Let’s Talk Potty

Whoever said that potty training comes naturally to some children.. It does! It’s us parents who either hinder or encourage our children. Sadly I’m admitting Devon & I hindered Gryphen from reaching her full potential of no diapers. Gryphen was beyond excited that she was using the toilet on her own and we encouraged her, we would hangout with her in the bathroom for several minutes waiting for her to pee/poop BUT here’s where we f’ed up. When we were went for long drives; diaper, activities; diaper, bedtime; diaper. See the pattern pretty much we taught her she didn’t need to diaper at home but our and about she did so she regressed. Shit..

To that point we rarely rewarded her for going to the bathroom in the toilet well now she knew our game and she was now an active player and was winning. We set out a set amount of diapers (I think 10) and told her that once they were gone there would be no more. Step one for us was NO MORE MILK AT BEDTIME. This was I think tougher for us at first, it was a comfort to her and she loves milk but after her falling asleep within 5 minutes without it I know she could do this! Then came sticking strong to no diapers after the 10, it was beyond tough. She was crying, screaming, demanding a diaper. All I had to offer her was a large kinder egg with a toy inside. She ran to the bathroom, pee’d and was eating the egg once she was all washed up.

That was it, we resulted in bribing our 3-year-old with candy and toys to get her to do what she’s been doing for months. So now instead of leaving on time we start getting ready 30 minutes before we need to so she can pee since it’s a 5 to 10 minute process at times. Now I’ve just mainly talked about pee… well poop does happen and when it does she gets a sucker! But that has turned into a lengthy process with several tantrums. But after some time she does go. I have found that making sure she gets daily probiotic help as well as “Constipation Candy” which are very simple to make and she really loves them.

Constipation Candy Recipe

  • 1 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil, melted
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup of lemon juice (mix & taste as you go along)
  • 2 tablespoons honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or with a handheld mixer; once everything is very well mixed pour into candy moulds. Store in fridge and enjoy as required. (source: Mommy Potamus)

If I can give any advice or tips there would be it!

  • Get rid of diapers
  • Buy a manufacture approved dry seat insert for the car seat
  • Say goodbye to the bedtime drinks.
  • Put a mattress protector on the bed (buy two if you can afford it)
  • Have bribes.. I mean rewards on hand. You might not need them at first but better to be safe.
  • Bring extra changes of clothes & shoes EVERYWHERE.
  • Encourage your child and create a fun song for bathroom time!

I wish you the best of luck! Sometimes kids just aren’t ready and you need to respect that but if they are stop hindering them 🙂

0084 Let's talk Potty

Saying Goodbye and Hello to New Beginnings 

It’s hard to believe that after almost 4 years, today is Devon’s last day at Air Georgian! And in true GGN fashion he is being extended 😉 (Photo below: Top: First day of flying in Halifax. Bottom: Last day in Toronto.) IMG_5351    November is going to be a very busy month for us as Devon begins his new job & we welcome our second child. Devon seems to love taking jobs when I’m in my last month of pregnancy, thankfully this time we won’t need to move! Can’t wait to share some of our favourite baby items over the next couple months 🙂

What happened to June!

Well I have to admit I have no idea where the month of June disappeared to! We’ve been so busy keeping busy that I ran out of time to actually sit down and update my blog 🙁 If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we’ve been pretty busy enjoying the sun, celebrating birthdays and visiting friends and family before we move off to Niagara Falls.

0061 June Update Gryphen did a lot of sleeping this month and as a result she grew a couple of inches. I feel so lucky that no matter where we are she sleeps with no major issues. As all four photos are in different places! 0062 June Update Sewing! I did a lot of sewing this month, I still have a ton left to do ideally before we move into our house. I really want to get Gryphen’s teepee completed before we move so that her room is all together and some what organized for her. (Above are some bandana bibs, an infant dress for Devon’s niece, and Gryphen’s Princess dress she’s been requesting).0064 June Update Gryphen has been going through a lot of emotions toward her Father lately thinking that he’s “leaving” her for work. Which has been utter hell for me. I’ve had to wash her car seat about 5 times this month from her vomiting on it and we made one fun trip over to the Woodbine Centre Fantasy Fair! She’s also taken to dressing like her daddy! haha so she’s been sporting her DIY Pilot shirt A LOT! 0065 June UpdateDevon having a few days off we took some family time to get Gryphen back centred. She loved EVERY moment she had with her Daddy, pretty much all 1 on 1 reassuring that he’s always there for her even when he’s flying. We also took Gryphen for her first ever tube right behind the boat! haha it was a love/hate trip! But she LOVES to drive the boat.. shh she doesn’t have her boat smart card yet 😉 .
0063 June UpdateWho doesn’t love cotton candy from the Taste of Italy! My good friend Saskia returned from France to a VERY VERY happy little girl! Gryphen couldn’t stop smiling when she seen Saskia haha 0066 June Update After a lot of fun in the sun and refusing to listen to Mummy, Gryphen received her first sun burn. She decided it would be more fun to keep pulling off her rash guard at the beach. Sadly she learned the hard way why she needed to keep it on. She was such a trooper about it and has promised to always keep her top on next time! 0067 June Update Devon is officially 32! Or as Devon likes to remind everyone it’s now only 6 months until Christmas presents! haha Gryphen loved helping Devon unwrap his gifts in prepping for her birthday! 0068 June Update What better way to celebrate a special little girl turning 3 then at Santa’s Village! We told Gryphen all of options and after some careful decision-making she choose Santa’s Village. 0069 June Update Who doesn’t want to spend a perfect day enjoying rides and climbing on things! The weather was honestly amazing, perfect for a tee & shorts; sun with some cloud coverage. Seriously perfect weather for the park.. oh and apparently everyone believed the weather channel because the park was dead! Gryphen loved going on every ride pretty much as many times as she wanted! haha She still isn’t too keen on meeting Santa though! Avoided him at all costs. 0070 June UpdateOur big 3-year-old went on an adventure to help her Auntie Kana get the stuck ROV!(Devon was also helping). Gryphen slept for 13 hours and woke up in the best mood and couldn’t wait to see her Auntie so a trip to Aqua Cage was in order for this Miss. They rescued the ROV and celebrated by opening Gryphen’s birthday present, now we’re taking a full Hello Kitty makeup set every where 🙂

Well that more or less sums up our June (and few days of July). What’s next? We go for our 20 week ultrasound to make sure everything with the new baby is growing perfectly. Stay close for some photos of the newbie!