My Breastfeeding Experience

Every where I look these days I see an ad or photo promoting breastfeeding so when it came to feeding Hunter I knew I wanted to breastfeed him. Sadly it wouldn’t be “that” easy for me. Six years ago I decided to have a breast reduction. Because of that, breastfeeding Gryphen just didn’t happen for us. I was beyond devastated and suffering from postpartum depression at that time so I pushed myself to move on. Fast forward to getting pregnant with Hunter and I knew that no matter what I’d do anything to breastfeed him.

It’s been a long LONG couple of weeks with Hunter. Everything started so perfect. Hunter had a perfect latch and we were pushing through the soreness with some Dr. Newman cream. Then his weight didn’t change. He just stayed at the same place for a few days. Bad news for me. I was back to being devastated. I just felt so successful and then the midwife told me I needed to start supplementing. I couldn’t stop crying. Here I am sitting on the sofa with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, my husband and the midwife and my world felt like it was just falling down. HELLO EMOTIONS.

It was time for me to go back to the drawing board and start more research on breastfeeding. Once the midwife left, I grabbed my phone. Time to email. I sent so many emails and read way too many forums. It was time for us to drive over to babies’r’us to get some bottles and formula. I must have looked like shit and that’s all I could think about because I did not want to think about how I was “selling out” and buying formula. I actually couldn’t bring myself to feed Hunter formula so Devon did it. Then Joanne fed him for me. Finally I had another midwife appointment and low and behold Hunter was up to 8 lbs! I was reassured what I was doing was working and I needed more direction.

I met with the local breastfeeding clinic. Turns out my one breast wasn’t producing much milk BUT the other one was! Finally I was able to logically process everything. My next step was to rent a hospital grade breast pump & start taking domperidone (on top of the herbal supplement I was already taking). Start calling around. Found one. Rented! Now to start pumping as much as possible. HUGE FAIL. Who knew pumping actually took so much time! This is how a feed for Hunter went. Breastfeed, bottle feed, change diaper, get Hunter to sleep or relaxed THEN pump! It would take 2 hours every time I fed him. But for me it was worth it. He was getting the breast milk I really wanted him to get.

Fast forward to Hunter being 6.5 weeks old and guess who has a tongue tie! Yup that’s right some how it went undetected for so long blows my mind BUT it did. We celebrated Hunter being two months by bring him to Sherry Hill in Brampton to have his tongue tie “released” it’s a fancy word for cutting the skin under his tongue and the poor little guy screamed so much. Completely heart breaking. But it wouldn’t end there, 6 times everyday we had to do a range of exercises with him opening the cut and stretching the skin under his tongue.

Our journey is far from being over but it seems to be on the right track! I’ve included a list below of herbal supplements we’ve tried. 0089 Duty DiaperFenugreek & Blessed Thistle – was okay but gave Hunter HORRIBLE gas.
Euphoric Herbals Lush Leche – AMAZING! Sucks it’s an American brand with our dollar so low but well  worth the money.
Domperidone – it’s a prescription but well worth the money.
MumMa MilkStream – LOVE this tincture. I was hesitant to try it but so happy I did.

Don’t mind me as I scream!

I love my son I really do! He’s beyond amazing but something has changed. This darling little gem has taking to being “colic” and now screams all day and night.

I would actually be going crazy if it wasn’t for my ring sling. The only way to stop Hunter from crying is by holding him upright and moving around! If I sit he screams, if I lay him down he screams, if I put him in the ring sling and clean and do housework he’s happy and sleeps!

What did you do to settle your LO when they hit that “colic” stage? We’d love to hear what worked for you.


What’s in my Diaper Caddy?

As today marks my due date I thought maybe i’d post something regarding how i’ve been preparing for the arrival of the baby. The house is in full swing of welcome a new little person, including having these little diaper caddies around our house. They’re perfect to have on each level for quick changes.

