Roadtrip to Kilauea Volcano

We decided to pile in to the van and head toward Hilo to experience the beautiful the Coast of Hawai’i, oh and to see one of the worlds most active volcanoes; Kilauea Volcano. We stopped at the Southernmost Point of the Island to enjoy lunch, watch the waves crash and people take the huge leap into the water!

0020 Volcano

0021 Volcano

0022 Volcano

After a lot of driving we stopped at Panalu’u Black Sand Beach Park, it was truly unbelievable to see how different everything looks when the sand is replaced with finely crushed volcanic rock. Gryphen has been watching the movie “A Turtle Tale’s” for over a year now and being able to see Sea Turtle’s first hand for her was inspiring. When we came close to the turtle’s we explained to her once that for the safety of the turtles a distance needed to be kept, she understood and went on chatting to the Sea Turtle’s and asking why one had a stick on his back! We can’t wait until our next visit when Gryphen is more comfortable in the water and can snorkel with us and be able to see turtle’s swimming. 0023 Volcano

0024 Volcano

0025 Volcano

Can you believe that Kilauea has created over 490 acres since 1994 on Hawai’i Island? This active Volcano may stop tomorrow or continue on producing lava for another 100 years. Unfortunately you’re no longer to get close to the volcano so if you’re interested in getting a better sight spend the extra money and view it from a helicopter. On our way out of the park, Devon, Gryphen, Morgan, Sandy & I stopped by to run through the Lava Tube! Hard to believe that at one point there was lava running through and what it’s left behind is breathtaking. If you’d like to learn more about the National Parks please go to their website {here}.

0026 Volcano

0027 VolcanoNOTE: Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and lost all of my personal footage from that day. 🙁 Very disappointing I tell ya!