Visiting Aqua Cage Fisheries

Another sunny day on Georgian Bay, we decided we’d take Gryphen to visit her Auntie Kana at work. Kana is the fish biologist at Aqua Cage Fisheries in Depot Harbour.

On route!
Gryphen getting to know DumDum
Playing on the net’s with Auntie Kana
Not too sure what’s going on here!
Don’t get too close to the middle or you’ll get wet!
Devon catching a couple fish!
Caught 1.. or 5!
Taking in the scenery
Running after the birds
Anyone home?
Auntie Kana, why is the bag moving??
This is why… FISSSSSSH!
Happy Family!
Giving Gryphen some cuddles!
Can never get too many cuddles from Auntie Kana!

That pretty much sums up our tripped over to Aqua Cage! It’s a good find on things to do in Parry Sound if you have children or are interested in Rainbow Trout farms!

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