0085 Diaper CaddyThis caddy mainly focuses on prefolds as we’ll be using them the most in the newborn stage. We have two American made diaper covers; a Blueberry Capri hook/loop in green & a Duty Diaper US Special Forces custom cover in Multicam. (Stay tuned for a full review on this amazing Duty Diaper cover, we’re so in love with these veteran made diapers). The prefolds we’re using are OsoCozy BetterFit & Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds. Can’t forget the adorable Snappi cloth diaper fasteners!
0086 Diaper Caddy Moving on from our lovely prefolds we have two AIO Charlie Banana cloth diapers, a few dozen cloth wipes, a spray bottle for water, some diaper liners and a flat mat to toss down to save our surfaces! We also have a couple disposable diapers in the basket. 0087 Diaper Caddy No diaper caddy would be complete without a change of clothes for those lovely mishaps that happen to babies! We have an adorable drool bibdana, socks, some incredible soft pants (I picked up the material when we were in Hawaii earlier this year) and a custom made onesie designed by Devon’s sister Kana. 0088 Diaper CaddyI hope this helps when deciding what you’ll need in your babies caddy! If you’re interested in purchasing your own custom diaper cover head over to Duty Diapers. If you’re looking at starting cloth diapering check out Lagoon Baby for more information and diapering accessories. Stay tuned for my full review on the Duty Diapers cloth cover after the baby arrives!

Let’s Talk Potty

Whoever said that potty training comes naturally to some children.. It does! It’s us parents who either hinder or encourage our children. Sadly I’m admitting Devon & I hindered Gryphen from reaching her full potential of no diapers. Gryphen was beyond excited that she was using the toilet on her own and we encouraged her, we would hangout with her in the bathroom for several minutes waiting for her to pee/poop BUT here’s where we f’ed up. When we were went for long drives; diaper, activities; diaper, bedtime; diaper. See the pattern pretty much we taught her she didn’t need to diaper at home but our and about she did so she regressed. Shit..

To that point we rarely rewarded her for going to the bathroom in the toilet well now she knew our game and she was now an active player and was winning. We set out a set amount of diapers (I think 10) and told her that once they were gone there would be no more. Step one for us was NO MORE MILK AT BEDTIME. This was I think tougher for us at first, it was a comfort to her and she loves milk but after her falling asleep within 5 minutes without it I know she could do this! Then came sticking strong to no diapers after the 10, it was beyond tough. She was crying, screaming, demanding a diaper. All I had to offer her was a large kinder egg with a toy inside. She ran to the bathroom, pee’d and was eating the egg once she was all washed up.

That was it, we resulted in bribing our 3-year-old with candy and toys to get her to do what she’s been doing for months. So now instead of leaving on time we start getting ready 30 minutes before we need to so she can pee since it’s a 5 to 10 minute process at times. Now I’ve just mainly talked about pee… well poop does happen and when it does she gets a sucker! But that has turned into a lengthy process with several tantrums. But after some time she does go. I have found that making sure she gets daily probiotic help as well as “Constipation Candy” which are very simple to make and she really loves them.

Constipation Candy Recipe

  • 1 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil, melted
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup of lemon juice (mix & taste as you go along)
  • 2 tablespoons honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or with a handheld mixer; once everything is very well mixed pour into candy moulds. Store in fridge and enjoy as required. (source: Mommy Potamus)

If I can give any advice or tips there would be it!

  • Get rid of diapers
  • Buy a manufacture approved dry seat insert for the car seat
  • Say goodbye to the bedtime drinks.
  • Put a mattress protector on the bed (buy two if you can afford it)
  • Have bribes.. I mean rewards on hand. You might not need them at first but better to be safe.
  • Bring extra changes of clothes & shoes EVERYWHERE.
  • Encourage your child and create a fun song for bathroom time!

I wish you the best of luck! Sometimes kids just aren’t ready and you need to respect that but if they are stop hindering them 🙂

0084 Let's talk Potty

Hangar Fun

Today was bit of a crazy day! I had a million things to get done this morning since Devon’s stand-up schedule got incredible messed up and he never ended up coming home! Gryphen was so happy to have her Daddy home for a few hours in the morning, she didn’t want to let him leave 🙁 We ended up driving him to work, which meant she could explore one of the planes in the hangar.

This kid LOVES planes.. Well she loves helicopters and settles for planes 😉 She ‘let’ us snap a few photos during her adventure in the Beech1900 today.
These two are so adorable!! Hard to believe after almost 4 years with Air Georgian we still haven’t been on one of his flights! Perhaps we’ll join him on his last flight at the end of the month 😉

DIY Nursing Cover

I’m very excited about this little project! After making an infinity nursing scarf earlier in the year for my sister-in-law it really had me thinking about what I’d like out of a nursing scarf. Since realizing that I’m in my third trimester now I’ve been starting to organize and prepare things for the baby (yes for this entire pregnancy I haven’t been focusing on any sort of time frame, just enjoying everything slowly happening to my body). Have you seen the Nuroo nursing covers? I fell in love once I watched the video and learned how versatile they actually are. Sadly though they don’t come in many colours so I went to work on deciding what fabric I’d love for my own.

