Swimming with Sharks at Kekaha Kai State Park

Be prepared for a bumpy ride if you plan on going to Kekaha Kai beach! The road consists of broken up lava rock and is one hell of a ride down to the beautiful long shores with perfect sands. It took us a while to get down the actual road in our rental van, I recommend a 4×4 vehicle; it’ll be much more fun. 😉

The moment we were out of the car Gryphen was on her way to the beach and ready to swim and play in the sand. Devon, Morgan, Kana & I had other plans! We were excited to go snorkelling and after speaking someone else in the area we spotted another sea turtle and snapped some great shots and were back to exploring what else the reef had to offer.
0033 Swimming with Sharks

0039 Swimming with Sharks

Then it happened. Kana spotted a shark. A White Tipped Reef Shark! It’s head was HUGE and the body was around 5 to 6 feet long, right there sitting in front of us! We had been looking for a shark for a while and finally came across one. haha but Kana had forgotten to put the SD card in her GoPro and quickly swam back to shore while Morgan & I stayed behind marking the spot. Some poor man seen Devon & Kana booking it to shore and after finding out they seen a shark he was on his way next to them! He didn’t want to be in the water knowing there was a shark around. Meanwhile Morgan & I were swimming right next time him during all this! Seeing a shark up close was very emotional for myself, hammerhead sharks are my favorite animal and catching a glimpse of the white tip reef shark. WOW.
0038 Swimming with Sharks After that amazing experience I decided to go relax and play with Gryphen on the beach. She wasn’t interested in my playing with her! Such a diva. Instead I wandered around the beach snapping some photos of the perfect beach and enjoying the scenery.

0034 Swimming with Sharks REVISION

0035 Swimming with Sharks 0036 Swimming with Sharks 0037 Swimming with Sharks

This was another perfect beach to watch whales swim and have fun. Great family find! Below is the video of the White Tip Reef Shark was came across.