Where has the time gone! I feel like blogging for me has become something of the past 🙁 Since having Hunter finding time to do my hobbies has currently disappeared and I’m left prioritize which ones are truly most important. I’ve been spending my new time sewing these days and really loving it. Both kids have been getting some cute new outfits. HU is now 5 months old and still seems to need me 24/7, its been such an adjustment since having Gryphen. We were at a fun stage with G and now we’ve stepped back to start all over while trying to keep her entertained.

Some fun things are G these days is she’s loving learning to spell her name and writing her alphabet. She’s learning to read and can read a couple of her books, we think she might have memorized the story from what’s on the pages but she can read some of the actual words which is decent. Who knew having two children would truly capture all of your time!

Until next time lovelies ❤️