Materials Needed
Fabric – 70in long x 29in wide (I purchased 2 meters)
Thread to match fabric
Cotton Twill Tape – 60 inches
Snaps – 30 total/ 15 per side (I used my Babyville Snap Pilers & snaps)

Step 1
Press and cut pre-washed fabric to length (70×29). The fabric I purchased was 58in wide, I was able to make two scarfs. Which was great!

0072 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 2
Measure 1 inch, fold & press fabric. I find ironing the fabric assures a nicer seam. Once you’ve done that pin on the twill tape. Make sure to cut the twill take slightly longer.
0073 DIY Nursing Scarf

Step 3
Time to sew! I use two different colours of thread to ensure it blends nicer but you can do whatever works best! Sew the edges of the twill tape0074 DIY Nursing ScarfStep 4
Here’s the fun part; attaching the snaps! This I found took the longest, mainly because Gryphen decided she needed to help. I spaced then just over an inch apart. I used a block plaid which made spacing VERY easy.
0075 DIY Nursing Scarf Since we don’t have a baby yet I’ve been wearing this perfect scarf on the colder days (which seem to be a lot). I can’t wait until the baby arrives so I can put this nursing scarf to work! With the left over material I made a fabulous infinity scarf for Gryphen & some bibdana’s for the baby. Once Gryphen seen my scarf she was asking where her’s was and so excited when I told her she had one as well, Nothing cooler then matching your parents when you’re 3 years old!! 0076 DIY Nursing Scarf 0077 DIY Nursing Scarf

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Nuroo inspired infinity nursing scarf project, we’d love to hear and see how yours turns out.

14 Weeks of Realization

There’s always that moment of realization when you realize that next summer you’re going to have two kids (a 4-year-old HOLY SHIT & a 6 month old). Yesterday was amazing with Gryphen; we spent a few hours in the morning at the park followed by a yummy lunch and gelato (from Dolce on College & Montrose) then more hours of park play before supper! I hadn’t noticed how tired Gryphen really was until she was completely passed out on top of me while we were looking at double strollers! haha

Last summer I start researching double strollers and really fell in love with the Phil and Ted’s Navigator. Then my good friend came for a visit and I was able to check out her Baby Jogger City Select double and it completely changed my mind! I started reading thousands of reviews and when the time came to purchasing (my Maxi Cosi stroller broke) I decided to get the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. At this point I didn’t think we’d be having a second child so I figured there was no point in buying a double! BIG MISTAKE. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll need a double or if Gryphen would be content riding on the Glider Board I had purchased for her City Mini GT.
0059 Baby Jogger City Mini GT I had run into some friends at the park yesterday and we got into talking about having that second child. The decision to have one or not to and for these women it had already taken place. They started sharing all their stories of how life had changed and how amazing it’s been. I immediately ask how their first was handling the second; Response: welcoming and loving to the new child. Okay so perhaps I’m over reacting a bit in being worried about Gryphen wanting to leave this child in a field 😉 Then the conversation turned to me! I’m finally entering my second trimester, leaving behind the tiredness and welcoming more energy and an increased appetite (I hope). I didn’t really experience the same amount of morning sickness I had with Gryphen, I feel like I didn’t have any. Just some food sensitivities toward the smells of foods, which I’m hoping has past! We joked about how I decided to get braces while I was pregnant to stop me from eating too much. Jo asked if I had anything special planned this summer since it’s going to be mine and Gryphen’s last just the two of us and it really got me thinking what type of special things I should be planning for us.

I decided to create a list of 30 different activities Gryphen and I will be executing all summer! I picked 30 only because I turn 30 this September. How time zooms by 🙂 What are some of the things you did with your LO’s before you welcomed your #2?? We’re up for any fun suggestions 🙂 Stay tuned for the list of our “30 Summer Must Do’s with your Tot”.

