What’s too big?

Do you ever feel like your breast aren’t going to stop growing? I do! A few years ago (I think 2009) I had a breast reduction because I felt like I was getting too huge for one girl. I was very happy after I had it done, they were amazing!  Crazy size difference!
NYC a few weeks after
It was about a month after my reduction I started to look forward to getting new bras, new bras! I found the perfect bras at Jacob Lingerie. So perfect!! Until now… I was recommended to try this bra by Le Mystere No. 9 Lolita Strapless everyone told me it was a perfect bra, you’ll love it the second you get it on. I decided to go into Nordstrom’s to try it on and I’m sure glad I did! The beloved bra wasn’t all that I expected so after talking to a couple of the sales associates I decided to try on a couple other bras and finally came across a bra by Wacoal. I had never heard of them but was surprised how comfortable this bra was, oh my god and the support! The Wocoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra was beyond any bra I currently owned.


The comfort of the Wocoal is unbelievable I feel like I have nothing on, one amazing perk is you can’t see if through any top. It was decided I needed both black & nude for my collection! After speaking with a lot of women with a fully bust I’ve noticed a trend that they can’t find the right size or the bra that fits them. My recommendation to you – when shopping for a bra don’t be shy ask for help! Ask the manager to help fit you, this is her job (I bet she knows what she is doing!). It’s a great feeling when you’re wearing the correct bra for your body. 

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