above. Do you see how they have a vent right in front of the sliding door; yeah that’s not supposed to be there! Ops

Below is Gryphen’s bedroom, she loved running between the rooms and looking our her window. We’re excited to get her a window seat. It’s going to be so much fun decorating her room with little things that she loves. Devon and I have discussed having the children share a room but for now she’ll have the place all to herself. Above is the second bedroom for guests and Devon’s massive computer! This will be the only bedroom with a television in it, the reasoning for that is Devon’s computer monitor will be mounted. I hate having televisions in the bedroom. If I’m going to watch it, it’s not going to be in there!

Our master bedroom! If you’re wondering yes this carpet has muddy feet marks all over it too! Surprisingly I haven’t spent much time thinking about what I’d like to do for our bedroom, Devon and I have been having heated discussions on the headboard we’d like so I think we need to decide that before anything else! haha
This is our bathroom and now that I’m looking at it I’m wondering if we should have went with the additional standup shower, too bad. I was really disappointed with the countertop, there’s a lot of red all through it and seeing how Devon dislikes the colour red I’m sure it’ll be brought up a bunch.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, can’t wait to share more with you after we move in and begin decorating!


A Sneak Peak of our new home

Yesterday we ventured over to our new home and were able to for the first time go inside and check it out! When you read through all the paperwork when you purchase they tell you that you’re not permitted to do an insight visit until construction has been completed but what we found out is our neighbours have been “sneaking” in since the building began to take a look at everything! The front of place is almost done, just needs a bit more paint. Gryphen really loved being able to run through the house and explore her future room.
0052 New Home 0053 New HomeEven looking at the kitchen now i’m so happy we decided to spend a bit more to upgrade it and really maximize the space. There’s a lot of cupboard space and we love that we can have stools at the counter. I felt like the greatroom/ livingroom would be a bit larger but we’ll have to see how everything looks once our furniture is all setup! So much natural light comes in, love it!
0054 New Home Some quick pics of our second floor! Looks like we’re going to need a vacuum haha. Gryphen’s bedroom had some really amazing windows, it’s going to be so much fun find the perfect window seat for her. After what felt like we ran through the house Devon, Gryphen and I can’t wait until we move in this summer! We’re all looking forward to finally having a place we can call home.

Are we moving yet

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we left Halifax for Ontario and we still AREN’T settled in our “own” place! Before we moved we spent a lot of time looking at houses and condos but never settled on anything. I felt horrible for our Broker, Kelly from Island Heritage Realty, but he was amazing I can say that! Picking me up at the airport to look at places then taking me back after we drove all over the city. Last summer we went for Niagara for a weekend and found our future house! Sadly it had to be built! haha And that feels like it’s taken a lifetime! Our house is scheduled to be ready at some point in June but we’ve set our move in date for the end of July. Which doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough let me tell you!!

Well tomorrow we’re heading over to Niagara and getting a first look at our house since they started construction on it! I really can not wait to see how it looks and put into perspective the actual size of it. I’ll defiantly have a camera with me (once I remember where i’ve put it).
My lovely husband likes to take photos of our subdivision so we can watch it grow and develop since we’ve made our purchase. I’ve jokingly told him we should put something in our backyard so he can see our house from the sky! 
This is the last photo we’ve gotten of our house and wildly enough it looks just like the brochure from when we purchased!! So excited!! 

Can’t wait to show you pictures of our house after our visit tomorrow!!! 🙂

NEW HOME BLISS // Our New Home

Well… after looking for our own place to live for a year, Devon, Gryphen & I have finally found something! I want to thank our realtor Kelly Purcell from Island Heritage Realty Inc. for taking us to SEVERAL place .. I mean SEVERAL! He even picked me up from the airport just to look at one place (which we almost bought) then brought me back. I honestly feel like we really lucked out with landing Kelly as our agent. Kelly is also a pilot so him and Devon always had something to chat about!

How it all started.. Last Spring Devon & I decided that we wanted to move back to Ontario and be around our families a lot more. When we started looking we mainly wanted the place to have two bedrooms and an open concept. Just before Christmas we found out that Devon’s base in Halifax would be shutting down in the new year (how fucking awesome right?) Well once it was confirmed we started saving money since we’d be moving a lot sooner then planned.

Then began our search for a condo, I feel like we looked at so many garbage condos. I have no idea how people even live like that. Seriously people VACUUM! We can across one place that we really loved, it had plenty of space, the condo fee was insane but it was do-able. We put our offer in, waited.. Things went back and forth then they ended up accepting someone else’s offer. Sadness.

After spending twenty-two months in Nova Scotia we packed up our lives into a uHaul, put the baby on a flight and headed back to Ontario! We aren’t “settled” we’re living downtown Toronto, in Parry Sound & our storage unit! Well after lengthy chats Devon decided he’d be able to handle a one hour commute for work which really opened up the location we could live. We revised our must have’s (having a much better idea of what we really wanted) three bedrooms, master bedroom MUST have a bathroom, large closet, open concept, two piece restroom on the main floor, basement, garage & a backyard. FUN.

We told Kelly! Then we told Kelly the locations we’d like to look and that’s when we got sad news. He couldn’t show us places in Niagara Falls 🙁 He’d have to refer us. We were pretty sad that’s for sure. Well the new guy showed us some places, some were okay others we not. We were torn and not sure what to do. Then.. we seen a subdivision being built so we decided to stop in and talk to them. They were closed! Just our luck haha. We spent the rest of the day having fun! Visiting with Uncle Morgan and enjoying the falls. When we went back Saturday, they were open! Yay! The show home was amazing ( it should of been for the amount that it cost!), Devon & I read all the information package they gave us (while Gryphen slept on one of their sofa’s). After reviewing all the information we decided that we wanted one of these places! They were gorgeous!! We sat down with the sales agent and got a ton more information 🙂 and were on our way!

We talked. We talked. We talked some more and more. And we talked. We wanted to live there! I called our mortgage broker, went over numbers. Now it was time to decide which place we wanted! We headed back to Niagara Falls to sign all of the fun paperwork and make our final decision. A lot of factors played into our finally decision, if we were able to get the place we wanted for a little more should we do it? YES!

1. The laundry room: having it on the second floor was a deal sealer for me, I had dragging everything downstairs then bringing it all back up!

2. Master bedroom closets: his & hers, need I say more?

3. Window seat: In what will be Gryphen’s bedroom, there will be a window seat. Devon fell in love with the idea she’ll be able to play there as she grows.

4. Basement: Is fitted for a bathroom and it’s completely unfinished. I’m really looking forward to designing this space for my future home studio and office.

These were just some of the important factors in our decision into the final purchase of our home. I know they may seem very small but in the long run they’re what we’ll be dealing with daily. Other things we looked at was the primary school in the area, local shopping, golf courses, community centres & distance from Morgan!

Now we just have to wait another ten months before we get to move into our brand new home! Stay tuned for some fun DIY’s i’m going to be doing for our future home 🙂