DIY EOS Lip Balm

I have to admit our family LOVES EOS lip balm! Gryphen perhaps more than anyone as she’s eaten a couple. I’ve been collecting our empty containers unsure of what to do with them, they’re pretty expensive just to toss in the trash! Well finally I came across a great combination of All Natural products to create our own!!

Step 1:
With a thin knife pop the middle of the container out. I had previously attempt to make a lip balm with this container but most of the balm stayed in the bottom. Step 2: Ingredients
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil
You can also use but I didn’t this time:
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Castor Oil
Fruit Extract
Lip stick for colouring

I find you need a total of 1.5 tablespoons of everything together to fill one EOS container. Depending on how many ingredients you use divide them up accordingly.

Step 3:
After you’ve collected your ingredients put it in a heat proof bowl and put it over a pot of bowling water. Let contents melt and blend together. You can also melt everything in the microwave.
Step 4:
While ingredients are melting screw the middle piece in the top and place on paper towel.

Step 5:
Once ingredients are melted pour evenly into EOS containers and place in the over. Mine is a little full!
Step 6:
After 30 minutes remove the containers and click the bottom on to the middle piece, make sure to line up the sides!
Step 7:
Now this is the test if it’s all set! Turn the lid and hope that it’s set haha so far they’ve always set for me and we haven’t had any issues.   All done and ready to use! I absolute love making our own lip balms. One of the easiest things you can do and such a piece of mind knowing what’s going on your lips. Let me know how yours turn out! Tag us on Instagram with your photos 🙂


Perfect Teeth Underway!

Today has been a completely horrible day to say the least! After a lot of talk, I made the decision to get braces. One of the things I dislike about  myself is my smile and with a little money that can be fixed. But what I didn’t take into account was the PAIN of having them! haha  Yesterday; Joanne, Gryphen & I drove to Sudbury to have my braces put on! We went out for my last no braces lunch for the next two years! Typically, I ordered a 10oz steak to share with Gryphen! We were both very happy and full after and decided it was time to make our way to my appointment. I was in the office for about an hour getting them put on and chatting with staff about different things I should and shouldn’t do. Then we’re off back to Parry Sound! 

Now today! Last night I felt fine, ate a hamburger like normal it was just a pain in the ass to clean the braces after.. I woke up a few times throughout the night and could start to feel the pain but wow today! My mouth is KILLING me! I haven’t been able to eat all day which has been lovely! I can’t even touch my teeth without wanted to smack someone. 

How do you eat when your teeth are killing you to bite? Baby food pouches! You heard me right. I’ve decided the best thing to do is to eat the pouches of food I normally would buy for Gryphen. She didn’t seem to mind, she has decided she no longer likes them and has taken up eating solid foods.

Now let’s hope tomorrow is a better day 😉

Roadtrip to Kilauea Volcano

We decided to pile in to the van and head toward Hilo to experience the beautiful the Coast of Hawai’i, oh and to see one of the worlds most active volcanoes; Kilauea Volcano. We stopped at the Southernmost Point of the Island to enjoy lunch, watch the waves crash and people take the huge leap into the water!

0020 Volcano

0021 Volcano

0022 Volcano

After a lot of driving we stopped at Panalu’u Black Sand Beach Park, it was truly unbelievable to see how different everything looks when the sand is replaced with finely crushed volcanic rock. Gryphen has been watching the movie “A Turtle Tale’s” for over a year now and being able to see Sea Turtle’s first hand for her was inspiring. When we came close to the turtle’s we explained to her once that for the safety of the turtles a distance needed to be kept, she understood and went on chatting to the Sea Turtle’s and asking why one had a stick on his back! We can’t wait until our next visit when Gryphen is more comfortable in the water and can snorkel with us and be able to see turtle’s swimming. 0023 Volcano

0024 Volcano

0025 Volcano

Can you believe that Kilauea has created over 490 acres since 1994 on Hawai’i Island? This active Volcano may stop tomorrow or continue on producing lava for another 100 years. Unfortunately you’re no longer to get close to the volcano so if you’re interested in getting a better sight spend the extra money and view it from a helicopter. On our way out of the park, Devon, Gryphen, Morgan, Sandy & I stopped by to run through the Lava Tube! Hard to believe that at one point there was lava running through and what it’s left behind is breathtaking. If you’d like to learn more about the National Parks please go to their website {here}.

0026 Volcano

0027 VolcanoNOTE: Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and lost all of my personal footage from that day. 🙁 Very disappointing I tell ya!