Why no Social Media?

Sometimes you just have to say Bye Bitch. A few weeks ago maybe a month, I honestly don’t remember; I deleted most of my social media accounts. It wasn’t as a result of an individual posting anything personal or just flat-out annoying. It was just time I said BYE. As summer approaches I find myself longing to spend more time doing things I’m actually passionate about and nothing about Facebook screams passion to me. It more screams “hey my life sucks” or “hey look at all this depression shit” OR nothing I got nothing! I just find it a waste of my time haha So I hit the deactivate button. It has been a pain in the ass at times, I use to look back at photos to figure out when we did things. Well can’t do that now! Just have to scroll through my hard drive. Then messaging people or keeping up with groups that I’m part of, well that’s on hold. And let’s be honest the content of the groups never actually change only the person writing the comment and the date do!

The one thing with saying bye to Facebook has brought me, is random messages from people I rarely hear from asking if I’ve deleted it because they couldn’t find me and nor could one of their friends. I feel they were just wondering if I actually blocked them. I had felt for a moment I should reply yes I blocked you, btw who is this? But I didn’t. I will say the most challenging of all this was Instagram. Instagram’s amazing! I love being able to scroll through people’s images and get inspiration or just pure laughter. There’s no reason to actually read their captions just scroll through. I have to admit I only deleted my HappyLifePilotWife account and not my fitness one BUT I haven’t been using my fitness one, not one single post. I get random emails reminding me that my friends have a life going on around me and I’m here just enjoying mine without posting about it. How dare I!

With all this being said I find that I miss some aspects of social media, and have contemplated bringing it back (mainly just instagram) but haven’t got to that point in my experiment yet. I’ve noticed a lot more that people don’t tend to make effort when they can just scroll through your photos and be instantly caught up. Now people have to call/text/email or actually visit to see what’s happening with us. Who has time for that?!

Will I bring it back? Yes. Will my children be the main focus? No. After removing myself I noticed a HUGE urge to showcase our children’s achievements and photos of moments that perhaps should be left within our family. Who needs to see my son is starting to potty train? No one. But perhaps sharing how he can now flick the hockey puck onto his stick is a different story or is it? Sometimes we forget that children might not want their photos plastered all over the internet for them to find when they grow up; how embarrassing right.

When I do reactivate my accounts you’ll have to keep an eye out for our creative ways to use the kids photos, while still allowing them privacy. Now off to pack!

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